Why So Rude


In which Oh Sehun, the boy next door, dreams of marrying Luhan, the prettiest boy on the block. Except Luhan’s father, Kris Wu Yifan would prefer to jump off a cliff than let that happen.






A/N: The result of my love for Magic!'s Rude and Archie comics. Small mentions of and mpreg so please take note!


                “God, that’s probably because he likes you.” Kris groaned as he handed the boy his juice.

                “Perhaps you’ll learn to like me too sir. He he.” Sehun joked.

                “Shut up.” Kris poured himself a shot of vodka.

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Chapter 1: I can't with this family (>_<) ...
princehyungwon #2
SO cute omg :(
Chapter 1: Cuteeee
183 streak #5
Chapter 1: OMG The ending X'DDD
"You called him son."

This is so cute and so funny and just, wow-
X'DDD I'm laughing so hard at the innuendoes, and also Kris' hating interaction with Sehun, and also Tao practically being a shipper of HunHan.
Chapter 1: So beautiful!!! Loved this!!!
71 streak #7
Chapter 1: Ohh my God!!! I love it. It's so cute!!
roshimadampage #8
Chapter 1: Awww I looooooove this story I have no idea how many times I've read this already but I never get bored of it ! Amazing jog author-nim
ErikaP113 #9
Chapter 1: I love Kris in this so much
Chapter 1: I read it second time. Its so so sweet. Thank you so much for writing this beautiful story !!!!