I Don't Need You

The Last Thread Of Love

President Ahn wanted to go drinking and singing in a noraebang that he contacted Manager Ma and Coordi Noona to follow them. The other guys shouted for joy when Manager Ma and Coordi Noona arrived.

"I got to go back to the studio," Tae Kyung said.

"Omo? You are not joining?" Coordi Noona asked.

"That is my pet peeve--being humiliated in front of everybody," he snapped. "I don't like going to a noraebang."

"I think I will go home too," Shin Woo said. "I'm a bit tired."

"Geurae? Geureom, have a rest," the president said.

The others went with the gang while Shin Woo and Tae Kyung took their leave.


As Shin Woo hobbled to his car, someone called him, so he turned around.

"What are  you doing, Mi Nyu?" he asked.

Mi Nyu came running after him that it left her breathless.

"Can I come with you, Shin Woo-hyung? I want to kill more dogs with you," she said.

He looked at her before opening his car. He motioned her to come in.

"I got to take you home first coz it looks like it's gonna rain," he told her.


When they got in the dorm, Aunt Mi Ja left a note stating not to feed Jolie as she had fed the dog.

"I will be at my friends' house," the note said.

"That leaves me alone, then," Mi Nyu said.

"I gotta go," Shin Woo said.

"Wait, please stay a bit," Mi Nyu said as she held his arms. "Let's chat for a bit at the balcony."


"Does your legs still hurt?" she asked.

"Ne, even if it is almost two years, it still hurts," Shin Woo said. But he was lying. Of course, it no longer hurts, but he still walked with a limp. "My right leg is severely damaged that I cannot stand up for long."

Mi Nyu scooted next to him and smiled.

"Geureom, I will be of service to you, Shin Woo-hyung," she beamed. "You have done so many things for me, while I only took it for granted. Now let me repay you."

He shot a mysterious glare at her. She was frightened, since he never glared at her before.

"Are you saying that because you wanted to be good to me? Or are you being kind because you know my legs became like this?" he asked her.

Mi Nyu was disturbed at his query. "Hyung, I...I...It's not what I mean...I..."

"I don't like people to pity me," he coldly replied, though his voice was still the comforting guy that he once was. "I don't want them doing things for me just because I broke my bones and have metals in my leg."

He looked at her again. "I can do it, Mi Nyu. I can do it."

Mi Nyu looked at her with hurtful eyes. "Does that mean that...you don't need me?"

She could guess what he would say, but she didn't want to hear it, not from Shin Woo.

"Ne, I don't need you," he said it straight.

She shed tears when he said that, and he obviously saw it.

"Geureom, I'll take my leave. And don't forget to close all the doors," he said to her like a hyung telling his dongsaeng.

When he stood up and walked, Mi Nyu ran to him and hugged him from behind.

"Joesonghamnida, Shin Woo-hyung, I did not mean to," she cried.

"Let me go, Mi Nyu," he softly told her.

"But Shin Woo-hyung," she sobbed.

"Let me go," he ordered. "It might rain and I don't have any umbrella."


So Mi Nyu released her grip. She followed him as he went out the door.

"Take care, Shin Woo-hyung," she said.

She looked at him walking horribly to his car when it began to drizzle.

"Shin Woo-hyung, wait!" she said. "Let me get an umbrella for you!"

But it was no use, as the rain fell hard already, and Shin Woo could not even run fast to his car. Yes, he could still drive, but he could not stand for long.

Shin Woo felt the rain falling down his face, and did not even once looked back at the girl who was looking at him.

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Chapter 24: Thank you very much for this story, I just loved it.
Chapter 20: YESSS! Those two have finally confessed their feelings and maybe I can stop crying now
Chapter 19: I knew it! it was Shin Woo who saved her, of course it had to be him.
Chapter 15: I'm glad that Mi Nyu is at least considering that is ok for Shin Woo not to love her the way he did before, so they don't have to suffer so much for it. Still, I really wish they end up together.. And thank you for introducing me to Utada Hikaru's song. I don't usually listen to Japanese artists, but that song is just amazing.
Chapter 13: Hi! So I just read Only in my Dreams and I confess that the high school thing wasn't very interesting for me, but this is so good. You've even made me cry a couple of times, so thank you for writing such an incredible story. Now I'll just kep readind and I hope Shin Woo realizes soon how very happy he and Mi Nyu could be together. Thanks again!
HanaHerlijanto #6
Chapter 24: 오... 그래. 이야기 좋아요!
HanaHerlijanto #7
Chapter 24: "I'm dating Jang Geun Suk, didn't you know?" Me: *laughs head off* he's basically the same person
cnsdbabe #8
Chapter 6: Dis story is very lovely.Nega cho a yo!
JaneBlack #9
Chapter 24: I absolutely love this! :)
You are an amazing writer!
jacqueline1215 #10
Chapter 24: Amazing writer. . Ive read all ur fanfic but I am a silent reader ans also im new here... I love yong shin rooting for them to be rwal couple