[Imported from Winglin]
Six best friends.
One deserted carnival.
One dare.
Six mirrors.
Six reflections with no resemblance to their owner.
And get this: they’re of the opposite gender,
And their personalities are completely opposite of their owner’s.
That’s when the friends learn of doppelgangers... 


M a i n:
-Kwon-Hayami Chaekyung "Charlaine" [Kwon-er?!] + Jonghyun [SHINee]
-Jang Sohyeon "Mikayla" [son et lumiere.] + Taecyeon [2PM]
-Jung Ji Hwan "Ichigo" [strwbrry.miiilk] + NaNa [After School]
-Kim Mi Na "Alice" [Mi Na] + Taemin
-Lee Renzo "Ren," "Rennie," "Zo" [bellshin] + Amber [f(x)]
-Park Soo Hyun "Cookie" [{ `haelove. }] + Donghae [SuJu]

M i n o r s:
-"DeeDee; Dusk and Dawn" {The Only One Without a Korean Name} [m¡®†hƒu£×musε] + No One ;]
-Jung Yoo Ree [ranee`pots] vs Lee HyoRa [rawrs.] + Onew [SHINee]
-Her Sae Rok [Airah] + Yunho [DBSK]
-Kwon Heeneul [*puffloveskyu*] + Kyuhyun [SuJu]
-Hwang Ae Rin [BloodyRavens] + Hyunseung [BEAST]
-Hwang Ae-Mi [joLove] + Nichkhun
-Park Ji-In [SHINeeGirl] + Minho [SHINee]
-Kim Ae Sook [lovely_smile] + Seungho [MBLAQ]
-Park Hyo Sun [`divaaaa !] + Junho [2PM]
-Shin Jang Mi [Iefa_San] + Kibum [SuJu]
-Yoon Rae Byul [GarnetLove] + Alexander [U-Kiss]
-Han Mi Young [Han Mi Young] + KiKwang [BEAST]
-Han Sang Joon [Joonie] + Kevin [U-Kiss]
-Ahn Kyo Rin [Punch_kei] + Jaebeom [2PM]
-Kim Rei Hyun [reiko] + Jeon JiHwan [D-NA]
-Choi Ha Ra [Lala] + Seunghyun [FT. Island]
-Park Rae Kyo [Kandee] + Leeteuk [SuJu]
-Ahn Hwa Sung [seonni`] + Eli [U-Kiss]
-Yool Lee [PureTeddy] + Junsu [2PM] 


Some say she’s a ghost; the decider of fate; the only one who can connect reality and people to other spirits. Others say she’s a figment of your imagination. Which one is true?


She’s just a regular girl, granted with the spectacular albeit supernatural aptitude for describing the future. Or rather, in human terms, basically she’s “psychic.” She doesn’t teleport from one location to another, it’s just her phenomenal agility ( and the fact that she likes to confuse people ).

She’s just your average girl, often buried in baggy clothing, with a small pale face, tousled smoky black hair, and huge eyes with mixtures of antique brass, auburn, and bistre harboring secrets. No one knows her real age, but it’s been said that she’s nineteen, more or less.

And is there a reason why she likes speaking in statements with at least some form of alliteration in them? No. She just enjoys the feeling of vowels and consonants rolling off her tongue.

Her name is DeeDee. Short for Dusk and Dawn.

An orphan. An outcast. An obsolete oracle.


It’s tiring being psychic. Restless nights of turning and tossing and tossing and turning result in shaggy, tousled hair and bags under the eyes. Not getting a wink of sleep due to visions permanently burned in the backs of her eyelids. DeeDee sees faces; some pained, some inscrutable, most desperate, all enshrouded in a layer of glossy sheen. She feels a twinge of sympathy for the forgotten souls as they mouth her words undecipherable to the human ear.

She sees six people ( “Oblivious fools,” she mutters to herself, finally letting the mirage her in ) as they step – the vigilance level varies – into the desolate terrain. DeeDee jerks upright in bed, where the sheets are crumpled and worn out in a comfortable type of antique. The bed creaks from her sudden movement, but silences as she calms herself.

The six were the key to saving those trapped in that forsaken realm.

All she had to do was to set the bait and lure them in.


Colors; credit to Wikipedia. ;]
Sorry if it’s short. ( I would do the Sorry dance right now, but that’s what’s everyone’s doing; it’s so cliché nowadays. )
Consider this as a prologue.

As you can see, I've transported this to AFF. :3 Of course I'm continuing this fic; I just have too much inspiration for this. XDD  

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