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La Vista .
We provide a service to make graphics for you. Poster, background, banner, and also our NEW MENU: display picture. La Vista will spoil you with the best work of our staff. And as much as we love making the graphics for you, we hope you could cherish and respect our staff, our work, and this shop as well.

"Good people deserve good treatment."


   ► We're open - Accepting requests
   ► Hiring designers
   ► We have some new rules. Make sure to read them.
001 Subscribe & upvote first before you requesting here. You may unsub later or stay sub to this shop after you crediting us. If you have requested here before, just unsubscribe and unvote first, before you subscribe and vote the shop again. It's to make us easier to check on you.
002 Fill the form properly and put all the important informations there. Make us understand about your story/shop. We only accept four (4) characters at most. A group count as two (2). We don't accept draft.

003 You need to comment after filling the form, or you will be ignored. And do leave a comment after you pick up the graphics.
004 Don't rush us. Be patient. We have life outside AFF as well.
005 Don't request here if you just got a poster/graphics from another shop. You may come here when the poster is already expired, or you really don't have any poster/graphics for your story/shop yet. And don't request from another shop if you already requesting here.
006 We will focusing our work just for AFF only. So if you want a graphic for your acc outside AFF, you may directly ask our designers, privately. Make a deal between both of you. She may accept or reject your request tho.
007 Use our work for at least three months, or if you like it you may using it as long as you want. ^^ And you have to use our poster as your main poster.
008 Creditarrow-10x10.png/support us properly by putting our banner in your foreword, and linking it back to this shop foreword.
009 We will not process your request until you follow all the rules properly. Don't ever forget to creditarrow-10x10.png us, or you will be added to our blacklist. Please regularly check the PROGRESS LIST. If your name is not on the list, then please contact BloomingSoo.
010 The password is,
what's your favorite movie? *Answer this question. Block the white part to see the question.


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