Chapter 13

I Used To Not Like the Water


Kibum was lying in his bed with the bed sheets pulled up to his chin. He hasn't slept well in the past few days. He was still having visions of Jonghyun. Unfortunately, they were all fuzzy and really hard to understand. But in all of them he could tell Jonghyun was in pain and scared; and that just seemed to make Kibum even more worried. He wanted to help but there was nothing he could do. It's not like he could swim to Jonghyun and even if he could, Kibum didn't exactly know where the mermaid lived. Minho was just as bad as Kibum, sleepy and getting very little work done. At night, the two usually ended up back at the beach and sitting by the water. All they could do was wait for the two mermaids to return.

It was currently four o'clock in the morning. Again, neither got any real sleep. Kibum sat up in his bed and sighed. There haven’t been any visions tonight and that made him anxious. Despite how worried the visions made him, it gave him a sense of closure that he could tell the mermaid was still alive. He got up and with the sheets still wrapped around him, Kibum walked to the kitchen. When he walked in there, he saw Minho, who was drinking a glass of water.

Minho looked exhausted with dark circles around his eyes and ha pale skin that had a sickly greenish tinge to it. Kibum didn't look that much better. Both were losing weight at an alarming rate; but that could've been contributed to the lack of eating. Neither one had an appetite.

Minho sighed, setting down the glass. “Is this who you felt when Jonghyun disappeared for those couple of day?”

"Well... we got into a fight... but yeah, I felt like this" I replied.

“How did it stop...” Minho continued to ask.

Kibum sighed and got a glass of water for himself. “Jonghyun came back.”

Minho didn't say anything else. There was nothing else to say. He knew he wanted Taemin as much as Kibum wanted Jonghyun.

Minho rubbed the sleep out of his eyes. “My parents are coming in two days…”

Kibum looked up at him. “Are you still going to tell them you’re gay?”

Minho nodded quietly.

Kibum gave him a tired smile. “Don’t forget, I have your back.”

Minho smiled back and took another gulp of water. Kibum was about to go back to his room when he got another vision. He suddenly saw water surround him but the water wasn’t a clear blue. It was red and there were bubbles everywhere. His pulse began to race when he felt a piercing pain shoot through his back. Kibum fell to the floor overwhelmed by the sudden vision. Minho ran over to him and pulled him up.

Minho looked at him. “Are you okay?”

Kibum gasped as the pain got more intense. He arched his back as it moved down his back. He fell to the floor and curled himself into a ball. He held his chest as his chest started to feel cold. And with that, the vision went away. As he blinked, he could finally see again and the pain was subsiding, although he still had an ache. Kibum groaned as he sat up a little and looked at Minho. Minho handed him a glass of water and kneeled down to his level.

“What was that” Minho asked worried.

Kibum grabbed his shirt. “We have to go to the beach.”

Minho nodded and helped Kibum up. They quickly went downstairs to the car and left. Quickly driving to the beach, they park and went to the rock by the water like they always had. Kibum and Minho looked at the water. Still there was nothing.

Minho sat down on a nearby rock. “What did you see?”

Kibum frowned softly. “I don’t know… blood…”

Minho looked at him. “Was it Jonghyun’s?!”

“I don’t know” Kibum replied sitting down.

“Was… was it Taemin’s…” Minho whispered.

Kibum rubbed his head. “I don’t know…”

Minho hugged his knees and looked out at the water. “We have to go out there…”

“We don’t even know where they are.”

“I know but… I can’t just sit here anymore. It’s kill me. It’s killing us.”

“Okay… how are we going to get there exactly?”

“We’ll take a boat. I think I have a blow up emergency boat in my car. It’s a bit small and it’s only used for stuff like floods but it’ll work.”

Kibum nodded as Minho got up and went to the car. Soon Minho came back with a small, yellow plastic square with a small red string attached to it. He also brought a flash light since it was still very dark out. Minho pulled the string and the boat started blowing itself up. It was just a little dingy, made for two people. And luckily Minho also had two small oars and a first aid kit. He set it in the water, getting into the boat. Kibum followed behind him.

“I’ll row and you hold the flash light” Minho said.

Kibum nodded and held the flash light out across the water. Minho pushed them away from the shore and started rowing out into the ocean. He didn’t know where he was going. He just followed the gut and hoped he was going in the right direction.

An hour went by of Kibum and Minho out on the water. They took turns rowing, since it took up a lot of energy; but despite their efforts, they couldn’t find Jonghyun or Taemin. They would’ve even settled with finding Jinki but there was nothing. The water was getting foggy though and it was cloudy with a little bit of rain. Even though they were wet, a little cold, and tired, they wanted to find the mermaids. Kibum stopped rowing and sighed as the boat drifted on its own.

“We should’ve brought food” Kibum said.

Minho turned to him and nodded. “Yeah. I think there were some snacks in the emergency kit.”

Behind Minho sat a small emergency kit. When he opened it, all he saw gauzes, band aids, string, a needle, and some alcohol. There was no food. Kibum frowned and sat back, resting on the side of the boat. Minho sighed and set the kit down and went back to looking out into the water.

Miho looked at Kibum. “I think we’re lost anyway… I don’t even know where the shore is.”

Kibum sat up. “I think it’s behind me… maybe…”

Minho leaned forward, burying his face in his hands. “We are so ed…”

Kibum was about to say something when the two felt something bump the bottom of the boat. They looked over the side but saw nothing in the dark water. The sun was barely coming up, so it’s not like they could see anything without the flashlight. There was another bump. Kibum heard movement in the water but it was too dark and foggy to make out anybody.

The boat stopped, bumping into a set of rocks. Minho shined the flash light and the two realized they had bumped into a small island. Not too far from the rocks was a small rocky beach. Kibum rowed to the over, letting the boat stop on the land. The two got up and crawled out of the boat. Kibum lied down on the beach. Although the beach was mainly made up of small rocks, not really typical beach, he was happy not to be on the water anymore.

Minho grabbed the boat, pulling away from the shoreline in case it fell back into the water and floated away.

“Maybe we can catch a fish and cook it” Minho suggested.

Kibum looked at him a little. “Good luck with that…”

Minho went over to the water and shined the flashlight into the water. He didn’t see any fish, not even any crabs or clams. He sighed and sat next to Kibum on the rocky beach. Out of nowhere, they began to hear something. It was soft and distant. Kibum sat up, trying to see where it was coming from. It became louder and the human could tell that it was singing.

“Do you hear that” Kibum said, standing up.

Minho looked at him. “Hear what?”

“That voice” Kibum said, looking out into the water.

“I think you need some rest. I don’t hear anything” Minho said, stilling looking at the other.

“It’s… heavenly…” Kibum continued, ignoring the other.

Minho watched the Kibum started walking towards the water. He wasn’t worried until Kibum was actually getting into the water.

“What’re you doing” he said pulling Kibum back.

Kibum didn’t answer and continued walking into the water. Minho wrapped his arms around him and pulled him away. It was difficult. Kibum was very determined. As Minho was pushing him back, he looked out into the water and saw four figures. They looked human but to Minho they seemed odd. They were very still and none of them were wearing clothes. One of the figures swam closer to Minho and Kibum. While continuing to hold Kibum back, Minho grabbed the flash light and shined it on the stranger.

It was a man. He had bright aqua blue eyes and very light purple hair. He also seemed kind of well-built and seemed to glide through the water. The man sang softly which made Kibum try to wiggle out of Minho’s arm even more.

Minho frowned. “Who are you?”

“You two look lost” the man said.

“We’re fine” Minho stated. “Tell you friends that we just want to be alone.”

The man tilted his head and looked at Kibum. “He looks like he wants to swim.”

Minho was about to say something when he saw a fish tail in the water.

“You’re a mermaid” Minho said in shock.

The man stopped singing. “H-how do you know that?”

“Do you know Taemin and Jonghyun” Minho quickly asked.

“You two are those humans they mated with” the man said softly.

He signaled for the other figures to come. The other three swam over, stopping just short of the rocks.

“These are the two humans Jonghyun and Taemin mated with” the man told his friends.

Minho frowned. “Where are they?”

The mermaid smirked. “I don’t know. Last time I checked they were being held prisoner by the elders. And who knows, they’re probably being tortured by now.”

“W-what…” Minho said. “Can you take me to them?”

“Well… I don’t feel like it.” The man smirked. “Besides, I’m hungry.”

The man blinked and his eyes turned black as night. He opened his mouth and his teeth grew into long sharp points as his mouth got wider. His hands became webbed with long claws as fingernails. The others began to make the same transformation, all of their skin turning a pale blue. Minho gasped and tried to walk away but the man grabbed both the human’s legs and pulled them into the water. Kibum was still limp and in a trance and started to taken away by two of the mermaids. Minho used the flashlight and hit them in the face; but it didn’t seem to stop them.

The mermaids pull the two humans away from the shoreline, back out into deeper water. They were pulled down into the water by the mermaids. Minho kept attacking with the flashlight but his arms were being held back. He watched as Kibum was taken further deep and watched as one of the mermaids took a bite of Kibum’s arm. The water began to turn red. Minho screamed only to have his mouth fill with water. The mermaid with purple hair stuck Minho in the back of the head, making Minho begin to lose consciousness.

Minho tried to keep his eyes open but soon he felt his body go limp. He watched was Kibum had his clothes ripped off and continued being eaten by the mermaids. Before he went unconscious, he felt a pain in his shoulder and his bones being crushed by the mermaids jaw. He didn’t have the energy to scream. He just felt himself sink to the bottom as the world became dark.


Kibum didn’t move. His body was in pure agony. He took in a long breath as if he hadn’t in a long time. He could hear screaming and a crushing sound. Not too long after, he felt something wet hit his face, like water. He couldn’t make out what was going on but he couldn’t really move either. He coughed, tasting a metallic, copper slim in his mouth. He turned his head a little coughing to the side. Opening his eyes, his vision was blurry. It was dark and still foggy but he could see a figure not too far from him.

Trying to blink away his blurry vision, he saw the back of a figure. It had a fish tail which meant it was a mermaid. It was sitting over Minho who was unconscious and covered in blood. Kibum watched as the mermaid turned and looked at him. Its mouth was covered with blood and flesh; and Kibum didn’t want to know whose it was. The mermaid was like the others, black eyes, sharp teeth, claws and just looked evil. It shifted and quickly crawled over to him. Kibum screamed, turning away, even though he was in a lot of pain. He felt the mermaid touch him when his vision went black.


Kibum opened his eyes and screamed out. His voice echoed throughout the room. He paused when he realized he wasn’t on the rocky beach anymore. Looking around, he saw that he wasn’t on the same beach any more. He was actually in his bedroom, on his bed, and under the bed sheets. Pulling them away a little, he saw that he was only in a pair of shorts. He also saw that his body was covered in bruises and green, leaf-like bandages. He realized that the leaves were seaweed; and a large amount of them were wrapped around his arm. Groaning from his sore and tired body, Kibum lied back down.

He sat up again when he realized that he didn’t know if Minho was okay. He swung his legs over the bed and stood up. His legs felt like jelly and his muscles ached with every movement. Letting out a soft breath, he left his room and went to Minho’s. When he opened the door, he saw that Minho was lying in his bed unconscious. He was breathing deeply which helped Kibum know that he was alive and okay. Kibum closed the door and walked to the living room, sitting down on the couch.

He looked out the window and saw that it was night time and their living room was the way they left it. He sat there and tried to remember what happened but couldn’t. The last thing he could remember was rowing towards the rocky island he and Minho stopped at. After that, his memory was blank. He sighed.

Kibum heard the front door open. He got up and looked to see Jonghyun, Taemin, and Jinki standing there with bags in their hands. As soon as Jonghyun saw the human, he dropped the bags and ran over to him, pulling him in a tight hug. Kibum bit his lip, relieved that the mermaid was alright. He smiled a little when the familiar warm feeling swept through his body. At that moment, he actually liked having the bond.

Jonghyun pulled away and placed a tender kiss on Kibum’s lips. Kibum melted into his body. Jonghyun wrapped his arms around the younger and carried him to the couch. He pulled away and looked at Jonghyun.

Jonghyun sat next the human. “I’m so sorry for everything…”

“What happened” asked Kibum.

Taemin and Jinki walked into the room and sat on the other couch.

“You two were attacked by mermen” Taemin said quietly.

Kibum blinked. “W-what…? I can’t remember anything…”

Jonghyun frowned. “You were hypnotized by the mermaid’s song. This is all my fault…”

Kibum looked at him. “Mermaid’s song?”

“Remember when I told you that I couldn’t sing in front of you…” Jonghyun said. “It’s because of something like this…”

“But you said mer-people don’t do that anymore.”

“I said that most don’t. Some still do but… that put you in danger. What were you thinking, going out on the water like?”

“I was looking for you” Kibum replied. “You said you’d be back in three days. It’s been five; and then Minho and I kept getting visions of you and Taemin getting hurt. I was scared something had happened to you.”

Jonghyun frowned even more. “I didn’t mean for you to see that… I’m sorry…”

Kibum wrapped his arms around the mermaid. “Don’t leave me like that again. And… thanks for saving me.”

“I don’t think I’ll be able to leave you again” Jonghyun replied. “But… I didn’t save you.”

The human and pulled away. He blinked in confusion. Jonghyun pointed past him, causing him to turn to the two other mermaids on the couch.

“J-Jinki” Kibum said in shock.

Jinki nodded softly. “Taemin and Jonghyun were… imprisoned… but they told me that you and Minho were in trouble. Jonghyun said he saw it through the bond. Anyway… I followed the directions they told me and found you two being… well… being e-eaten alive.”

Kibum’s breath hitched in his throat. He looked down at the seaweed bandage on his arm. Holding a piece of the edge, he pulled it up and looked at the deep bite marks in his skin. Suddenly, visions of what happened flashed through his head. He didn’t have his completely memory back but he had an idea. Jonghyun took his arm, kissing the sore skin.

Kibum blushed a little and looked up at Jinki. “T-thank you…”

Jinki gave him the soft smile when Minho’s bedroom door opened. Minho walked into the room obviously tired and confused. Without waiting for him to say anything, Taemin ran to him and hugged him tight. Minho had to take a step back to keep his balance but wrapped his arms around the mermaid. Taemin took him to the couch and sat him down, making sure he was okay.

Minho looked at Kibum and looked at his arm. “I-I thought you were going to die…”

Kibum sighed a little. “I thought so too… Jinki saved us.”

Minho turned to the mermaid and gave him a small nod. “Thanks.”

Jinki silently nodded back. Taemin sat next to Minho and made sure the bandages were okay. Kibum was about to say something when a wave of dizziness swept over him.

“You still need to rest” Jonghyun said, helping Kibum up.

Jonghyun took the human to his bedroom, closing the door behind them. Kibum lied down on the bed. Jonghyun lied down next to him, pulling Kibum into his arm. The human sighed feeling tiredness completely wash over him.

Jonghyun placed his hand on Kibum’s cheek. “I thought I was going to lose you.”

Kibum bit his lip. “I-I thought you’d never come back.”

Jonghyun shook his head. “I would always come back for you.”

“What happened” Kibum asked. “Y-you were gone so long… or at least it felt so long.”

“I guess I should tell you…” Jonghyun sighed. “When Taemin, Jinki and I went back home, our parents were furious with us. I got into a fight with them. They didn’t think it was right to mate with a human…”

“What about Taemin?”

“Same thing happened… We were only home a few minutes when the guards came.”


“They’re like your police people. But yeah… they came and took me and Taemin away to the council of elders. They questioned our actions.”

“D-did they do anything else?”

“Well… we were punished. But don’t worry; it wasn’t too bad. After, they put us in prison and we were basically waiting for our trial. That’s when we got the visions and saw that you and Minho needed help. We got Jinki to go and get you guys.”

“What about the trial?”

Jonghyun frowned and turned to lie on his back. Kibum watched as the mermaid sighed softly and the mermaid began blinking away tears.

He swallowed the lump in his throat. “Taemin and I’ve been exiled… Jinki probably can’t go back either…”

“Why can’t Jinki go back” Kibum asked.

“He snuck me and Taemin out of prison…” Jonghyun answered. “Because of that, he’s probably deemed a traitor.”

Kibum was shocked. He didn’t realize how much Jinki has done for them, despite not liking the human world. It made him like the older mermaid more. Kibum looked at Jonghyun and saw how upset he was and could even feel his sadness through the bond as well.

Kibum looked at Jonghyun. “I’m sorry for causing all of this.”

Jonghyun blinked. “You didn’t cause this.”

“But you can’t see your friends or family because of me. You were even imprisoned because of me. This is all my fault… We haven’t even mated yet…” Kibum replied.

Jonghyun pulled Kibum’s face up and kissed softly on the lip.

“You didn’t do anything wrong” Jonghyun said. “It’s those stupid elders… but you didn’t do this. I love you and I’m going stay here no matter what. I don’t care about what anyone thinks, not even my family. And I can always make new friends. I just want you.”

Without saying anything, Kibum smashed their lips together and pushed Jonghyun into the mattress. The mermaid gently smiled against the human’s lips, enjoying the feeling of their bodies touching. Kibum deepened the kiss, wrapping his arms around Jonghyun. He felt a warm glow in his stomach. It was familiar and comforting; and with it, he knew Jonghyun would be okay. Kibum pulled away and sat up a little.

Jonghyun smiled and kissed his cheeked before siting up. Kibum rested his back against the headboard and felt the scars left by the mermaids that attacked him.

Jonghyun held Kibum’s arm. “We should go to the hot springs tomorrow. It’ll help with your wounds.”

Kibum nodded a little. “Okay.”

Jonghyun looked at one of the bite marks.

“Have you ever eaten a human” Kibum whispered.

Jonghyun chuckled softly. “No, I haven’t.”

“Good…” Kibum continued

Jonghyun laughed as the human’s words. “You’re cute.”

Kibum yawned, covering his mouth. Jonghyun lied down, pulling Kibum down with him. Jonghyun pulled the blanket at the foot of the bed, over the two. Kibum relaxed his body into Jonghyun’s. The mermaid wrapped his arm around the younger, smiling softly. Kibum closed his eyes and sighed, ready for sleep to take over.

Just before Kibum fell to sleep, Jonghyun softly said “I love you.”



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