The Arguments

My YG LIFE ^_^




“HYUNG!!!!!” Seungri whined at GD whose thoughts are far away.

Yongbae has his eyebrows furrowed and was thinking about the news that was dropped by the Sajangnim a few minutes ago.

Do I really want to be in the same house as CL? The two of them has been on a on and off relationship and well this is the off season.

“Aren’t we a bit too old to be included in this?” T.O.P. asked still not believing that their lives will be under the camera again.

Teddy looked at the 5 members all worried about what lies ahead.

“Oh come on guys, it’s just like your dorm only with girls and cameras.” He tried to console the members but he knew that he couldn’t.

“That’s exactly my point we don’t have dorms anymore!!! I mean we seldom go there. But we’re Big Bang!!! We’re too old for this shiz!!!!” Seungri continued to argue.

Just then the studio door opened and YG entered. Everyone fell silent and their boss could feel their anxiety.

“Look, with all the scandals we had this year we could just add this up with positive promotion. Besides, let’s all admit that most of the support for the YG artists are because of Big Bang and 2NE1.” YG explained to them trying to ease their anxiousness.

“Hyung. You said our personal lives are out of your control as long as it doens’t affect our work.” Top argued.

“I know but with all that’s happening from the other companies and with fans thinking that 2ne1 is disbanding, and with GD’s dating scandal...” YG paused for a moment when his and GD’s eyes met. “Look just do this guys It’s just for a month. You’ll barely see each other anyways with the promotions and all.”

“Hyung do you realize the position that you’re putting me into?” GD who was quietly listening spoke up.

YG stared at his star member and nodded. “I know you made a promise to her and that the two of you had an agreement. But Jiyong, things are getting out of hand. Your fans are upset. Big Bang fans are upset. 2NE1 fans are upset. Almost all of the fans of YG are upset and this is the only Christmas gift I could think of.”

“Hyung....” Daesung hesitated. The truth is he’s having second thoughts of revealing their private lives again.

“I know it can be a make or break for us all but just...” YG sighed. He feels bad for making his artists do this but this is all he can think of to calm the minds of the raging fans.

“Let’s just do this. We’ll be in Japan most of the days anyways. So the cameras will just follow us there.” GD answered.

“Hyung! What about Kiko?” Seungri asked. Not that he cares about the two so much only if GD agrees then Seungri’s personal life will tone down too and he hates the idea of it.

“It’s just one month. No harm in that. We can just see each other after shooting.” GD answered. Although he hates the idea of it, he obviously can’t say no to YG. After everything that their members put YG through with all the scandals and still he trusted them all.

Seungri hung his head low, Yongbae covered his face with his hands while Daesung let out a loud sigh.

“Yongbae, I’m sorry that you have to be in one house with her.” YG patted Yongbae in the back.

Yongbae sighed but he can’t really do anything about it can he? YG has always been there for them NO MATTER WHAT. He was a Hyung before a Sajangnim and declining his request is just so greedy for them.

“Your schedules, when you don’t have overseas work and when you’re in Seoul then you are obliged to be in the dorm. It’s a big house. Bigger than Roommates. You’ll have a studio, a gym,  a pool.”

“Look at it this way... You get to bully 2NE1 and your hoobaes! Imagine making Bom cook for all of you guys!!! And how awkward would that be for Dara to be in an empty room with Jiyong?!” Teddy laughed as he suggested other ideas.

As if a light bulb lit on their heads the 4 Big Bang members smiled mischievously.

“Don’t you think about it!!!” Jiyong exclaimed making the other members laugh.

“Hyung dating’s not banned in this show isn’t it?” Top asked while eyeing on their leader.

“I don’t think so.” YG answered. “YA! This is for good PR ok? Stop doing stupid things on TV!!!!!!”






2NE1 Meeting with YG


2NE1 was waiting in a conference room for their boss. Everyone is upset at the news but they can’t do anything about it.

CL is worried for her members since she’s going to L.A. in a few days. Obviously we can’t say no. Poor Dara Noona being in the same house as Jiyong Oppa.

What did I do in my past life to endure this right now? Dara thought worried about what was going to happen.

I hope my closet fits all my clothes!!!! Bom thought.

How will I study with all the chaos that’s going to happen in that house!!!! Minzy sighed.

“Unnie, are you going to be alright?” CL asked not being able to keep quiet any longer.

“I don’t know.” Dara answered worriedly. “Chaerin-ah can’t you come with us in shooting?”

Chaerin shook her head. “This has been long overdue already Unnie, I doubt that the Sajangnim will let me stay longer here.”

Just then YG entered the room with their respective managers following behind.

“Ok, let’s hear your apprehensions.” YG said as he settled down on his seat.

“Sajangnim does 2NE1 share a room?”Chaerin started off while exchanging looks with Dara.

Dara has always been shy with YG even though she has been YG’s darling. She does’t realize it the charm she has with YG that sometimes Bom and CL had to use that charm to get 2NE1 extra perks.

“Well, since we have the two kids you’ll be divided in two rooms, Dara, CL and Soohyun and then Minzy, Bom and Hayi.” YG informed them.

“What about my flight?” CL continued asking.

“You’ll proceed as scheduled but you’ll fly back after two weeks. That was all we could bargained out of the month of shooting. But you will also shoot during the moving day which is a day before your flight so don’t worry.”YG answered he then turned to Bom. “Yes, you have bigger closets for your clothes and girl stuff.”

Bom happily clapped her hand. “Gomawo Sajangnim!”

He have been handling the girls for too long now to know that their clothes and girl stuffs are really important and that as long as their closets are big then they will agree to it.


“There’s a study room there Minzy, it’s in the quiet part of the house so you don’t have to worry about that.” YG informed Minzy.

“Dara, are you ok being in a house with a lot of people?”YG suddenly asked her.

We have an option not to do it?Dara thought. Oh, but my fans will be disappointed with this.

“I guess it’s ok. Bom and Mingkki will be there. I’m sure I’ll be fine. Tabi is there too.” Dara answered.

“Ok. Well you can always say no just tell me.” YG felt concerned. Dara has been his greatest endorser among his YG line-up. It’s true that GD has so many endorsements too but almost everyone that asks them for an artist endorsers it was always Dara on the list.

“Don’t worry Unnie we’ll always be beside you!” Minzy cheerfully told her Unnie.

“How about you? Are you fine with this?” YG asked CL. Their current break-up has been a big blow in the office and everyone hovered around them and made sure their paths will not cross.

“I’ll be in the U.S. so don’t worry about it. Besides, we’ve had on and offs before this is no different.” Chaerin told their boss.

“Don’t worry about it, we applied your rules before with 2NE1 tv so you don’t need to worry about where the cameras are placed. Take care of the boys ok? And also Soohyun and Hayi.” YG told them.

The girls nodded. Amazing how it’s so easy to talk to the girls than the boys. YG thought to himself.

“Well if you don’t have any more apprehensions then you’re all excused. If you have concerns you can go directly to me.” YG told them.

The girls said their goodbyes ad just when YG was about to leave the room he looked back and said “Oh by the way. The show doesn’t have any dating ban.”

The girls exchanged looked and turned to see their Sajangim walk out the door.

“What was that all about?” Dara asked looking at their leader who shrugged in return.

“Is he like telling us to date the guys?” Bom asked a follow-up to which Chaerin shrugged again.

“Oh please it’s bad enough to be stuck in a house with everyone at work and now I have to watch dating couples too!?!?!? Where is the justice in this world!!!” Minzy acted in front of her unnies.

“Just forget about that and just continue to be yourselves. Like how we did 2NE1 tv. Ok?” Chaerin told her members.



YG Sajangnim’s office:



“Hyung are you sure it’s fine that Tablo and I are not included in the reality show?” Tukutz asked.

Since Tukutz and Tablo have their own families already they will be excluded with the reality show.

“Well you’ll be included since you’ll often shoot at the house just not sleep there.” YG explained.

“Hyung, will I be ok with the kids? I don’t think I can do this.” Mithra told them.

“Ei, you’ll be fine thra, don’t worry too much about it. The kids are going to be fine.” YG told him.

“Wouldn’t this be a total chaos since your kids are all together?” Just thinking about Big Bang and 2NE1 in one house is totally chaotic Tablo thought.

“Well, Jiyong is there and Tabi, and Bommie is there so I think it’s going to be balanced.” YG hoped.

“Dara and Jiyong, CL and Yongbae in one house. Now that’s interesting!” Tukutz smiled.

“That’s what I was thinking about when Hyung told us this news awhile ago.” Mithra agreed.

“Dating is not banned in this show.” YG suddenly blurted out to them smiling.

“Interesting.” Tablo said as he held his chin while smiling at them.



Meeting with AKMU and Hayi

“Ok, since you guys are a bit new to this stuff I just want to ask if you guys are ok with this.” YG asked the three.

“Well Sajangim it’s not like we could ask to back out of it but wouldn’t it be awkward to live with the family?” Hayi openly told her thoughts about the idea.

“It can get awkward but you can take this as an opportunity to be close to the family.” YG tried to ease their anxiety.

“I think this is a good idea for our fans to see us more often thought.” Chanhyuk told them to which YG nodded in agreement.

“Don’t worry 2NE1 will be there and I’ve already talked to them to take extra care of you. Being in a house full of boys can get rowdy sometimes and well as long as you have Bom around then you’re all safe.” YG informed them.

“I wonder which room will I share with?” Soohyun asked.

“Well you will be with Dara and CL, While Hayi is with Minzy and Bom. Chanhyuk you will be with a WINNER and an iKON member I think.” YG told them.




WINNER and Ikon Meeting:


“This is fun!!!!” Seunghoon excitedly said as they all wait for the Sajangnim to come.

“It will be a total chaos!” Jinhwan agreed.

“Being in one house with the 2NE1 Noonas!” Donghyuk said and then high-fived with Chanwoo.

“Such fangirls!” Junhoe rolled his eyed but then laughed afterwards.

“We will also be in one house with Big Bang!” Taehyun said.

“Wow, we’ll have dinner with Jiyong Hyung.” Hanbin realized that they will be seeing their sunbaes everyday.

YG entered the room and everyone became quiet.

“Tomorrow we will be releasing the room assignments. I know you are all excited but I must warn you to be in your outmost behavior. You do not know your sunbaes and how they get when mad.” YG warned the kids.

“You take care of your Noonas and the girls and be reminded that everything is being recorded in the camera. You can get rowdy and all but always remember that you are being filmed.” YG reminded them.

“You have chore assignments as well and it’s just like living in your dorms.” YG finished off and saw the excitement behind the eyes of his kids.

“Ok. I can see the excitement in your eyes. You’re all dismissed. Hanbin, Seungyoon, you guys are in charge of your groups. One mistake and you’re all out of the show.” YG warned before letting them go.




The next day....


Room Assignment:

Room 1. Dara, CL, Soohyun

Room 2. Bom, Minzy, Hayi

Room 3. Jiyong, Hanbin, Seungyoon

Room 4. Mithra, Top, Mino, Bobby

Room 5. Yongbae, Jinhwan, Jinwoo, Chanhyuk

Room 6. Daesung, Seunghoon, Junhoe, Yunhyeong

Room 7. Seungri, Donghyuk, Taehyun, Chanwoo


“Hmmm... This is the oddest combination of room assignment.” Jinu told YG as soon as he received the notice.

“Why? You have the leader line, the rapper line, the vocal line, the maknae line.” YG explained looking at the list.

“Daesung’s room?” Jinu raised an eyebrow at him.

“The variety peopel?” YG made up a word for it.

“Why did you not mix 2NE1? The arrangement is still according to their dorm assignment.” Jinu curiously asked.

“Well, CL, Dara and Soohyun have that aegyo in them. Minzy, Bom and Hayi have powerful voices.” YG explained.

“I wonder what your kids are going to say about this.” Sean smiled as Jinu handed him the memo.

“Well they have already agreed and so they have no choice.




“What I want to know is why Dara and I are not in the same room!” Bom complained.

“Imagine the chaos that would be.” Minzy answered as the three of them walked pass the memo board.

Big Bang was behind them and Seungri ran towards the memo board to view the assignments.

“Oh my goodness. I’m with kids in my room!” Seungri exclaimed holding his forehead.

“HAHA! Now you’ll have a taste of what’s it like to have an annoying maknae!!!!” Top said slapping him at the back.

“The assignments, their according to lines.” Daesung noticed to which s didn’t quite understand. “Look, rapper line, leader line, vocal line, variety line, maknae line.”

“Why am I sharing with 3 other human beings?” Top asked.

“What’s the problem I’m sharing with 3 other maknaes too hyung!” Seungri said.

“This is going to be awkward.” Yongbae uttered to which Jiyong nodded.

“What have we gotten ourselves into?” Jiyong suddenly said.

“HYUNG! Can’t we back out of this?” Seungri begged their leader.

The 5 of them walked away from the board with Seungri bugging Jiyong to cancel their apperance.

iKON was next to view the memo and almost all of them liked their room assignments.

“Well at least Hanbin Hyung will stop whining for choco cone for awhile.” Chanwoo said earning a pout from their leader.

“Won’t it be awkward to be sleeping in a room with Big Bang?” Yunhyeong asked.

“It will. But I think the purpose of the show is to keep our family closer. So just be cool with it.” Bobby answered coolly.

“I’m going to sleep with G-DRAGON!!!!” Hanbin leaped for joy!

“That sounded so gay man!” Jinhwan told him.

“I’m roommates with GD Hyung and you?” Seungyoon exclaimed upon seeing the memo. “Oh no!!!!”

The other WINNER members looked at the memo.

“I’m going to be with Top Hyung.”

“I’m with Yongbae Hyung!”

“Oh no! I’m going to be with Seungri Hyung!!!!!” Taehyun said worried of the horror of being bullied.

“That’s right! That’s right! We’re all going to be one happy family!!!” They all turned and Seungri walked towards Taehyun and placed his hands on his shoulders.

“See you tomorrow!” Seungri mischievously smiled and waved goodbye to the kids.






author's note:


hello!!! well?!?!?! hmmm... YG said "DATING is not BANNED in this show." YEHET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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