#0 Don't defend the idols

Racist Moments of Kpop
Kpop musicians really need to learn about other countries' cultures! It's bad enough that the idols and the people of Korea are supremely PROUD of their country yet ignorant enough to not know culture norms or basic human principals. They love to look down on other races and Asian countries but are trying to market there.
Some of the Korean idols dislike African Americans, yet their music depends heavily on music derived from black Americans. And I doubt it's based off of the fact that the Korean society is 90% Korean.
If the UK or the U.S. were to do it to Koreans, the Korean people and fans of Kpop would immediately bring out the race card. And since Korea is one of the fastest and growing developing countries, you would expect better from them. There's Google, YouTube, and several websites that provide really good information on other peoples' cultures without actually visiting the country.
K-Pop has had racist stuff in it since the late 90's/ early 00's. Since then, there has been so much racism against dark skin individuals [including Hispanics, darker Asians, Africans, and African Americans] and other people's religious views. At this point it's not brand new. You have to be really something to buy CD's and go to overseas concerts from groups who do black face watermelon skits or saying stuff like "Alicia Key's is pretty for a black girl" or having a passage of the Quran in your performance just for the sole purpose of entertainment. I am always baffled when I see the people who buy things from people who takes from their culture, then have the nerve to be prejudice against the said culture.
I used to  listen to K-Pop every day until I came across that mess years ago, which was when one of the members of B2ST was eating the watermelon in blackface. It's been years since I've seen that garbage. It's less prevalent but it happens in J-Pop/ J-Drama's too. 
A lot of people are naive, when it comes to the fact that a majority of the K-pop idols responsibility for their actions. Some of the other Asians that I have encountered are very racist too. But for the most part, the ones that I have met were born here and have experienced the culture, so they're very open minded. Well the ones that I have met stay in packs and speak their language. They don't try to venture out and get to know other races. They don't frequent other areas but places with a high concentration of Asians.
I'll be honest when I say  SOME far east Asians and Koreans in general have really worn me out. Some are all color-struck.
When are they not racist is the real question to be asked.
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