Dark in the night, the pitter-patter of raindrops against the windscreen of the car drowned the voices of the radio communication inside. The car turned into the parking space of the police station, heading towards the porch of the police station.

Kim Jonghyun immediately stepped out of the driver's seat and walked his way to the other side of the car. Yunho stepped out of the car as Kim Jonghyun opened the car door for him. "Thank you," said Yunho as he brushed his hair back. "You're welcome." Jonghyun closed the car door and drove towards their allocated parking space.

"Sir, someone is waiting to see you," Lay reported, seemingly to have awaited for Yunho's return.

Yunho strutted quickly towards his office as Lay, an intern in the Police Department was trying to keep up with his footsteps.

"You can get back to your own work now, thank you." Yunho turned to Lay as he pushed open his office door.

"Sorry for having to trouble you late at night, but the only time you could have time was-" a short-haired female in her mid-twenties quickly stood up from the couch in the room to address Yunho.

"Long story cut short. Your résumé?" Yunho disrupted the female as he sat down on his swivel chair.

"I am Kim Taeyeon, Phd. in Criminal Justice from University of Seoul and am here applying to be a detective." replied Taeyeon as she hastily put her résumé on Yunho's desk.

"I've heard a lot about you." said Yunho while looking through Taeyeon's résumé and paused. He looked up into her eyes.


"Yes, Sir?"

"It's nothing."

"Call me Mr. Jeong, I'm not your superior yet."

"Yes, Mr. Jeong."


"A résumé does not show anything on your capabilities and I shall hand over you one case to work on within three days. Pass that assessment and we pass you through the procedures. Is that alright?"

"When should I begin?"

"When will you be available?"

"Any time, Mr. Jeong."

"In that case," Yunho stood up from his seat and went towards the door, calling out for "Lay!"

"Yes, Sir!" responded Lay immediately with his back straight up.

"Clear up a table for this lady right now, and get her everything she needs for the case."




A black long-haired female was sitting on her comfy chair poring over the contents on the desk with a coffee mug in hand. Being a conscientious person, despite all that files on her table, they were still arranged neatly.

"No fingerprints, no footprints, no hair, no nothing!" She huffed in exasperation.

Just then, a tapping voice could be heard on her window pane. She turned around to the window behind her and got irritated even more as she spotted a small bird pecking on her window.

"This is idiotic," she stood up and went over to the window. The bird was startled by her approach and flew away. Looking outside of the window, she could see the city view looming in front of her.

She sighed and went back to her investigation.

The National Museum of Korea in Seoul had lost one of their oldest artifacts. It was too risky to contact the police as the media would surely be on call as well. They did not want the news to leak and so replaced the artifact with a label, "MOVED TO STORAGE". Instead, they contacted her. Kwon Yuri.

As I work alone, and customers are scarce, it may get lonely at times but I am glad that it means less crime is out there.

Now, let me look at the information I have all from the start again.

The gold crown with pendants of the Silla kingdom during the reign of the Three Kingdoms period went missing from The National Museum of Korea. The Silla kingdom, one of the long-lasting dynasties in Asia, almost up to a millennium, from 57BC to 935AD. This gold crown represents the political and social class of the deceased ruler of the country. Listed as the 191th National Treasure of Korea, it was displayed in the Silla Gallery, at the Prehistory and Ancient History section, located on the first floor of the museum.

No security sirens, no signs of break in, not even the surveillance footage had picked up anything.

Just then, there was a knock on her door of her office. Before she could respond, the door opened and a masculine man walked in. "No clues yet?" he asked.

Still sitting on her chair, she rubbed her temples and replied, "No, and seriously, you should wait for a response before even coming in."

"Are you free?" the man asked, ignoring Yuri's comment.

"Are you blind?" came Yuri's reply.

"Aren't you hungry?"

"Aren't you too free?"

"Are we keep going to ask questions?"

"Fine Siwon oppa, let me tidy up." Yuri stood up and began stacking up the files back in order.

"I'll wait for you downstairs." said Siwon as he left.


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