Lovely Camping

Oppa, I fall in love with you

4 Days later...
                   They went to camping on a beach for a week. "FINALLY WE CAN GO CAMPING!!" Onew was really excited, "wait...We only brought 2 camp" Key said, Jonghyun said "easy! You, me and Onew hyung in 1 camp and....." "and what?", Minho said "You'll be in 1 camp with Heenim" Key said. Minho's heart beating faster 'me...with Heenim...why my heart beating fast...Do I like her...', Minho thought.

   "Guys it's already night and I feel Sleepy" Onew wiping his eyes, "me too, good night" . "I can't sleep..." Minho said, "Kajja (let's go sleep!", They ignored what Minho said. "Aiissshh.. This hyungs...." Minho murmuring, "That..that okay Oppa..let's go to sleep.."

WHAT WILL HAPPEN IN CAMP?! wait for the next chapter ^^

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Sorry if it's short...cause, something amazing will happen for the next chapter ^^


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I really do like your story, but the english is kind of hard to understand. I Have an idea. Do you wanna help with it? You write something and I'll correct it?? :)
[deactivated] #2
OMO!!! Kyeoptaaa XD I can,t believe it finished!
i can't finsih this.. lol its to cute <3 bad for my heart lol XD
I love your story so much! It's so cute and aish, I love it!<br />
Please update soon! I love it too much to wait to long!
Hope you update soon, this is really cute and funny :D
Oh wow!! Onew looked really handsome on the last pic~ *Saving that pic on my laptop*
morninginmarch #7
cute and funny~ ^^<br />
well, i can empathize with saeko. i'm a hardcore taemint. and yes my love for taemin overrides my shipping of 2min. since jongkey is my no. 1 OTP<br />
Vellastarr #8
This is really funny I love it!!!
Gomawo~ <3 I'll always share the pictures then XD
taeminhoaddict #10
i always love the pics you've shared with the readers on your story~ ^^