Back at Mokpo....

No Other Than These Famous Idiots!

Donghae was at another schedule… I grabbed my stuff and left a note behind so that he would see…

I’m Sorry Donghae…

I grabbed a taxi to the airport, and went all the way to the airport.


(Donghae POV)

"ALEXX!!" I yelled, and looked around...

Where is she?

"ALEX!!" I yelled louder and ran to her room,

"Dear Hae,

Sorry I didn't tell you until now... But I'm going back to Mokpo.... I'm going to miss you! Honest! But... It's just that I don't want to cause the members trouble anymore...... So.... I'm really sorry.....

Love Alex

(Oh, and P.S. I made some food so that Ryeowook wouldn't cook so much! Treat him better!)"


(Alex POV)

I was at home… Back into my room, and gave out a deep sigh…

My phone rang, I picked it up,


“Alex! Where are you?!” Donghae asked,

“I told you I’m back in Mokpo” I said,

“Alex! How are we going to fix the scandal?!”

“Once Siwon denies it, it’s over”

“Not when there’s proof”

“When they don’t see anything, it’ll just go” I sighed

“Alex! Please come back~” he whined,

“Bye” I said, and hung up.

My phone rang again, I sighed and ignored it…

Then it rang again…

And again…

And again…..

For the next 15 minutes,

“URGH! SHUT UP!” I yelled and hid my phone in my drawer.

 (one week later)

 “Let me help you mom” I said, running to the kitchen,

“It’s Okay Alex” she smiled at me, cutting vegetables,

“O...Oh” I said, and walked back into the living room watching TV,

And guess what was on!

“OH! My lady!”

Siwon’s drama…


Ooohhh! Scooby doo!

“Hey Alex” Mom said coming in, “Just a quick question, but where’d you get your skirt?” she asked me,

“Um… I’m not sure, Donghae bought it for me” I said,

I was wearing a mini skirt (yes, somehow Donghae bought me a mini skirt… but he told me to only wear it at home with mom…) and a white tank top (I’m at home! I’m too lazy to change!)

“So… Are you and Donghae fighting?” Mom asked, I shook my head,

“No, it’s just pointless to stay with him now that I’m not going to college”

“But Alex, Donghae gets lonely easily”

I shrugged, “He has the members, not like it matters” I sighed,

She sighed,

“Mom, would it be ok if I started to date?” I asked changing the subject, her eyes widened,


“Do you remember Hangeng?” I asked her,

“Aw, the nice guy who made us food when dad died?”

I nodded, “He asked me out, so…” I looked at her, “Is it okay?”

“Where are you going to meet him?”


“You’re going to China?”

“Y-yeah, I know it’s weird, but…” I looked at her, “What do you think?”

“Well, you have liked him for a long time” she said,

“What?! You knew?”

“Oh Ali, I’m a mom! I’m suppose to know! I knew that you were crazy about him” she laughed,

“So, it’s a yes?”

“Where are you staying?” she asked,

“With him…”


“Well, he has a bunch of work, so it’ll just be seeing him from time to time”

“What if he tries to… You know” she said staring at my body,

“Mom! You should know Hangeng!” I blushed,

"Well, Alex, he is a man... And you are a girl... In one place... Then you two might get.... You two might get this feeling when you two kiss... that might end up on the bed" she said, as if remembering something she did with dad,

"Mom, I don't won't to hear how Donghae or Donghwa were made!" I said,

"Alex! Don't say it like that!" she blushed

"Well, it's true!" I sighed,

"But really Alex, I'm not sure if Hangeng could control his feelings over you! I mean, the last time you two kissed, he almost got you to bed if he didn't stop it!"


"In 2007, Hangeng called me and told me all about it! He was soo sorry about it too!"


"Honey! You should've told me when you got your first kiss!" mom pouted,

"W-well" I blushed,

"That's why I asked him to explain how you two kissed in excruciating detail!"


"Well, when I asked him to tell me in detail, he was nervous at first, so then I told him that I wouldn't kill him like your dad would"

"A-and did he tell you?"


"S-so?" I looked at her,

"Honey, I'm suprised that you two didn't have the way he told me about it"

"M-mom!" I blushed,

"Well it's true! he pushed you to the wall didn't he? He slipped his tongue in your mouth didn't he?"

"HE TOLD YOU THAT MUCH?!" I blushed,

"He was nervous, but I told him to tell me"

"And how did you react?"

"Well... I saw how you were happy at times, then sad when Hangeng didn't call you anymore" she said,

I blushed, "S-see! So I couldn't possible sleep with him since he's that way!"

“Honey, I’ve seen a few Star King episodes, and he can seduce a girl very well”


“Let me show you!” she said getting the remote and showed me a few Star King recordings,

Okay, wow! She’s amazing at watching over Donghae! But… I saw Hangeng dancing with some girl which made me really jealous… (

“You see! So you should be careful” mom said, I bit my lip,

“Okay” I sighed, “I’m gonna go to sleep”

“But it’s the afternoon”

“Mom, I’ve been living with Super Junior for 5 months, I’m sleep deprived” I faked a yawn and fell on my bed,

Aigo! I can't believe my mom knows that much! Crap! My heart is beating so fast!

I ran to my bed and jumped on it.

AHH~ MY wonderful room~ So quiet~ No loud fans outside the building... No Leeteuk and his emotion control issues… No more Heechul for his silent gothic diva personality…. No Yesung and his voice singing goodnight to his turtle…. No more Shindong to say “Love you Nari~ Goodnight!”… No more Sungmin and his violent ways….No more Eunhyuk with his weird personality… No more Siwon and his ed ways…. No more Ryeowook and him forcing me to cook… And no more Kyuhyun…

I feel asleep…

And I guess I slept till morning…

For some reason, I felt something touching my face…

No it wasn’t lips you lover of twists people…

But a finger…

Okay… Ignore it Alex….

Then a felt a pair of lips on my cheek.

It’s probably Donghwa’s son…

Then the person hugged me tightly…

It’s probably mom…

The person gently swept my bangs out of my face,

Those aren’t mom’s fingers….

The person’s fingers gently went down my face, and poked my lips. Like seriously, it POKED my lips.

I slowly opened my eyes,

“You’re awake he smiled, I stared at him to try to figure who he was, “You sure do sleep a long time! I came here at 5PM and you were asleep!”

Ah~ I know who it is….

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This looks interesting~
I just love it~ >w<
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Chapter 120: Girl, this story - is - pure - gold!~~~
I've (nearly) died,
And laughed my way into insanity reading this.
Thanks for the ride, Author-nim.
Haha, I was gonna say it was too short, TT__TT but then remembered that this is one of the longest fanfics I've read. (Chapter wise). Thanks again! :D xD
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omg this is amazing
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Love this story!!!
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Chapter 120: I love the plot. I promise. It may sound cliche but it's true.thanks for publishing your story herexD
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Chapter 120: Thanks author-nim for mentioning special8387. I really appreciate it.(though i know the fact that it's all an accident)
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Chapter 108: hahaha. hey, i'm shocked. my TW is @special8387.. ahaha. And I'm a certifies ELF. TeukHaeWonRyChul biased:*
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I am really excited about this one, I really enjoyed living with these famous idiots and I am really sure that this one will also surprise me and laugh out loud like the other one.....