Preparing for the Performance 3

Jae Mi and her 7 Prince Charmings
    The bottle spinned round and round until it stopped and pointed to ... Yoseob again ? Hmm , what should I ask him ? Ah , I know . There's a question that I've been wanting to ask . " Yah ... What are you going to ask ? And what's with the cunning smile ? " Yoseob asked worriedly .
    " Hehe , Yang Yoseob , do you ... like IU ? "
    " What ?! Why did you asked that question ?! " Yoseob shouted with a shocked face .
    " Just answer my question . Faster  . Or do you want to do a dare ? "
    " Wait ! What will you ask me to do if I choose to do the dare ? " Yoseob asked warily .
    " Hmm , how about having an arm wrestling with Doo Joon oppa ? " I suggested as Doo Joon oppa rowed up his sleves to show his big arm muscles , making Yoseob's jaw dropped .
    " No ! No , no , no , fine , I'll answer the question ... I ... I ... I , everyone like IU , don't they ? I mean who here doesn't like IU , she's such a lovely girl , isn't it ? " Yoseob asked looking around pleadingly hoping someone would support him .
    " I don't think so , Yoseob , you know there's only ONE person in my heart ... " GiKwang oppa winked and smiled sweetly at me . Oh , he's so sweet , should I change my mind ? Before I could make up my mind , someone else interupted my thoughts ...
    " I definately doesn't like IU either , I already have my girlfriend . I will never betray her . " Dong Woon said . Wow , it must be lucky to be his girlfriend ...
    " YAH ! What kind of friend are the two of you ?! Don't even help your friend ?! " Yoseob shouted .
    " Haha , now it seemed like you had just confessed to IU . " Jae Jin oppa teased .
    " So it's my turn to spin the bottle now , right ? " Yoseob said as he spun the bottle , trying to change the subject . This time , the bottle stopped and pointed to GiKwang oppa . " Ha ! Be careful , GiKwang . I will have my revenge . " Yoseob shouted playfully . " So did you confess to Jae Mi that day ? "
    " Yang Yoseob ! How dare you ?! I told you to keep it a secret and now everyone in the room knows about it already ! " GiKwang oppa shouted .
    " No , not only they know . Actually , I've also told Tom , and Harry about it already . " Yoseob said , agitating GiKwang oppa further .
    " YAH ! " GiKwang oppa shouted as he started chasing Yoseob around the whole house .
    " Bye ! We had fun today ! " Everyone was leaving as it was pretty late already . However , IU stayed behind because we still wanted to talk some more . So we continued chatting in my room after everyone left . And somehow , the conversation led back to the game we had just now .
    " Jae Mi ah , why did you asked Yoseob oppa that question just now ? I was so embarassed ... " IU asked , blushing .
    " I just wanted to know if he likes you . He kept praising you and he likes going out with you ... Wait , what did you call him just now ? Oppa ? When did you started calling him oppa ? " I asked .
    " Erm , just now , after the game , he asked me to call him oppa . " IU answered .
    " Aww , so sweet , so my guess was correct , he does likes you ! "
    " Yah ! Stop it ! Be careful , I might just unfriend you ! " IU threathened as she tickles me .
    " Fine , I'll stop teasing you and your Yoseob oppa . Anyway , it's time for you to go back already . "
    We walked out of my room and inform Jae Jin that I will be sending IU to the bus stop .
    " It's so late already and you are also a girl , you shouldn't be the one sending IU to the bus stop . I can send her there . You should go and sleep already , you still have class tomorrow . " Jae Jin oppa reasoned .
    " But oppa , we still want to talk more when we are waiting for the bus . Best friends have lots to talk about . " I argued .
    " OK then , you can go . But I'm going too . "
    " How can we talk at ease with you there? " After much persuasions, Jae Jin oppa finally allowed me to send IU to the bus stop without him.
When the guests were leaving ...
    " Bye ! We had fun today ! " Yoseob shouted as Jae Mi shuted the door . He then turned to leave with his three friends when JunHyung felt a tap on his shoulder . He turned around to see HyunSeung standing behind him . " I need to talk to you . " JunHyung took a look at his friends . They nodded at him before leaving in GiKwang's car . " We can talk in my house . " HyunSeung said as he opened his house door and led JunHyung inside .
    " I'll get you a drink . " HyunSeung said as he entered the kitchen , leaving JunHyung alone in the living room . JunHyung walked around the room , looking at the photograhs and some other stuffs . " Please have a sit . " HyunSeung said as he handed JunHyung the cup of drink . JunHyung took over the drink and sat down beside HyunSeung .
    " You sure have taken lots of photos with Jae Mi . "
    " Why ? Are you jaelous ? You had never taken a picture with her , right ? "
    " So what is it that you wanted to talk about ? " JunHyung skipped the question .
    " Well , I've been observing you today . Your attitude towards Jae Mi seems different today , you didn't want to talk to her . Why ? Is it because of your friend's confession to her ? "
    " Why would I do that ? "
    " Because you like her , that's why . Why didn't you tell her how you feel ? "
    " Why ask if you already know ? "
    " I know GiKwang is your friend and you don't want to fight with him but by telling Jae Mi that you like her wouldn't necessarily hurt your relationship with him . I hope the best for Jae Mi so I hope you will give both yourself and Jae Mi a chance . So think about it . "
    IU and I was waiting for the bus at the bus stop nearby my house as we chatted for a few more minutes before the bus arrived . IU got up the bus and we waved goodbye to each other . I stood up and started walking back towards my house . It was quite a distance away but I walked slowly back . It's been a long and tiring day , I didn't want to tire myself further by rushing back home . I'm going to enjoy the cooling night breeze blowing on my face and messing up my hair . Just then , I heard a pair of extra footsteps following closely behind me ...
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