I Love Her!

How Come You Don't Remember Me?

It was 9:00 in the morning. You and Kwangmin were still sleeping.

"What to do? What to do? What to do?", Nathan said.

Suddenly, an idea popped in his head.

He went in the living room where Kwangmin was sleeping.

"Get up!", he shouted at Kwangmin.

Kwangmin got up with an angry face.

"What do you want?", Kwangmin said with an annoyed face.

"We're going somewhere.", Nathan said as he sat beside Kwangmin.

"Where?", Kwangmin asked.

"Namsan Tower.", Nathan said.

"I don't want to go.", Kwangmin said as he lay down on the couch.

"Ok then. I'll just go with ~~~~~~~~. ", Nathan said.

"On 2nd thought . . . I do want to go.", Kwangmin said as he got up quick.

Nathan went in your room.

"Wake up! We're going in Namsan Tower.", he said a he tried to wake you up.

"Why?", you asked him.

"There's something you need to know and hear.", he said as he sat down on your bed.

"What is it?", you asked him as you got up.

"I'm not the one who's supposed to tell you that.", Nathan said as he smiled at you.

Kwangmin went back to his apartment to go change.

"I can't let him go alone with her.", Kwangmin said angrily. "And . . . it's her birthday today.", Kwangmin said. "I have to give this to her before Nathan takes her away from me.", Kwangmin said as he took out his birthday present for you.

You 3 went in the Namsan Tower together.

"Wowww!", you said happily. "C'mon!", you said as you pulled them.

Nathan and Kwangmin just followed you wherever you go.

Suddenly, your dad called.

"Hello?", you said as you answered the phone.

"Happy Birthday, sweetie!", your dad greeted you.

"Happy Birthday?", you said with a confused face.

"Don't tell me you forgot your birthday again.", your dad said.

"No, of course not.", you said as you bit your lips.

"Even if I can't see you, I know you're bitting your lips.", your dad said as he teased you.

"Thank you, dad! I love you!", you said happily.

"I love you too!", your dad said. "Well, I gotta go sweetie.", your dad said sadly.

"Bye!", you said.

"Bye sweetie!", your dad said as he hang up.

You look behind you to see if Kwangmin and Nathan is there, but they weren't.

"Where are they?", you said to yourself.

You went searching for them.

"They didn't even greet me today.", you said sadly.

Suddenly, you heard someone singing Happy Birthday behind you. You quickly turned around and there they were, holding a cake.

"You forgot that it was your birthday today ", Nathan said as he smiled at you.

"Blow your candles!", Kwangmin said happily.

"Make a wish first.", Nathan said.

You closed your eyes, made a wish and blew off your candles.

"I'm thirsty.", Nathan said.

"I'll go get drinks.", you sad as you walked away.

"I'm going to tell her how really feel towards her.", Nathan said as he glared at Kwangmin.

Kwangmin widened his eyes.

"You can't!", Kwangmin said angrily.

"Apparently . . . I can", Nathan said with a serious look on his face.

"Don't!", Kwagmin yelled.

"Why not?", Nathan asked.

"Because I love her and I'm going to tell her.", Kwangmin said.

You accidentally heard the whole thing.

"He . . . loves . . .me?", you widened your eyes and hid behind a bench.

A few minutes later, you decided to go back. You were so red. You can't stop on blushing.

"Here . . . are the drinks.", you stuttered.

You gave one to Nathan and one to Kwangmin. While giving the drinks to Kwangmin, you gazed into his eyes and quickly looked away so he won't see you.

After a few hours, you 3 went home. Nathan had rented his own apartment, so he went in already leaving you 2 alone.

You decided to enter in your apartment but then Kwangmin pulled you.

"Here's my gift for you.", he said as he gave you a box.

"Thank you!", you said happily.

Kwangmin entered his apartment first.

"That's it?! He's not going to tell me that he loves me?!", you said to yourself angrily.

You entered your apartment with an irritated look on your face.

You decided to open the gift. It was a Pikachu stuff toy wearing glasses and jacket.

"Awwwww!!!! ♥", you said happily.

Kwangmin knows that you love Pikachu so much.

When Kwangmin had entered his apartment, he went straight in his room and lay on his bed.

"Good thing that Nathan didn't confess to her.", Kwangmin said.

Kwangmin looked at the ceiling.

"She has to find out what's in that Pikachu.", Kwangmin said to himself.




Hi everybody!

Lot's of you asked if Nathan likes "you (~~~~~~~~)".

Sorry! :(

I can't tell you that, you'll find out soon. :)

Please leave comments. =D

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Chapter 36: This was toooooo cute omg awe <3
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