It was one of those day where Junhyung had no work to do, no rap lines to write, no place to hang out at other than the dorm. It wasn't like he was complaining about how boring his life was currently, he enjoyed this occasional peace. It felt good to have nothing to do once in a while.

"Seob! Can I borrow your laptop!!" he yellled to the living room.

"It’s by the bed! What are you going to do? Watch some ?" the boy teased.

"No, baby. Remember I told you about getting a tattoo? I'm gonna search for some nice wordings.."

A few days later, through Heechul's contact, he ended up at this tattoo palour. It was one that was frequent by celebrities in Korea so he was assured that he could get the tattoo well done. He intended to go alone but Yoseob insisted on tagging along, saying something along the lines that they have to experience first-times together.

After the tattoo stencil got pasted on the left side of his chest, he was told to sit down while the tattoo artist get ready the machine and ink.

Yoseob was walking around the shop casually, stopping to look at what tattoos other customers were getting. He would nod politely to people who recongise him. Then he stopped in front of a wall that was full of photos of happy customers with their tattoo. Together with the tattoo are phrases that the customers wrote to commemorate their tattoo.

A portrait of a Beagel tattooed on a lady’s inner wrist – "This is for Sue, my precious girl of 14 years."

A fire hose tattooed around the ankle of a man – "I will always remember how brave you were."

A pair of birds in flight tattooed on a lady’s shoulder blade – "Dream has no destination."

He came to realize that tattoos became one part of their owners' life. It seems to be a memory that was attached on their body. Or a symbol that bears specific meaning to them. It wasn't like how rebellious kids got tattoos to look cool or to pissed their parents off. And more than anything, he was amazed by the pain people were willing to endure to get their skin etched. His mind thought of Junhyung for a while. Why did he have to get a tattoo? He never told me why.

However, at the same time, he was intrigued by how the tattoo machine was able to engrave colour on the human skin.  That must have hurt a lot, he thought and this brought his attention back to the boy who was sitting in the administration chair, fanning himself madly.


"Worry about the pain?" he approached the older boy.

"No. It's because you are here. You're making me nervous."

"Got my machine filled up. You ready?" the tattoo artistic interrupted.

"It's gonna be a little pain cos the skin here is thin. If you want me to stop anytime, just let me know bro." Junhyung gave him a nod and the artist started working on the tattoo.

The first wave of pain hit him and he squeezed his eyes for a short few seconds.

Yoseob sat down next to him and laced his fingers with Junhyung’s right hand. Junhyung turned and looked at the small boy. All the small boy did was to return the look with gentle eyes and a small smile that spoke a thousand words.

Junhyung let his fingers be laced and kept his eyes closed until the tattoo was done.

Hours later, he stood in front of the mirror, admiring his newly inked skin. He saw Yoseob standing behind him, grinning. They both know what their hearts were saying.

Thanks for being here with me.
I am glad I am here with you.

It's been quite some time since Junhyung got the tattoo but Yoseob was still afraid of touching his chest. Well, it's been three long weeks and the tattoo had already healed perfectly, no scab or whatever. However, this silly boy had done some research on his own to know what to do and what not to do for a new tattoo. He read somewhere that a tattoo could take up to 2 weeks to heal, and even so, there would be chances of nasty things happening after this two weeks grace period. So he wanted to be on the safe side and hasn’t touched the other boy for twenty one days.

On the twenty second day, Junhyung walked into the room after a shower with only a towel wrapped around his hips and was greeted by a sleepy Yoseob who was lying on his bed busy giving mentions on twitter. Once he noticed Junhyung entering the room, he kind of just stared at Junhyung's tattoo the entire way the other boy walked from the door to his bed.

"Babe, your eyes should be here." Junhyung pointed to his head.

"Does it still hurt?" Yoseob stood up and took a step closer to the other boy. He gently touched the edges of the tattoo with his fingertips.

"Ouch." he gave Yoseob a scrunched up face and pretended that it's still painful.

"I’m so sorry. What should I do..”
“Seob, I told you it’s healed. It’s signed and sealed.”
“… Where's that moisturizer the tattoo guy recommend to you? It's got to be here somewhere..” his attempt to walk away in search for the cream failed as Junhyung's strong arms held him back.

"No, kiss it better." Yoseob smile upon knowing where this was headed and tried to wriggle out of the embrace not failed.

"Hmm?" Junhyung said with a smirk and tip his shoulder towards the other.

The younger one stared at the tattoo and bit his lower lips unconsciously. Junhyung leaned in and gave Yoseob a light kiss on the lips. And then something in Yoseob's heart sparkled and he threw away his worries and chose to attend to his ual frustrations of not being intimate with his man for days. He tipped his toes and joined his lips to Junhyung’s. And the kiss accelerated into a fiery. The small boy devoured Junhyung warm carven and he let him - not that he had any objection to it, really. The small boy continued his trail of kisses down Junhyung's neck and on his collarbones, earning a gasp from him.

And kiss he did, towards that tattoo.

"Born again," 


"Still your," 



Junhyung completed the sentence for him. He kissed Yoseob again and tugged at his lips.
“You know.. You look damn.. y.. In wife beaters nowadays..” Yoseob mumbled between kisses.
“Yeah. Well I’m not wearing anything now.” A smirk played across his face.




i hope you like this.
and no, junhyung didnt tattoo "born again still your lover". he's just being cheeky. :P
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