If Tomorrow Never Comes









What should I do?

I'm afraid;

What if tomorrow never comes?

Then he asked me;

Why are you saying that?

Sure,tomorrow will always comes

There's nothing to be afraid of;

You know that you have me - always


I then tried to convience myself of all his words

But somehow I still have those fears in me;

What if tomorrow never comes?

What will happens?

What if tomorrow never comes?

What if , if tomorrow I have to wake up and I'll feel everything differently?

Like,what if all his words aren't true?

What if tomorrow never comes?










This is a story about a girl,who has a fear of tomorrow.

Out of everyday that she spent in her life,there's not a single day where she won't let her 'What if tomorrow never comes?' thoughts out of her mind.

Every single night,before going to bed,that one thought will always comes out from .

As if they're a ritual for her and her daily night routine.

It seems weird,why a girl would be asking such question about tomorrow.

It doesn't make any sense even for an adult.

There are way more important things to be remembered,to be asked,to be questioned about but for this girl only one thing that will always pop out of her mind which is 'What if tomorrow never comes?'

Such a mind-blowing question from a little girl at that time 

Her parents thought those question will be just gone once she grew older 

But they're definitely wrong

She never forget that one thing,that one question

Those will always pop out from her mind every single night.




Until one day,that little girl fall in love ...

When love change her perception of life

When love makes the 'What if tomorrow never comes?' comes to life

When love is all it is about

When love tied two hearts of different soul,different perception on tomorrow 












p/s : Hi,so I came out with an idea of making this story. I hope you guys would enjoy reading this and sorry for any mistakes.

This story is inspired by Ronan Keatings - If Tomorrow Never Comes. 

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