New Girl

Playing the Player's Heart

[Soo Yun's POV]

I trailed silently behind Kikwang, for once following his directions.

"I don't want people knowing we're in this stupid arranged marriage." He complained, "Follow ten steps behind me. Never look directly at me, and just keep your head down low."

It was irritating how it seemed like HE was the one in charge. Although, I knew there was no way not to follow his request. I mean, I don't want people knowing we're going to get married either.

He's a playboy, and is most likely very popular. Being involved with these kinds of men will just lead to trouble.

As I suspected, he was popular; even more popular than I imagined. Girls from every direction crowded him as we entered the school gates, causing me to be pushed out of the way, blending in with the parade of women... and men.

So I'm guessing guys liked him too?

"Are you ok?" A random stranger from the crowd offered to pull me up. I kindly accepted, brushing off the dust on my school uniform.

"Thanks." He was about to leave, so I used this opportunity wisely. "Hey uhh, can you take me to the office? I'm new here."

He laughed at how bold I was asking a stranger for help.

"Sure." I followed his figure as we slowly disappeared into the crowd.

"Soo what's your name?" I kindly asked him, "Mine's Soo Yun."

"Oh, it's Lee Byunghyun, but people call me L. Joe." He grinned widely.

L. Joe... I like his smile.


[Kikwang's POV]

Where is that girl? I peered at the crowd looking for a certain midget.

I then spotted her following behind... L. Joe? She's with the other Kingka?

I felt annoyed at that thought, but then quickly dismissed it. Heh, like I care.


--1st Period--

"Class, we have a new student. Please introduce yourself." The teacher directed Soo Yun. So the midgets in my class?

"Annyeonghaseyo. My name's Soo Yun. I'm new here so please take care of me." She smiled a sweet horrid smile.

I listened intently to the whispers guys made around.

"She's cute. Totally my type."

"That Soo Yun girl is a little short, but hey! I am too!"

Her? Cute? I feel like throwing up now hearing that. She's a short, childish-looking brat and she's my soon-to-be wife.

My life seriously . No kidding.

Class ended and guys were crowding around her. I sat back in my seat not caring about it at all. I mean, I'm a player. It's not like I don't flirt , but I wouldn't bother with a girl who's being surrounded by lots of competition. And besides!

Who would want to flirt with that girl who still has yet to grow in certain areas?

I flirt all the time, except with girls who fit my standards.

Like this.

"Hey babe? Are we meeting up today?" The random girl with a huge bust seemed surprised at my sudden question but shook her head furiously.

"U-uhh SURE!" 

I smirked seeing it was an easy victory.

The day passed by fast, and I was annoyed by all the attention the guys were giving her. And no. I do not like her. In fact, who would want to like that midget?

She's just so kiddish looking; not my type at all.

My pants pocket started vibrating signalling someone was calling me.

"Yoboseyo?" I waited for someone to answer.

"Take Soo Yun out today, maybe around the Han River. Do couple things, and especially look good in the eyes of the public."

Hold up. Was this Dad? Figures.

I wonder- Will things always be like this from now on? Being pestered by this guy?

"Bwoh?" I didn't want to take her out... and I don't feel like ever taking her out. It's just so much of a hassle when I could be out with other girls.

Real women with woman-like bodies.

"You heard me! Now go, or else I'll freeze your bank account." He then hung up.

I could tell by his tone of voice that he was serious. Dead serious.

I sighed knowing I had no choice but to take her. It's not like I want to, but I have to admit that I do go shopping a lot; maybe even on a daily basis.

A man has to look good in the clothes he wears you know.


Stop being such a girl Kikwang. XD

Caring about clothes and all. :3

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Chapter 23: This is just.
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Chapter 23: Awww, they're so cute. <3


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Chapter 23: The vows were so cute!!! I was like smiling at the ipad... With my relatives looking at me weirdly I guess~~ haha!!
Chapter 23: AWWWW SO CUTE (': I really liked this omfg
Chapter 16: "The girls were obviously swooned by their auto-tuned voices. It was so obvious that they were lip-syncing."

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poor L.Joe lol
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