Mid-Summer Stars.


Kim Jongin lives alone in his house next to a bookstore he owns called ‘The Missing Page.’ It’s a small village and he is well known around the village as Grandpa Kim. Whenever children would come to visit, a smile would form on his wrinkly face, as he told them stories of his past, except there is one story that hasn’t been told. The story that is the reason for the name of his bookstore.

Then one day a little girl enters and ask Jongin why his bookstore was called ‘The Missing Page’. And so the telling of his favourite memory will be told.

Kon'nichiwa Minna-san !

I watched a Taiwanese drama the other night, called 'Starry Starry Night' it was a lovely movie. And I then got inspired to write a fanfic, so here I am with this idea, whilst still writing another fanfic.

But it's ok guys, i'm on Christmas break now, so I have plenty of time to write and upload chapters.

I hope that you will enjoy this story, and please comment and subscribe ^^^



*Please note that this is an inspired fanfic after watching 'Starry Starry Night', so some of the storyline may be similer, but i do not intend to copy.




the chime rung as the door  opened.

A little girl, with her black hair in bunches wearing a pretty little pink dress, entered the bookshop

"Hello? is anyone here?" she asked in her quiet voice.

Not reciving any reply, she slowly made her way to the front desk, her steps light as to not make too much noise.

She had a look around where she stood, shelves filled with books all shapes and sizes, old and new, dust resided on the surfaces and corners.

But what caught her attention, was an old tattered book incased in a small display, on the front desk.

She stood on her tipitoes, hold onto the edge of the desk, to get a better look at the book, 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' was what was written on the front.

"And what can I help you with little one?" an old, rasp voice filled the silence.

The little girl spun around in fear and an old man stood smiling, wiping dust off some books he was holding.

"M...Mister? are you the book keeper?" she asked, her voice a little shaky, her cheeks blushing as she was flustured from getting caught reaching for the book.

"Call me Grandpa Kim, and yes i'm the owner of this bookstore, or the book keeper as you suggested."

The little girls eyes widend, "Can I ask a question?"

"Ask away, little one" the old man smiled again, and went to put the  book back onto the shelf.

"Do you know why this shop is called 'The Missing Page?' she looked up at the old man, her eyes filled with enjoyment.

Jongin stood quiet for a moment, taking in what she just said, and with a big grin and lit up eyes he spoke "Tell me? have you seen the stars?"

the little girl shook her head

"I once went to see the stars, it was beautiful, would you like the hear my story?"

the little girl nodded her head.

"Well it began..."



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