First Meeting

Heartbreakers Gonna Break
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Today is our first anniversary... Or if I could say so.. 


Right a year ago I met JaeWook for the first time. This morning I texted him: 'remember today? A year ago? :)' 


I texted JaeWook before I left my apartment to work. I smiled while walking to the shop, hoping that he would text me back. But until I served my first customer, no incoming message came into my phone. 


I sighed heavily while looking at my phone. I wondered whether JaeWook forgot this day. I felt pang in my chest while thinking about that. I texted him again, I said: 


'a year ago we met in the ramen shop... I think that spicy seafood ramen is the most delicious ramen I've ever eaten.. Don't you think so? :3 I guess that day was also the best day of my life because I met you... Don't you think so? :3'


"Hey.. Sukkie.. Forget about your long distance boyfriend.." My coworker JungShin nudged me


"What are you talking about?!" I hit his arm


"Look... There.. A handsome man.. Sitting there .. Alone.." He wiggled his eyebrows 


I looked at the man JungShin pointed. There was a man sitting on the corner of the shop, right in the place JaeWook usually sits. 


His face is quite scary, with sky-high eyebrow. He looks like a dinosaurs. He seemed like in deep thought. He was looking outside the window while he kept playing with his phone and sighing heavily. 


"He was just like you.." JungShin suddenly said


"Huh?" I asked confusedly 


"Don't you know him?" I shook my head. 


"Tch! Really Sukkie.. You should stop focusing at your unclear boyfriend.."


"Heyyy!" I whined protesting him 


"Anyway.. He is Kim Woo Bin, the most famous entepreneur in this town. He is the heir of Kim's Company. As I said he was like you. He also has a long distance relationship with Xi Luhan, a hotel manager in HongKong. I heard he is very frustrated now. Since Luhan is getting married with a young businesman from Canada. However the rumors said that they are still keep in contact even Luhan is married." JungShin explained 


"Look..he is in deep thought while looking at his phone. I think he's waiting for Luhan.. Just like you.. Waiting for you wookkie cokkiee.." He mocked 


"Aiisshhh.. !!" I smacked his head


After felt enough giving a lesson to JungShin by smacking his head repeatedly , I looked back at that man again. He was in deep th

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