(the cons of being stuck and its aftermath)





yulkrys/yulsic oneshot requested by a weird friend.

part i of the Stuck trilogy  [part ii (x) and part iii(x)] but may stand alone.

this fic is full fiction and was not written as an expression of my beliefs and opinion about soshi, jessica, and all that havoc. 

setting: smtown japan. october 2014

 inspired by this picture


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crazykwonyurifan #1
Chapter 1: its not fail its, its..... its wonderful............... my yulsic................ thanks for this
I like how it's written though I wish it was longer.

Thanks for spreading the YulKrys love and feels. Please write more YulKrys fics author! :-)
Chapter 1: I love your writing, so earnest and engaging :~D To broken hearts coming together and helping each other mend - now that's my kind of story! Major props :~DDD
GongOo #4
Chapter 1: Aigoo! i should be admiring how it is beautifully made. But again i can't help but take it personally. I suddenly remembered their concert at taiwan if i'm not mistaken, the recent one. I don't know their relationship behind the cam but i'm praying for them not to be rough at soojungie. Aigoo. I feel like i can feel her pain everytime i imagine how awkward it could be for them. the skills make me feel all sad. It strike right through me. This is a good one. I don't understand why it is a failure. Author fighting!
Chapter 1: Hohoooo this is good!
Good job !
Chapter 1: o.o ooooooooow~
Chapter 1: This is good. Although i prefer yulsic all the way. The ending was too abrupt though, i was hoping for something more.

I always appreciate writers who can combine between reality & fiction and this happens to be one of them. I can emphatizing with krystal while relating to the situation as a sone.

I hope I can read from you again in the future
Chapter 1: please update soon
Rihali168 #9
Chapter 1: Ooooh that was a good one , please update soon .
[deactivated] #10
Chapter 1: The feels. Magsulat ka na ulit pleaaaaaaassse!! huhu T_T