DAY 13-16: The Truth

House of 20's
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Park Myungsoo (Voice Over): While the females strategized about the new noraebang scheduling, Jiyong was expressing his concerns for Taeyeon to his fellow male housemates. Our GD oppa became so uneasy the whole night, even forgetting to eat his dinner. And to the council's suprise, he even requested to speak with Elder Yoo Jaesuk in the Council Room.

Elder Yoo: Is there a problem Jiyong?

G-Dragon: Taeyeon is still singing outside. Someone has to tell her about the curfew.

Elder Yoo: Yuna already volunteered to let her know. She is now her roommate, so she took this responsibility. Don't you trust her, and the other female housemates, to deliver the news?

Jung Hyungdon (Voice Over): But it seems Kim Yuna got so engrossed in the dishes she forgot that the clock was now ticking. The other housemates were assured that Taeyeon's favorite dongsaeng would inform her of the curfew, and so they already fell asleep easily. At 8:34 PM, SNSD's leader was still singing outside, oblivious of the emergency curfew.

G-Dragon: I do trust them, and I understand that Yuna took responsibility. But Taeyeon's still singing and it's now almost nine. I don't want to leave anyone behind. Can I at least remind Yuna?

Elder Yoo: You are a great leader Jiyong, but sometimes you have to delegate, especially if doing this task yourself would result in the failure of the daily task. You are NOT to talk to any housemates from the opposite . Just trust Yuna, arasseo? I'm sure she wouldn't leave her unnie behind.

G-Dragon: N-neh Elder Yoo. Thank you for your time.

Jung Hyungdon (Voice Over): G-Dragon left the council room, still uneasy. Would he sacrifice the daily task just so Taeyeon would be alerted of the curfew? It looks like he would, but just as he was about the approach Kim Yuna, Yuna already ran towards the exit door.

"Unnie!" shouted Yuna, careful not to step outside.

"Yeah?" Taeyeon answered, pausing from picking another random song. She had been singing nonstop since 5pm.

"There's a curfew! You gotta be in by 10pm, arasseo?"

"Curfew? What do you mean? We never have a curfew."

"Tonight's special and the elders are strict on this. Just come on in now and don't start another song," egged Yuna.

"Ok. I'll just maximize the time left. We still have 40 minutes left into it."

Jiyong was listening to their conversation, and he got very frustrated that Taeyeon didn't seem to grasp the gravity of the situation. If he was in Yuna's place, he would immediately tell her the consequences of missing the curfew. But the figure skater wasn't doing such a good job getting her to come in.

"Are you sure?"

"We're 2000 points behind on this task. I'll come in before 10."

"Arasseo, just don't forget. Everyone's already asleep, and I took some sleeping pills because of my insomnia so I might be down soon too. We have to be on our beds by 10, no exception."

"Okay, I'll come in after five songs. Thanks Yuna!"

Aish. Why are you so hard-headed Kim Taeyeon?

Of course Jiyong knew that she was set to prove herself to the whole world. Taeyeon was very much concerned of what the people would say, always overthinking, always overanalyzing. This always strained her, resulting to her depressions and even ulcer. Jiyong worried all the more.

So he waited just by the windowpane, checking to see if she would really make it in time.

Park Myungsoo: Uhm, Taeyeon dear... this is already your sixth song. There's only a few minutes left until ten. Hurry up!

. She's still singing. Dang it. Jiyong watched his clock tick, and he argued internally whether or not to break the daily task and sacrifice himself just so Taeyeon could come in. He was about to turn the knob and pull the door open when the music stopped.

Thank God she stopped singing. Whew.

He listened, observed, and saw that she was already closing the machine and picking up her stuff. Afraid that she would see him waiting, Jiyong hurried towards Taehwan and Seungho's room. Due to the daily task of avoiding the opposite , he was told to sleep away from Taeyeon. There was still 15 minutes left before the cut off, and Jiyong comfortably crashed on the bed, assured that Taeyeon made it in time.

Okay, good night Taeyeon. Sleep tight baby girl. Wait, did he just call her baby girl? Yup, he just did. Unconsciously.

Jung Hyungdon: G-Dragon fell asleep immediately, probably thinking that Taeyeon made it to her bed. Or did she? Let's find out tomorrow night!



Oh no, Taeyeon got locked out in the preview! Does that mean she'd be denied food and housing for one day?

Don't you dare starve her MBC, or Sones will have a coup against you!

Whoa, G-Dragon was really pissed at Kim Yuna in that preview. How can he talk to our nation's fairy that way, all for the sake of Taeyeon?

Is that Tiffany and Taeyang in one chair, talking to Elder Yoo in the Council Room?!





Park Myungsoo (Voice Over): Early in the morning, the instrumental of one of the most popular noraebang songs worldwide served as the alarm clock for the sleeping housemates. Whitney Houston's I Have Nothing successfully woke up the entire household.

Isn't that a noraebang instrumental? Hmmm... a staff is probably singing to Whitney Houston outside... Jiyong thought, remembering that all housemates were accounted for the curfew. He immediately got up and stretched, ready for the new day ahead.

Jung Hyungdon (Voice Over): The housemates moved rather slowly, no one thinking much of the music that was playing. Until a familiar voice began singing to the song...

Share my life
Take me for what I am
'Cause I'll never change
All my colours for you

That voice caused all sorts of fear to struck in Jiyong's mind. He got out of bed so quick and exited the bedroom. A quick peek out the window confirmed his fears. The , why is Taeyeon singing early in the morning? The curfew's still on...

"Is that Taeyeon unnie?" Suzy asked, exiting their bedroom with such a bare face.

"That's definitely Taeyeon. Shoot," Geunyoung confirmed, listening to the voice that was singing. "Can you check their room?"

Nothing was making sense to Jiyong. Last night, she had plenty of time to come in and be at bed. Unless she opted to stay out and think, like she usually did. Or maybe the curfew was lifted.

"Yuna's still asleep. She was put under sleeping aid for insomnia, and Taeyeon's bunk bed is empty too," Suzy reported. By this time, the other housemates already gathered in the living room.

Take my love
I'll never ask for too much
Just all that you are
And everything that you do

". Please tell me someone other than Yuna explained to Taeyeon everything about this curfew," Jiyong asked the clueless and confused housemates.

"I didn't."

"I thought Yuna would tell her."

"She probably doesn't know the punishment."

This greatly angered Jiyong. He wasn't angry at anyone but himself. He had the chance to save her last night, and yet he only thought about the daily task. Who cared about the daily task? It was Taeyeon's health and safety at stake!

"Sh*t. Why didn't any of us care to tell her? We all know how important this is!" he angrily muttered, losing patience now.

"Calm down Jiyong, there's no need to be angry at us," Park Soojoo just as angrily shouted back, unappreciative of Jiyong's outbreak.

"This means she stayed outside all night, she won't be given food all day, and she won't be allowed entry here today! Well of course I'm mad!"

"I SAID CALM DOWN KWON JIYONG!" shouted the feisty Soojoo again.

"We really messed up unnie," Suzy admitted, repulsed. "We should have made all necessary efforts.

"Yeah, we didn't really try, did we?" also admitted Geunyoung.

"I realize that, but let's not put blame on each other. Let's just calm down and think of a resolution. Jiyong, we don't need you here if you aren't calm."

Jiyong just eyed Soojoo with contempt, and then walked out. He realized his anger really did not have a place in this, especially since it was early morning. In the end, he decided to walk out and blow off steam somewhere, saying his apologies as he bowed to the other housemates, avoiding their gazes.

Park Myungsoo: Meanwhile, one housemate continued to earn as much weekly points as possible for the team. Our Taeyeon just loves the noraebang, doesn't she? Her connection to the music, the invisible crowd, and the lyrics, are undeniable. Even with a bare and bloated morning face, an empty stomach, and the cold weather, Taeyeon shrugged then all away and sang to her heart. By the middle of the song, Taeyeon has cried her heart out again.

I don't really need to look very much further
I don't wanna have to go
Where you don't follow

Tiffany: Annyeonghaseyo, So Nyuh Shi Dae's Tiffany imnida, Taeyeon's best friend. It's my honor to be invited to the House of 20's.


Jung Hyungdon: Omo, what is Tiffany doing inside the house?

Taeyang: Annyeonghaseyo, Big Bang's Taeyang imnida, G-Dragon's best friend. Thank you for inviting me to the House of 20's.


Jung Hyungdon: And Taeyang too? What's going on? Hmmmm... Let's hear what Jaesuk hyung has to say.

Elder Yoo: Hello Tiffany and Taeyang, thank you for coming. I invited you both here to help the Elders and the public understand the behavior of your best friends.


Elder Yoo: Tiffany, why does Taeyeon cry for every love song she sings? Taeyang, why did Jiyong become so angry and unreasonably mad this morning?


Tiffany: That's a very difficult question Elder Yoo, but I will try my best.

Youngbae: I just hope Jiyong won't kill me for this.


I won't hold it back again
This passion inside
Can't run from myself
There's nowhere to hide

Jung Hyungdon: Taeyeon-ah, while you move our hearts with your singing, an oppa of yours is also moving our hearts with his concern for you. Turns out G-Dragon didn't blow off steam somewhere. Instead, he went straight for the Council Room.

"The confession room is closed," the male crew member said, stopping Jiyong from entering.

Adamantly, Jiyong replied, "I just want to talk to the Elders."

"You have to wait. None of them are here yet."

"How about the PDs?"

"What's the problem? What's with the urgency?" pretty much more production members gathered around the frantic Jiyong.

"Taeyeon slept outside and didn't eat dinner. She also wouldn't be able to eat all day. I want to negotiate with the Elders."

"You can't do that. The rules are the rules, no exception," one of the female assistant director answered.

"Please noona, just let me talk to the Elders."

Jung Hyungdon: Aigooo, our gentle Jiyong is being awfully convincing. Do I see pity in the eyes of the female PDs? Surely, they would crumble with empathy. Meanwhile, outside, Taeyeon was midway into the song. For someone who hasn't had dinner and breakfast nor a proper sleep, she's singing her best ever.

Don't make me close one more door
I don't wanna hurt anymore
Stay in my arms if you dare
Or must I imagine you there

Park Myungsoo: The night before this splendor performance, our poor and unknowing Taeyeonie realized that she was locked out. And who was the first name she called?

Knock. Knock. Knock.

"Anyone there?" Taeyeon called out. Since she was locked out, she assumed she was already past the curfew. She felt the cold breeze of the pre-fall season brush through her skin. "Please open up, it's cold in here."

Yet no one answered. The housemates were already tucked in their rooms, sleeping. Taeyeon had no sheets, socks, or the warmth of the heater to make her comfortable. Worse, she hasn't eaten dinner after earning her team 3,000 points in the last four hours.

"PD unnies, PD oppas, can I go inside? I'm really cold, and I'm hungry too. Please," she poorly begged, yet none of the crew members answered. She felt alone outside more than ever.

She could bear through the cold, that was nothing. She also could live with sleeping upright, or on the small couch, no problem. The one thing that truly concerned her was the hunger that boiled in her stomach. It would be detrimental for her to miss a meal, especially dinner. If she let more than six hours pass without putting something in her stomach, she would feel unbelievable pain. Not only was she hyper acidic, she also suffered ulcer for a very long time. She was even operated for it.

Knock. Knock. Knock. She tried to knock again, truly worried this time.

"Jiyong oppa? You're there right? You're always there. Please open up."

She has become so dependent on Jiyong's presence, his assistance and aid, that it didn't surprise her anymore that she called for his name. But he didn't respond. He was already asleep too.

I can't miss a meal. I can't miss dinner and breakfast. But Taeyeon decided not to show any weakness, because she didn't want the public to think she was such a crybaby. She instead addressed the camera nearby and approached it. She talked to it, as if it was a company.

"Annyeonghaseyo everyone, Taeyeon imnida," she greeted the invisible audience, then laughed silly. "Is this the punishment for breaking the curfew? I'm sorry, I didn't take it seriously. Did I mess it up for the other housemates too? Aigooooo. Please don't punish them, just punish me instead."

She sang acapella, danced, and talked more about so many things to the camera. This scene would air and take so much time of the episode. This would endear her to the public, and the viewer outcry to lift her punishment caused a pandemonium. Taeyeon's silly and goofy cut on camera would spread worldwide, and create another viral sensation from the House of 20's. It's Bingu-Taeng everyone

"Arasseo whole world, I'm already tired. It's only one night in the cold, so I can do this. Hwaiting Kim Taeyeon! Hwaiting everyone. HWAITAENG!"

Jung Hyungdon: Taeyeon's hunger seem to cause her binguness. Oh well, it's good we saw this rare crazy side of the SNSD leader. Hwaitaeng!

The terms Hwaiteng and Bingu would trend in Daum, Naver and many other sites for hours after the episode aired.

Don't walk away from me...
I have nothing, nothing, nothing
If I don't have you, you, you, you, you.

Elder Yoo: Fany, your friend seemed to be especially invested in singing Whitney Houston's I Have Nothing. Is there a significance to this song?

Tiffany: Taeyeon has a lot of scars. As a friend who watched her acquire these scars, bear them, heal them and wear them, I'd like to speak for her. Whitney-sunbaenim's song is very special to her. It was the very song that gave her back the soul in her voice after she stopped singing from the heart. She wasn't able to sing from the heart for two whole years.

Elder Yoo: And Youngbae, Jiyong seems to be especially upset because Taeyeon would be punished. Is there any reason to this?

Taeyang: Jiyong only gets angry like that whenever the people important to him, the people he loves, are hurting.

You see through right to the heart of me
You break down my walls
With the strength of your love

Hours before Tiffany and Taeyeon's arrival in the Council Room...

Elder Yoo: Why are you in such a hurry to see me?

Jiyong: Taeyeon was locked outside as she didn't follow through the curfew.

Elder Yoo: Then she has to be punished. The rules are clear.

Jiyong: But it wasn't explained to her properly. She didn't know, and it's not her fault. She was just doing her best to sing as many songs as she could for the weekly task.

Elder Yoo: Ignorance of the law is not an excuse. Taeyeon must suffer the punishment.

Jiyong: But Elder Yoo, she gained us 3000 points for her hard work last night! She doesn't deserve this punishment.

Elder Yoo: Jiyong, this is a game. You win some, you lose some. That is the rule, and the right thing to do is to cope with it. This is how all of you will be judged by the public. We want to test your worthiness. This is also a test for Taeyeon--

Jiyong: I volunteer to be punished instead.

Jiyong abruptly cut the elder, which displayed the urgency in his demeanor. His actions would cause all sorts of discussion from the viewers, with many applauding his heroism, while a lot also questioned his respect for his elders and housemates.

Elder Yoo: What do you mean?

Jiyong: Send her inside the house and give her food. I'll be the one to stay outside and I can fast for the whole day. Just don't do this to Taeyeon, elder, please.

As Jiyong pleaded with the elders, he could hear Taeyeon's emotional rendition of I Have Nothing.

I never knew love
Like I've known it with you
Will a memory survive
One I can hold on to

Elder Yoo: I'm curious, and I believe the public is curious too. What is the relationship between Taeyeon and Jiyong outside the House of 20's?


Tiffany: Youngbae oppa, do you think we have the right to talk about this?

Taeyang: But Steph, you saw how Jiyong behaved, and you heard what he said to Elder Yoo. Taeyeon also said a lot of things, and behaved in undeniable ways. I think the two of them already let it out themselves.

Tiffany: Then I guess all we can do as their best friends is to provide some insights.





User: My god, this is just like watching a real-life drama. My heart is skipping so many beats.

User: Fany and Taeyang look comfortable around each other, like they're close friends too!

User: She called him Youngbae oppa and he called her Steph, they ARE friends.

User: Please don't starve her elders. Taeyeon unnie doesn't deserve this punishment.

User: G-Dragon's move is so heart-touching. Now I am on board with this love line.

User: Thank you GD for volunteering for our kind Taeyeon.

User: I feel the sincerity with G-Dragon's sense of urgency. There is something beyond friendship here, and I hope Tiffany and Taeyeon provide us insights.



I don't really need to look very much further
I don't wanna have to go
Where you don't follow

Ring. Ring. Ring.

"Yoboseyo?" I answered. I was just approaching the door to my doctor's private office.

"Hyung? Where are you? Are you in Japan?" Seungri asked me on the other line.

"No, why?"

"Hurry up and go to Tokyo-Do Medical Center. Taeyeon noona was rushed to the ER. She fainted because of dehydration and exhaustion."


That's when I lost it. I didn't even find the time to let my therapist know I couldn't make it to my seventh session. I rushed out of Han-Yul Mental Health Center and drove away, aiming for the airport.

"Yuri just called me five minutes ago. Apparently, noona hasn't been eating or sleeping well. She's really sick hyung. Noona's been suffering from ulcer. Yuri said it's bad, and there's a possibility that she..."

No. That's not going to happen. No! Ulcer... how can this happen? Why aren't you eating?

Of course Jiyong knew the answer, because just as he suffered over the months, so did Taeyeon. He wasn't able to sleep, to sleep, and Taeyeon must be suffering from the same slump. Only Taeyeon had ulcer, while Jiyong had severe and chronic depression. He drove in tears, in complete disbelief that the two of them have become so sick to be with each other.

Why is this happening to us? I love you very much, and I know you love me too... Don't die on me.

I prayed hard. She just needed to live. Even if we couldn't be together, that was fine. As long as she lived, then I could live too. I knew right them and there that if Taeyeon didn't make it...

...I wouldn't be able to too.

I won't hold it back again
This passion inside
I can't run from myself
There's nowhere to hide
Your love I'll remember forever

Tiffany: Taeyeon and Jiyong have known each other since SNSD debuted in 2007. In fact, I can say that all of Big Bang and SNSD became friends around that time too.

Taeyang: The two of them cared for each other very much, but then hurt each other very much.

Tiffany: Because of what happened, Big Bang and SNSD eventually parted ways, and none of us looked back.

Taeyang: Seungri did. He kept trying to call you guys, didn't he? He desperately wanted to bridge the gap.


Tiffany: Neh, Seungri really tried and we appreciated it so much. However, it just came to a point when we had to choose between our friends.

Taeyang: Yeah. To be honest, it was heartbreaking for all of us in Big Bang. SNSD were chingus we debuted with, so it was such a pity...


Tiffany: We will leave it at that, because we don't want to intrude in Jiyong oppa and Taeyeon's right to tell their own story. Youngbae oppa and I will leave it up to them to reveal the rest.

Taeyang: Please just know that the scars they have for each other, the kinds of wounds that caused those, they were so deep and so numerous. They changed Jiyong in ways I can't even express in words.

Tiffany: The wounds changed Taeyeon too, in unimaginable ways. They made her who she is today -- broken, scared, always afraid.




User: So they really dated and broke up... T_T

User: I get it Fany and Bae. It's hard for people with the same group of friends to date, because when they break up, the gang breaks up too. Now here's the explanations as to why the nation's idol groups never interacted EVER.

User: Seungri you should have tried harder!

User: But it's the group leaders' involved guys, Seungri could have tried all the harder and it still wouldn't work.

User: Sounds like a really bad, painful and bitter breakup.




Don't make me close one more door
I don't wanna hurt anymore

Elder Yoo: Why are you doing this?

Jiyong: You can't do this to a woman, senior. Not Taeyeon. Do it to me, but not to her.

Elder Yoo: No, I don't need that answer. Tell me Jiyong-ah, why are you really doing this for Taeyeon?

Jiyong: Taeyeon has a bad case of ulcer, so it's not good for her to fast, or diet, or skip a meal. I already saw her weaken because of starvation and discomfort, and she got so sickly... Seeing her like that...

(Hesitates, pauses, then sighs) ...remains to be one of the most traumatizing events of my life. I don't want to watch her weaken like that ever again. Not if I can help it.

Stay in my arms if you dare
Or must I imagine you there
Don't walk away from me...
I have nothing, nothing, nothing...



Jiyong's sweet words... my stomach is churning with so much feels. Gaaaaaaaahhhh!

He finally admits to having known Taeyeon! Holy crap, this reality show is much better than k-dramas.


I can't believe SM and YG allowed these turn of events to be known to the public. What are the intentions?

Did everyone suddenly forget the existence of Byun Baekhyun and Mizuhara Kiko?

Who cares about the intentions, the PDs, writers and editors are making an amazing job with the scenario narrative. This suddenly became like a must-watch K-drama.




Don't make me close one more door
I don't wanna hurt anymore

Park Myungsoo: Behind the camera, the entire production staff all stood up and cheered as Taeyeon reached the bridge of the song. It is not overstatement to say this is one of her best performance since she debuted, even if she wasn't made up and dressed.

Stay in my arms if you dare
Or must I imagine you there
Don't walk away from me, no.

"Holy crap, she's really good," muttered Kim Woobin. The full coverage of Taeyeon's performance was shown live inside for all the housemates to see.

"I had no idea she can sing in this register," said Park Soojoo.

Suzy then added with amazement, "SNSD's Kim Taeyeon is giving justice to a Whitney Houston song. I feel so proud."

"My hairs are all frozen. This is giving me goosebumps," shared Yoo Seungho.

Yuna and Geunyoung were both speechless and crying. Park Taehwan and Kim Soohyun were also in awe, flabbergasted and watching with their mouths hanging open. Then suddenly, the other television screen opened up to show the housemates a past footage of Taeyeon in the confession room, and the realtime coverage of Jiyong's discussion with Elder Yoo Jaesuk

"Omo look, it's Jiyong oppa in the confession room!" cried out Yuna, pointing to the television screen.

"Whoa, this boy really has some balls," muttered Soojoo, impressed and dumbfounded at the same time.

"Wait, so how can Taeyeon be inside when Jiyong's there and when she's singing outside?" wondered Kim Woobin.

Soohyun answered, "Babo! Taeyeon's was obviously recorded two days ago. She was wearing our day 14 task costume."

Don't walk away from me
Don't you dare walk away from me

Elder Yoo: Taeyeon, who is Jiyong to you?

Taeyeon: (Shocked and muted, thinks) He's someone... that once made me so happy... but made me so sad too. (Silently cries and breaks down)

Elder Yoo: Jiyong, who is Taeyeon to you?

Jiyong: (Thinks and stays silent) I think the closest people in our lives know -- her family, my family, SNSD, Big Bang -- they all know that Taeyeon... is a woman that... (bows and hesitates)

I have nothing, nothing, nothing

Jiyong: (sighs) ...I would take a bullet for.

If I don't have you, you,
If I don't have you, oh, ooh, ooh

The song ended, and Taeyeon found herself in tears. She had been so immersed in the music, and she couldn't believe herself that she was able to give justice to the very popular song. This was a classic that had been a favorite cover song of so many young aspiring singers. Taeyeon has trained her vocals to this song since she was ten. And. because of the memories, because of Kwon Jiyong's proximity, she was able to show all her vocal prowess to the whole world. The cut of her singing the full Whitney Houston classic would go viral on YouTube, earning her praises from Kpop fans and casual viewers alike.

Inside the House of 20's where she was oblivious of the various viral sensations she caused, Kim Taeyeon was only crying.

Clap. Clap. Clap.

An applause from a single audience took her attention, and looking up, she watched Kwon Jiyong come out of the house, clapping and cheering at her performance.

"Oppa... you came."

Taeyeon felt intense relief, like she was just saved. The hunger didn't matter anymore, because her hero has arrived. She wouldn't suffer, she wouldn't hurt. Because Jiyong was here, close, and like he always promised, he would make everything better.

"I knew you would come," she cried out as Jiyong came closer.

When he took the final steps towards her, Taeyeon just broke down and jumped at his arms, completely disregarding the 200 cameras and the millions of worldwide viewers critically watching them. Gladly, Jiyong took her to his arms.

"Ssssssh. It's okay, I'm just here," he answered, almost in a whisper. "You did a great job Taeng."

Why does something so wrong feel so right? Taeyeon asked herself, yet found that she didn't care. She just needed Jiyong.




Told you this would be juicy! Next episode, they would finally talk their hearts out. Or would they really?

Sorry I accidentally deleted the chapter! Hope you read again. Won't happen again.

Sorry also about the oldies song. It is my Kpop fantasy for Taeyeon to give justice to the songs from the Holy Diva Trinity -- Mariah, Celine and Whitney.




"I think just the fact that we were brought here, that's a sign. We've dragged this on too much Taeng. If we did not meet each other here in the house, would you honestly have talked to me again?"

"No. I promised myself I would forget everything about you and pretend you do not exist."

"Taeyeon... did you hate me that much?"

"Yes. I hated you so much, more than words can express, more than tears can cry, and more than life could offer."

"Then I must have been such a bad man."

"I think it's because I also loved you that much."

Thousands of miles away, in Thailand, the eleven members of Exo and the SM crew watched the live stream of House of 20's, all of them backstage The Lost Planet tour. Only Byun Baekhyun already walked out halfway through the broadcast.




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