I Used To Not Like the Water

Hey Everybody!

So, I haven't updated in 2 months but that doesn't mean I have forgotten about this story. I've been really been busy with school and all my friends are goign back to the US, so I've been tryign to spend as much time with them as I can. So I've had no time to write or I'm too tired to write and just want to rest. The only time I'm online is just for brain-relaxing stuff like Tumblr and YouTube. But luckily, it is the end of the semester. After this week I'm done.

I really want to finish writing and updating the story. I have so much instore for you all. And I have so many ways I could easliy make this story go. And I have to at least finish Jinki and Joon. Don't worry, this story is not ending soon. :)

So please keep being patient. I will update in about 2 weeks or so and I will update way more fequently becasue I'll actaully have time. 

THANK YOU for the subscriptions so far and all of the comments. I love reading them. You all are amazing! Glad you stuck with this mermaid story. :)

Good luck to anyone who has finals exams soon or anyone waiting for a grade.

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Happy Reading!


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Bhavya99 #1
Update this plsssssss
kreiisi96 #2
Update this too pleaseeee :))
schoolcutestgirl #3
Chapter 29: This story is so nice or how can I explain it? More than that! Especially when it's fantasy plus adding up the shinee members it makes my heart thump when I read it thanks for making this story. Please update soonnn~
Chapter 29: You know how someone can die if the other person won't except the bond well I will die if you don't update soon HAHahaha.
Chapter 29: Thanks for updating! Wow JooNew is finally together! I'm excited for what's gonna happen next now that the 3 couples are together!
DarkMistZio #6
Chapter 29: Omg I love it. Hurray! They finally began a small friendship! I'm so excited for the next chapter. Please take your time. No rush. :3
jinki24 #7
Chapter 29: Oh oh!!! Finally!!!! Jinki dont die
Chapter 28: i 'll wait for it! fighting!
I love JonKey sorties
By the way I love Key so much I love his flirting he's so cool