A Love like Weather?


A Love like Weather.
Today's weather forecast:

Heavy showers of blessing,

strong winds to blow your worries away,

followed by warm hugs and kisses to put a smile on your face.

Weather is a great metaphor for life.

Sometimes it's good, sometimes it's bad.

And there is nothing much you can do about it, but carry an umbrella.

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The poster is made by Genyheodang. Amazing as always.

I heard Today's Love will be out in december. Super excited for it.




My name is Moon Chae Won, and that year, my summer story began and changed my entire being forever.


I am a weather forecaster. If you ask me whether it’s my dream, well it wasn’t really! But I came to appreciate it. The more I give my job a second thought, the more I found it deeper than a simple pretty woman introducing today’s weather.



Just like summer, I experienced a new adventure.

Just like autumn, I remeninced the summer memories feeling a cold breeze that

weirdly warmed my heart the moment we met again.

Just like winter, I experienced the warm feeling of belonging somewhere

despite the cold atmosphere.

just like spring, I embrassed a full life.



A full life: isn't an ever-after happy life, an up and down life, a caring and loving but still suffering sometimes life. A life where you could grow old with the one.




I finally finished it. It is not that great, but I tried my best. And THIS is the best you can expect from a person stuck with hundreds of molecules to memorise
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