I [Never] Regret[ted] You [Indonesian]


Mereka tidak pernah membayangkan pernikahan itu akan menjadi lebih sulit, tapi Baekhyun sama sekali tidak menyesalinya.


Title : I [Never] Regret[ted] You [Indonesian]
Characters: Chanyeol/Baekhyun
Genre: Romance, Angst
Rating: Pg



Disclaimer: I don't own anything.Except the translation.
Story belongs to Exobubz.And the original story is here http://exobubz.livejournal.com/732.html

I don't take any profit from writing this but for pure enjoyment



An : sorry if there so many mistake because i just learn to :)

Enjoy it ^^


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hyera832 #1
Chapter 1: Oh my god, aku bener2 nangis bacanya
jekyung12 #2
Knp cerita sesingkat ini bisa bikin air mata aku jatuh? :( knp singkat banget ceritanya? Baekhyun kemana? Chanyeol butuh baekhyun. Please comeback :(