Living Doll

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Sandara or Dara Park is the fresh vocals and visual of Korea best girl group 2ne1 , love to play different musical instrument such as guitar and drums , very adventurous and big fan of Japan great band One Ok Rock secretly.

Toru Yamaa is the leader and founder of the band One Ok Rock , his ultimate crush and ideal girl is Avril Lavigne and not so familiar with Kpop music.

What will happen when this two meet?

Will Dara show her fangirl mode?

Will Toru give even a little attention to Dara?



Annyeong! This is my first ever story ( just try ) and this is purely fictional that made by imagination. Any similarities in other stories is purely coincidence.

Forgive me readers for the wrong grammar that you will encounter , english is not my first language. Mianhe (90deg bow)...

Hope you will enjoy while reading this though this is the first that Dara will pair to Toru.

I'll just love both of them... ^_^v

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positive_life #1
i love your story... please update and finish your story... thank you...
Craycraydee #2
Chapter 29: This is really interesting. I never imagine shipping my OOR boys to anyone and this happened! Ghad!! This is sooooo damn cute!! I hope you can update this story real soon. Hwaiting!!
jing042616 #3
Chapter 29: Thanks for the update. Love this story.
freckles #4
Chapter 29: Happy New Year! . . . Thanks for the update . . . ;-D
bernie20 #5
Chapter 28: Oohhh...I hate this feels about daragon but I want also Dara be with Toru...happy new year authornim...thank u for the update☺️☺️☺️
bernie20 #6
Chapter 27: Belated happy birthday...merry Christmas!!!
freckles #7
Chapter 27: Thanks . . . Will wait for your updates . . . Belated happy birthday! . . . ;-D
bernie20 #8
Chapter 26: Oh thank u so much..
jing042616 #9
Chapter 26: Love it. Thank you for the update..
Yongmi5 #10
I just read it all at once and I loved it!! This is my first Dara fic ever!!! I didn't even know one ok rock until yesterday!! I watched the links and a couple others and I really loved the music!! OOR. Has a new fan!! Yes Toru is cute and I love love Taka's voice!!!! I could listen to him 24/7 and be happy!! :) Anyway , stay safe and update when you can.