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I decided to write a story about her when I heard about that stupid news. It's my first time crying and get a heartache over an artist. It is the most shocking news ever since I started become a fan of KPOP. As for now, I really hate SM Ent. for their action. AS for the other members, I'm not sure what to say to them. Just want to say be careful after this. Jessica issue is just a starting point for SNSD. 


This story is created by using only dialogue and a bit od monologue by me and a few people.I will put myself as one of the closest person to her. I don't even care about other things anymore. My mind s full of her story and wondering what is Krystal reaction about this. Check this out!


A shocking news was just released by her through her Weibo, telling her own fans about the current status of hers. While others are still congratulating her on her new business, they get the latest news that make them forget about her business for a while but to focus on her main causes entering the industry which is SNSD and SM ENTERTAINMENT.

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