The Best Friend I Love


The Story is About You , Your Best Friend DONGHAE and KIBUM and other characters to appear soon  .. I'll Keep It The Way I First Made It ... I Already Posted This In Facebook and this is Already Finished .. I Just Wanna Post It Here Too . Some People Might Already Know .. This is all based no Fiction .. I Have No HATE ISSUES with The ENEMY CHARACTERS here :) This FF is MODIFIED .. which means if you have read this on FACEBOOK and it seems a Little different .. Its because i Modified it .. i suggest you read this Version other than the FB one since this is a BETTER VERSION-Ms.ShaiKyu :3


-Sorry About The Photo! I'm Miss No Good In EDITING so I used it for a while.






Park                          (You)

Lee Donghae

Kim Kibum

Lee Sungmin  

Lee Sulli 

Super Junior Members ( Heechul , Kangin , Leeteuk , Yesung , Siwon , Eunhyuk)



Your Life Will Change When You Start to Meet Your Very First Friend .. Or Should I Say FRIENDS ... How Will Lee Donghae And Kim Ki Bum Affect Your Life??? Have You Ever Had That Feeling Of Falling In Love With A Friend? How Would You Feel If Your In Love With A Friend But Another Friend Is In Love With You??


Find Out On The Next Chapters To Come! :) 

-dorobbongie :)

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Re-reading this fic again because I'm getting excited for SJ7 comeback <3

the feeeelssss.
Chapter 60: Belated Merry Christmas! somebody's back, I just hope it's not Tiffany
Chapter 60: Merry belated christmas to you. And omg. Wait O_o she's back? :3
mcdgee #4
Chapter 60: Update sonn pls and pls make a sequel of this being husband and wife :)) this is just great!
Chapter 60: at last you've updated!!!!
Seems like your story needs a little touch up :)
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I haven't read this story for 2 years now and I'm suprised it is still alive. :D
Yuukirin #8
Congratulations on getting featured last time! Update soon! Thanks!
Chapter 59: Tiffany is still in revenge mode omg. Congratulations on getting featured!! ^^v
annyeong!! i'm a new reader...hhhehehehe I just read your's wonderful ^_^ keep updating