♛ This is Destiny

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Love. How can love succeed?

When everything has been complicated from the start.

Complicated; the best word to describe these peoples' lives.

10 people. 10 lives.

Who knows how would all this turn out?





Title: This Is Destiny

Category: Romance, Comedy, School Life, Friendship

Main Characters: Luhan and Yoona (LuYoon), Tiffany and Kris (KrisFany), Chanyeol and Taeyeon (ChanTae), Jessica and Sehun (HunSica), Kai and Yuri (KaiYul)

Author's Note: Hello Guys! This is actually my 3rd time writing a fanfic but the 2 previous ones are deleted because I think it's boring and ugly so I'll try a better one this time I hope this works out well. Luhan And Yoona looks good <3 Please comment and subscribe (since it's a subscriber-only fanfic) Thanks guys and enjoy~! Hugs and Kisses from the author! :D

Credits: None

Started: December 9, 2014

Ended:  March 14, 2015

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KingElf #1
Chapter 18: I can't believe I'm reading this fan fiction with exo Christmas day song damn with jessica,Luhan and kris
MikochanEx #2
Chapter 24: Àt last change my ultimate bias.I thought chanyeol going somewhere
MikochanEx #3
Chapter 5: Omg Kris like ?omg omg omg now let me laughed at the corner of my room
hunhantaeny #4
Chapter 44: ✌
hunhantaeny #5
Chapter 41: Wonderful story
Chapter 44: Kyaa! New luyoon story,I'm gonna read it for sure!
hunhantaeny #7
Chapter 34: yulkai! yulkai!
hunhantaeny #8
Chapter 31: OMG!!! Sehun heard it????!!!!
hunhantaeny #9
Chapter 18: yuri likes chocolate ice cream? yah! we are the same
hunhantaeny #10
Chapter 14: why did taeyeon run away? chanyeol just want to keep his feelings a secret because he is scared of rejection. why was taeyeon so angry?