Another Heartbreaker


Kim Nayoung had it all.

A steady job that she loved,

And a career that actually brought her to places.

But there was only one flaw with ut, she was in love with the person she was working for.

Then a sudden transfer turns her whole world upside down.


This is where she'll meet seven young men that would drive her crazy, 

make her laugh until her eyes get teary

and make her fall in love again.




"No, I just want you to be happy."

"That's the thing, you can't let him go. You wont let me in!"

"You're perfect, Nayoung. And it's annoying how he can't see that."

"That's it? You're leaving me?"







posters by Pinkjin



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Chapter 50: This got me through a boring meeting. THANKS
Chapter 50: I like this story of yours!!!! Thanks for sharing this to is :)
nsksyu77 #3
Nice storyline. Just right ??
flawlesswangtuan #4
Chapter 50: Please update soon:(
Chapter 49: splendid authornim
195 streak #6
Chapter 37: No, I don't want them to break up. Mark would be so upset should she leave. Hopefully it doesn't have to be like that, I hate that idols can't live normal lives because of upsetting their fans. It's so sad to know that they work so hard for us fans, and some people can't respect their happiness. I feel so bad for them both.
195 streak #7
Chapter 19: Haha I love her. Those short unimpressed greetings are just hysterical. I think the boys would lose their minds if she actually fanned over someone hahaha! Thank you for writing, this story is awesome so far, looking forward to seeing how things will end.
Jmn_jn #8
A GOT7 FIC yes I'm ready
Chapter 50: All your works deserves the golden star. Thank you too!
Niho16 #10
Chapter 49: Chapter 49: Great story!! I love the way you incorporated each idol group. They made scenes funny, interesting, and a hint of drama in at the right places. Not sure if that made sense lol. I was getting frustrated with Mark and Nayoung’s character from time to time but I come to understand and learn that they are relatable. Like the reason for them to act a certain way was very relatable. Thanks for sharing. And congrats on being featured.