DAY 3-7: Single or Taken?

House of 20's
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Jung Hyungdon: Even just on the first week under one roof, different friendship lines have become rampant inside the house. From bromances to sisterhoods, the relationships flourished among the housemates. Suzy and Soohyun's friendship especially stood out, having been friends for three years already. Yuna and Taeyeon have become fond of each other, never parting ways and always talking. Woobin and G-Dragon immediately formed a bromance that could rival that of roommates Taehwan and Seungho's. The elders Soojoo and Geunyoung have gotten really close too.

Park Myungsoo: The relationship of the respective roommates couldn't be discounted as they performed their weekly tasks. Each pair was assigned to lose sleep every day, and they spent spent endless hours talking. Taehwan and Seungho bonded over video games, Suzy and Geunyoung played their part while talking about their CF production experiences, Woobin and Soohyun found similarities in their drama experiences, and Yuna and Soojoo spent sleepless nights talking about boys.

Yoo Jaesuk: But we were quick to notice that all but one pair had a smooth-sailing getting-to-know relationship. On Day 4, Jiyong and Taeyeon were assigned to lose sleep. Unlike the other pairs, they opted to spend their assigned sleepless night apart. Jiyong played the guitar and a mini piano in the veranda, while Taeyeon read a book on her bed. When Jiyong would go inside to get food, Taeyeon would back out and wait for Jiyong to vacate the house. Why were the two idols carefully avoiding one another's presence? Perhaps, it has something to do with their past?

PD: Do Jiyong and Taeyeon know each other?

Super Junior's Heechul: No, don't put it like that. Taeyeon has never mentioned him to me, and we are very close. I think it has something to do with her fear of being hated. She has been through severe trauma from recent scandals. She and G-Dragon were put inside one room, they were singled out during the first few days, and I know Taeyeon enough to assume she is being careful. SM female idols have always been told to be careful when it came to their friendship with other male idols, especially those from outside SM. Taeyeon's just being really careful, maybe even scared. 

PD: Jiyong and Taeyeon have been talking to each other alluding to what seemed to be a past relationship. What can you say about that?

YG's Teddy: Past relationship? That's highly unlikely. Jiyong likes wild and confident girls. I don't mean any offense to SNSD's Taeyeon-ssi, but she is a good girl. I'm sure she's also a confident woman, but she's too good for a b**stard like Jiyong. If they ever talk like they knew each other, then I don't know. I've known Jiyong for fifteen years, and he hasn't mentioned Miss Taeyeon to me. Besides, what do you mean? After the first daily task, they haven't really talked much, right? So don't put much meaning to the things day said during Day 2. 



What can we eat here? Hmmmm... why is there very limited food supply here? It's like we're on a diet or something.

Taeyeon was checking out the refrigerator and pantry, but was unable to find anything that worked her appetite. She was trying her best to remain awake, the cans of caffeine making her so hungry.

"Do you want to eat?"

"Holy shoooooot!" she screamed so loud, catching her chest. Looking back, she saw her partner in active duty for Sleepless Patrol. "Omo, you really scared me!"

"I'm sorry. I'm making some omelette, do you want to join me?" Kwon Jiyong casually invited, walking past her to grab raw eggs from the fridge.

I can't turn this down or I'd appear rude. Fine. You make the best omelette anyway.

And so Taeyeon agreed, watching the Big Bang leader work his way in the kitchen. They didn't talk, and Taeyeon was glad Jiyong had the cooking to compensate for their awkward silence. She then decided to set the table and heat up some bread, and after fifteen minutes, the two of them were eating together, across each other in the table.

"How do you find it here? Are you enjoying?" Jiyong asked. The forced small talk now begun.


"You haven't talked to me in a long time. You're avoiding me, right?"


Jiyong smirked, then took a huge bite out of the bread. Taeyeon was once again caught off guard with his bluntness. He was sometimes too honest it made her uncomfortable.

"Don't be too careful Ms. Kim. The more you become careful, the more people would put meaning into it."

"Is that why you're being too close with the female housemates?" Taeyeon answered back, equally blunt. He didn't appreciate Kwon Jiyong's casual disregard of her efforts to steer away from him as possible.

Cooking for Yuna. Washing clothes with Geunyoung unnie. Baking with Soojoo unnie. Playing cards with Suzy. You're working your oppa image to all those housemates. Hmpppffff.

"I would have been close with you too if you gave me the chance."

I already gave you the chance, and you wasted it. Taeyeon thought. She chose not to respond anymore, and instead concentrated on finishing her omelette. By this time, she already forgot that cameras were surveilling their every action. Living inside this house 24/7, it became so easy to be too comfortable and forgetful of the cameras.

"I just want to be friends. There's nothing wrong with being friends," Kwon Jiyong seriously laid out, stopped from eating. He was looking right at her. "We are roommates and housemates, so it's going to be really weird if we don't talk to each other. We're really the only ones here who aren't interacting at all. I know our fans can be volatile... but... they just have to understand we're only doing our best here in the house."

Frack it. When you put it that way, now it seems it's silly of me to avoid you in the first place. I hate that you're always right and sensible!

"Arasseo. I'll stop avoiding you," she coldly answered, pushing her empty plate a little forward.

"So you admit that you have been avoiding me?"

"I told you before, I'm being careful. I don't have a good image," she decided to be more honest now. She didn't want to give Jiyong the chance to feel like he won over her.

"Why are you so caught up with what the people think? In the end, what matters is what you think of yourself. You're not doing anything wrong. So what if you're friends with a lot of male idols? That's your choice, that's your life. Choose and live your own way."

You haven't changed at all Kwon Jiyong. You are still very positive, very confident, very self-assured. I envy you so much. Now she just remembered that she was actually beig watched and adjudged by the public, thanks to his kind reminder.

"It's easier for male idols."

"Trust me, it's difficult just the same for either of our worlds," Jiyong said with a little chuckle. "Did you like the omelette?"

"You've always made good omelette--- Ehem. I mean... it's good. Thank you."

He stood up and gathered their plates. But since he already cooked for them, she volunteered to clean the dishes. However, Jiyong till stood beside her, close to her, while she was washing in the sink.

"So friends?" he asked.

"Alright," she replied.

"Shake hands?"

"Don't push it Ji."

"-Yong," she added, trying to sound more formal.

"I told you, choose and live your own way."

"Aish, fine," she said, rinsing her hands and wiping it dry, then offering it to him. "Friends."

They shook hands to it. This was their first personal conversation and skinship since the day they... parted ways...



User: So Tae-'s plan succeeded anyway. Play hard to get, and capture GD's heart. Now GD chased her, and she feels like she's a princess or something. 

User: Is she that dense to believe we won't see through her plans? This .

User: What plan? You are reading too much into it. Any female idol would do the same thing, especially since we're talking about G-Dragon here.

User: Uhm, last time I checked, Suzy is a female idol too. Yuna is considered an idol for the youth too. But they didn't hesitate to be friendly with G-Dragon. Taeyeon's hard-to-get drama is sooooooooo ty. Wake up.

User: VIPs are so stupid. Did Suzy get caught kissing another male idol while driving her Benz? Did Yuna get persecuted for being friendly with other male idols? NO. They did not undergo a severe trauma like Taeyeon did, so lay off Taeyeon.



"Wake up lovers," a female voice playfully chanted. Looking up from lying down in the sofa, Jiyong saw Park Soojoo above them. Soojoo cried, "Yah, you've been awake a long time and you let the two of you sleep like that? Be careful Kwon Jiyong."

"Drop it noona," he whispered, moving really carefully as he stood up, afraid that he would wake up the sleeping beauty beside him. Yes, he and Taeyeon fell asleep together on the sofa. There was no romantic skinship whatsoever, but Taeyeon's head did rest on his lap all night.

"Aish. I'm just concerned about you, babo!" Soojoo said, slapping the back of his head. "So wake her up before the housemates see you like this."

Jiyong realized she was right, so he began to wake the sleeping one up. He nudged her head a little, saying, "Tae? Hey, rise and shine beautiful."

"Dang. Cheesy much?" Soojoo teased, sitting on the other smaller couch.

Jiyong kept trying until she woke up. Even with a bare face, there was no denying Kim Taeyeon's natural beauty.

"Good morning unnie. Morning oppa," she sheepishly greeted, even yawning as she wiped her face. 

Oppa? Hmmmm... we've gotten closer again over the last few days... and now you don't even duck away when I see your bare morning face. Jiyong chortled to himself, looking back at the last week. Taeyeon avoided him at all cost during the first four days, but since their handshaking three nights ago, she treated him so differently. So openly. So casually. So normally. This made him feel... strangely good?

One by one, the other housemates also populated the living room, ready for the Monday Morning announcement. None of them saw their sweet moments together, but Soojoo kept eyeing them with malice. Finally, the television opened to reveal Elder Yoo. They greeted one another, and then the good news was delivered

"With Jiyong and Taeyeon's two consecutive sleepless nights, you all came to 1,470 hours of awake time, meeting the weekly goal. Congratulations housemates!"

Everyone cheered and congratulated each other. The result was sweeter especially since all of them were tired from the sleepless nights. Without realizing it, Jiyong and Taeyeon playfully high-fived one another.

"We want you to know that your sacrifices wouldn't go to waste. For every sleep that each housemate lost, we will add six zeroes to it, and donate in won to your choice of charity. The housemate who lost the most sleep this week were Taeyeon and Jiyong, both with 30 hours of lost sleep. Great job making up for your weak partnership during Day 2. Because of that, the Elders, production staff, and the housemates voted the two of you and Park Soojoo as this week's MOST VALUABLE PLAYERS!"


"They spent a lot of sleepless nights together!"


"Is this love?"

"Shut up guys," Jiyong answered, dismissing the men's endless taunts. 

Taeyeon was especially blushing. Did they know about their nighttime conversations about their careers? Or how they slept so close together? Suddenly, Jiyong felt embarrassed that the housemates noticed their relative closeness in the last few days. If the housemates noticed, so would the PD and editors, so would the public and viewers. He suddenly wondered how they were being perceived outside. Aish, so much for telling Taeyeon not to care about what others think, huh Kwon Jiyong?

Elder Yoo continued, this time on a more serious note.

"We noticed that not only Taeyeon and Jiyong have grown fond of one another. Suzy and Soohyun, you two seem to be spending a lot of time together. Geunyoung and Taehwan seem to have gotten close too. Jiyong, you've also forged such a fun relationship with Yuna. Soojoo and Woobin seem to be talking a lot. We would not single out any male-female friendship, but we and the public have heard that some of you have expressed interest in one another, beyond a platonic light."

This put a silence among the housemates, and even some bowed their heads. Who expressed attraction for the opposite ? Jiyong wondered. 

"It seems many of you have forgotten the House of 20's Rule # 6: Always act with thought, respect, and sensitivity for the entities outside the house. At your age, we realize that many of you are susceptible to infatuation and attraction for your fellow housemates. However, you must all be reminded that there are a couple of housemates who revealed their romantic relationships to the public. As such, the viewers and netizens are watching you critically. Do not fuel their misjudgment of your character."

Although he hasn't openly revealed malicious intent towards another housemate, Jiyong couldn't help but feel guilty still. Afterall, he spent considerable time doting and teasing the innocent Kim Yuna. He has played around silly with Suzy. And not to mention he has been questionably close with Taeyeon. Although there was no malice on his end, perhaps the general public saw this differently?

He was a herbivore, afterall. Always close with women, always friendly and good with women, and often his friendship would be misinterpreted for attraction and flirtation. Even if to him, it was nothing.

"Today's daily task is for each housemate to answer this question: are you or are you not dating someone outside?"

. God, I don't want to drag Kiko here yet. It's much too early! Even if Jiyong was winning tasks left and right, even if he's showing a good side to him to the housemates, staff, Elders and the public, he still hasn't set in stone permanently his good nature. He couldn't just recklessly name-drop or allude to the most important woman of his life.

"You may choose to answer truthfully, lie, deny, or make up a story. You may choose to decline to answer. It is ultimately your decision. But remember this, your victory as the Ultimate Icon is highly dependent on the public's empathy."

Of course, the public was curious as to how Taeyeon would answer this question. But mostly, the netizens awaited Jiyong's confession of his long-term relationship with a Japanese supermodel.



1. Wow, the PDs of this show are really reading online feedback about the housemates. This is great. As these kids are secluded, it's very easy to forget that they have an image to protect outside the house. 
2. A lot of them need a reminder, I would agree. But isn't this a personal question? Why do they have to be forced to reveal such a personal information?

1. Kim Yuna's. I want to know if she's broken up with that cheating hockey player.
2. Will Taengkyungverymuch still deny her disgusting May-December affair with that nobody?
3. Finally, G-Dragon would talk about his relationship with that yucky from Japan. Wonder how YG's going to mediaplay this.

1. I'm sorry, but it's clear as day that the females like the attention. Suzy's being too cutesy with Soohyun. Yuna's open crush for GD is quite pathetic and cringe-worthy. Geunyoung is quiet but deadly with Woobin. And Taeyeon, god that . Don't forget her hard-to-play act with GD. Only Soojoo has a no-bull behavior in this house.
2. Obviously G-Dragon. He's flirted with just about every female housemate. If it wasn't known that he was friends with Soojoo outside this house, I would have thought he was making the move on her too. 
3. GD is what one can call a natural flirt, a bonafide herbivore. Can we really blame the ladies? He knows Taeyeon was avoiding him, that Yuna is a VIP, that Suzy is young and gullible. He's taking advantage of them it's sickening.

1. Who can resist the cute and refreshing Yuna-GD sibling interaction?
2. Suzy and Soohyun's cat-mouse/love-hate arguments are cute.
3. Is it only me who gets giddy when GD and Taeng are together? You can taste the awkwardness, but there's some romantic tension there.



After being given the entire day to reflect on what they would answer, the housemates were finally gathered for the big event. It seemed more a punishment for their carelessness than a task. Jiyong noticed that Taeyeon has become distant again. He could see that the daily task stressed her a great deal. She was, afterall, one of those with a publicized relationship.

"The time has come for the daily task," Elder Park Myungsoo announced. He was the only council member in physical presence tonight. "You have each drawn a number, which signifies the order in which you will answer the question. Again, we are giving you the freedom to decline to answer. 

"The question is: Are you or are you not in a relationship with someone outside the house?"

Actually, all ten housemates suddenly became aloof and distant. Perhaps it was Elder Yoo's blunt lecture about their apparent closeness, the guilt about being too showy and touchy with one another, or it could be because they were all told that the public was currently misunderstanding and misjudging them. It could be all those. It's just that the distance and awkwardness was very palpable, as if this seventh night was the first time they all met.

Myungsoo continued, "I along with the other Elders are listening to your discussion. Feel free to ask questions to each other, but also respect your housemate's choice and answer. The Campfire starts now."

With that, Park Myungsoo disappeared, leaving them all in the silence. Everyone was unsure how to start the discussion. Finally, the one who picked #1 broke the painful icy silence.

"I guess I'm the first," Park Soojoo spoke, looking at the bonfire in front of them. No one touched the smores and barbercue yet. "No, I'm not in a relationship with anyone. Not in three years."

"Why not?" Kim Woobin asked. He was the male housemate who's grown considerably close to her.

"I've been too busy with my career. I travel the world every week, and it's just difficult to form a lasting relationship if you're not physically together."

That, Jiyong could relate to. God knows he and Kiko probably spends only four days in a month together. Taeyeon noticed that Taeyeon also nodded with much enthusiasm.

"Is there someone hovering around?" asked the very curious Woobin.

It took Soojoo a while to answer. She instead began to cook some smores and barbecue for her younger housemates.


"Glad you told the truth noona!" teased Jiyong. Of course someone was hovering around, and it was Jiyong and Chaerin's best friend, Yang Seungho. "I would be angry on his behalf if you denied his existence."

"Shut up Kwon," answered the feisty Soojoo, smiling. The other housemates asked a lot of question, to which she answered, "Jiyong knows that person hovering around. But I don't want to discuss it anymore. He's a private person, and I try to be too."

Just like that, the housemates respected Soojoo's answer, and the conversation continued on with the rest of the housemates.

Yoo Seungho, Kim Soohyun and Moon Geunyoung straightforwardly answered they were single, and that there was no prospective lover in their lives as well. Geunyoung talked a little about a past lover, and their amicable split. No one gave names, but she eventually admitted talking about fellow actor Kim Bum. She spoke so respectfully of him, and that would earn her points from the netizens. Seungho admitted to being innocent about love and relationship, which would endear him to the public. However, Soohyun's denial about previous relationships made the people outside view him as a liar.

Woobin and Taehwan admitted to being in a long and happy relationship. They talked about how they and their lovers handle the pressure of the jobs. However, both icons would be questioned by the critical viewers. If they were in a relationship, why was Woobin wooing Soojoo, and why was Taehwan swimming in flirtations with Goonyeoung?

Lastly, just like Soojoo, Suzy admitted she wasn't taken, but that there were plenty of people showing interest. When asked if there was someone that was winning her heart, the nation's first love shyly and cutely answered yes. This would earn her raves from the doting public.

Then finally, the campfire reached the most popular housemates. Kim Yuna was ranked #8, and her story was one that would earn the most of the public's sympathy, love, respect and support. Jiyong already noticed that the usually cheerful athlete was especially down today. She seemed lonely and worried. She looked worse right now, when she was about to talk, as if she was suffering a bad headache.

"No, not anymore," Yuna softly answered the question of the day, then her face just naturally formed into a sorrowful face.

"Eh? Why? If you don't mind..." Suzy curiously asked, oblivious that tears have now fallen from Yuna's eyes

"It's okay Yuna-ssi. You can just cry," Jiyong consoled, holding her back and patting her. As the one who was closest to Yuna, Jiyong read the difficulty in her face. Now she was silently crying out so hard.

"Would you not like to talk about it?" her roommate Soojoo asked, taking the youngin to her arms. Yuna violently shook her head and cried on Soojoo's arms.

"Before we move on... is there something you wish to say Yuna-ssi?" Kim Soohyun carefully asked. Suzy and Taeyeon were now crying too, because Yuna's tears were very pandemic.

The athlete tried to compose herself. Jiyong provided her the napkin to dry her tears. With a sad composure, the world's best figure skater said, "First love isn't always a happy one. In fact, I think first love hurts the most. With your first love, you give everything, you open yourself for the first time, you sacrifice a lot, but in the end... if that person hurts you... it's..."

The composure disappeared, and she cried again. Shaking her head, Yuna said, "I'm sorry. I don't want to talk about it anymore."

Kim Yuna's breakdown made the episode ratings soar in unimaginable heights. Her words were interpreted and reinterpreted by many, her statements echoing the sympathies of the broken-hearted. As such, she would be an overnight sensation, her cut going viral nationally, but this time not because of her figure skating victories. However, the sensation Kim yuna caused on that Thursday night episode would be immediately overpowered by the next events that would air on the Friday episode.

"How about you bro, are you or are you not in a relationship?" Park Taehwan was the one who subtly moved the topic on from Yuna to housemate # 9, Kwon Jiyong.

"Finally," Moon Geunyoung muttered, laughing.

"There we go," teased Kim Soohyun.

"I think we're all most curious about G-Dragon-ssi's," Kim Yuna admitted in the Council of the Elder's room during the debriefing.

"The public is most interested in Jiyong hyung's relationship status, for sure," also declared Kim Woobin in the Council room.

"So what's the answer Jiyong oppa?" teased Suzy.

"Are you currently in a relationship hyung?" asked Seungho.

"No, I'm not."

Jiyong answered truthfully, causing so much social media mess outside the house.



User: Did he just flat out lie?

User: That nerve of steel, unbelievable!

User: I can't believe he would make a fool of himself like this.

User: The award for Liar of the Century goes to Big Bang's G-Dragon! Congratulations YG for training liars like Park Bom, Seungri and GD.



What?! He's lying. Everyone knows. It's an open secret since 2010...

"Dude, for real? You're messing with us right?" Park Taehwan clarified, echoing the same thoughts that many housemates had.

"No, he's not. I can attest to that," Park Soojoo came to Jiyong's aid. The nation's noona's words helped Jiyong's image to some extent. "He's really single at this time."

"I'm very much single but..."

But what? You're lying? You mean to say my heart has been broken all this time for no reason at all... Taeyeon thought, a little regretful and angry. 

"...for a very long time now, there's only one woman who owns my heart," Jiyong confessed, not just to the housemates, but to the entire world.

Of course there is. Good to know my heartbreak wasn't pointless.



And her name is Mizuhara Kiko.

Smart. Deny the status. Admit the feelings. GD has been taught well by Papa YG. 

I have to say that was quite an unexpectedly wise move from G-Dragon.

So they love each other but aren't together. Classic.





"There's our hopeless romantic."

Why does it still hurt a little bit... even after all this time... Or was it really a little bit? Taeyeon couldn't even fake a smile, or tease along with the housemates. She was just quiet and deep in thoughts, feeling the old sorrow come back and haunt her.

"So why are you not together?" asked Suzy.

"Because I'm an idiot."

"Haha. Aren't we all dude?" said Soohyun.

"No, Jiyong's the most idiotic of all mankind," Soojoo answered for Jiyong, speaking for her newfound friend Kiko.

"I can't protect her, or treat her right, so she couldn't be with me anymore."

"Were you ever together?" Yuna asked, speaking for the first time since her breakdown.

"Yes, that much I can admit. But not anymore. We recently ended things."



User: Finally, some truth from his lying mouth.

User: So when he was asked of his relationship countless times before and he said no, he now admits to have lied on our faces.

User: Is a right-wing really worth your lies and deception of the public?

User: I hear the sounds of VIPs packing ther bags and leaving the fandom. It's over G-Dragon!



"Why did you end things?" Woobin asked.

"Like I said, nan nappeun namja. Always have been, always will be."

Yeah, and not just to her, but to me too. Taeyeon was feeling more and more bitter the more Jiyong talked about his relationship. This just reminded her of the aftermath of their falling out in 2010.

"Define bad boy," egged Suzy.

"I forgot every important date, I stood her up millions of times, I couldn't be there when she was sick, I couldn't stop her from experiencing difficulty, I couldn't do any good by her. I don't blame her for letting me go. It's all my fault, because I'm a bad boy."

Taeyeon heard and felt the sorrow, the sincerity, in Jiyong's voice. He was being awfully truthful, and the feeling was as if there was only the two of them in the room, and he was confessing all these to her. This made it much more difficut.

"Whoa, I'm sorry dude."

"Can't you win her back?"

"I'm trying to, but it's not working," Jiyong answered with a chuckle, bowing his head and playing with his fingers. Taeyeon knew he was being nervous.

"If you love her, and if she loves you, it should work," the matured Soojoo said, patting her friend's back. "Just try and try and try again."

"I want to believe that too."

Yeah, I believed that for a long time too.


It took Taeyeon a lot later to clap along with the housemates. Jiyong ended his turn, laughing at his heartaches. And now, when Soojoo segued to her, she became so nervous she could taste her fear. Soojo asked, "And last but not the least, our dear Taeyeon. Are you in a relationship?" 

"Are you still in a relationship?" Suzy corrected, reminding everyone of that huge dating scandal that erupted in June.

Up to this point, Taeyeon still didn't know how to approach this task. Looking up, she saw that unlike her who bowed her head wen Jiyong spoke, Jiyong was actually watching her so closely, very much invested in her side of the story.

"Taeyeon?" egged Geunyoung.

"It's... complicated."



Did she just lie too? These idols keep on lying it's making me sick!


So did I get this right? Taeyeon basically said she and that Exo dude are broken up. Good for her. She can do better than a choding boy.

Uh-oh, Baekhyun got it's-complicated-zoned. Hallelujah! Hope this leads to a real breakup.



I thought Fany said the relationship was smooth-sailing, that this is it this time... what's wrong now?

Jiyong was a little worried. Taeyeon had become such an important person in her life, an integral part of his existence. He admitted to keeping tabs on her after two years of being in the dark. Tiffany was her mole all this time, and even if she tended to be evasive, Jiyong always got the impression that Taeyeon has had difficulty maintaining relationships.



"Omo, what happened?"

"What does It's complicated even mean?"

The housemates drowned Taeyeon with questions, but Jiyong did not join them. Instead, he watched her closely, observing her facial expressions and body language. Taeyeon was scared, nervous, and worse... hurt.

"I feel like anything I say, any way I say it, it would be harshly misinterpreted. Nothing I can say would gain me any sympathy, so I might as well tell the truth."

She's not well. I'm sorry it's like this. I wish I can make it better for you.

"That person and I... are figuring things out. The scandal put a lot of pressure on us, and unconsciously, we found ourselves drifting apart."

"So you broke up?" clarified Soojoo.


"Then you're still together," said Suzy.

"I don't know."

"If you didn't break up officially, then you are," concluded Yuna.

"I guess that's still up in the air..."



User: What is this doing dragging Baekhyun in this mess? Some things should be kept personal!

User: Does she really have to share the private details of their relationship?

User: This show is a one-way ticket to ruin BB and SNSD's images. Stupid leaders.

User: Exo fans can hate her all they want, but I'm sure they are thankful and relieved because of Taeyeon's revelations.



Taeyeon... what now? This is your sixth relationship in four years that hasn't worked. What are you really looking for...

"Was it a mutual decision?" this time, Woobin asked.

Taeyeon took a long time before answering. She was thinking deeply, and Jiyong knew she was choosing her words carefully.

"That person... is very kind. He understands me. He accepts my confusions, my hesitations, my doubts. I was the one who started not picking up the phone, who first stopped texting or chatting, who first gave in to the pressure. It's because I didn't know what was right or wrong. The scandal was blown out of proportion, so I lost the will to think or rationalize. I really blew everything, but that person... patiently understood... and I owe him all of me..."

Jiyong hasn't heard her more sincere than ever before. She sounded so kind, speaking so highly of that person. But somehow, she also spoke so sadly, her words hidden with so many apologies and sorrows. Jiyong felt responsible that Kim Taeyeon has become like this. 

"Before you entered the house, did the two of you talk?" Soohyun inquired. Taeyeon's story took the longest to be told and discussed.

"He said he'll wait for me, and I said I will come back to him," Taeyeon sadly said, but with such a bittersweet smile.

"Then you're together again. That's good, right?" vheered the vety posituve Bae Suzy.

"Like I said... it's complicated."

You said the same thing to me back then Tae, and look where we are now...



Omo Baekhyun now sounds like an amazing guy! But Taeyeon seems to be having a difficult time.

I can't with Baek's gentleness and patience! I'm falling in love all over again. 

Yuck. Too much p*nis- happening in this show. I bet SM forced Taeyeon to perfume Baekhyun's non-existent fame.

Did SM even give her permission to talk so freely like this? Wow. Now I'm glad there is a contract that prohibits Taeyeon from being pulled out of the show. I want to hear more juicy and honest answers like this!



Elder Yoojaesuk: I noticed that among the ten housemates, you are one of the very few who got emotionally invested while sharing your piece. I called you here personally so that I could talk to you without your housemates listening. I know that you have been hurt, and I wanted to let you know that I understand. Loving and hurting are part of the journey of life. We can't live and love without hurting, and with every pain, we must only pick up lessons and not anger. Is there any lesson that you have learned from the experience that brought you pain?

Yuna: You have to love and respect yourself first. It doesn't matter how much you love, how much you give, how much you sacrifice, if you don't think of yourself first. If you put yourself last, you will be emptied, until you realize that you are not loving that person properly anymore. You are not helping him. You are not helping yourself. You're just allowing him to self-destruct, and so is yourself. I've learned that the hard and painful way.

Jiyong: That you do not have a right to love if you are selfish. Love is about selflessness, unconditional sacrifices, mutual respect, compromise. If it's a one-sided affair, it's never going to work. I do not have the right to love, because I am selfish, immature and narcissistic. Until I let go of my selfish goals and dreams, I can never love, protect, and keep that person I love.

Taeyeon: You can never truly love someone until you empty your heart of old baggages, old pains, the past. Sometimes, the past holds you back. The only way you can ever open yourself to someone again is to let go. If you don't, then you're only hurting that kind person who only loves you. Love has no room for selfishness. I have to let go, I have to stop thinking only of myself, if I want to keep that person.

Elder Yoo Jaesuk: Surely, that person is watching you. Is there anything you wish to say to that person?

Yuna hesitated, but eventually chose to answer with a short response.

Yuna: I haven't forgiven you, and I don't know when I can forgive you, because even I'm still trying to forgive myself. 

Jiyong, on the other hand, just got carried away. He already spoke about a lot of things. He might as well stick to it. He looked at the camera, and addressed the woman who owned his heart.

Jiyong: You don't have to accept me back, but please at least forgive me. The love, it was real. The promises, they were real. Everything was real, and it is my life's regret that I couldn't prove it to you. I'm very sorry, baby girl.

But Taeyeon cried on the spot. With her own words, she realized how her current boyfriend has stuck through her issues. She felt stupid talking about it, but was glad she got it all out. The world could talk ill about the manner they dated and revealed it, but they should know how good that person was.

Taeyeon: I have a lot of hangups, baggages, excuses, etcetera. You've been nothing but understanding and selfless. I don't deserve you. But if you can wait... can you wait? Because I just need to clear my head, clear my heart, and I can give all of me to you. Thank you for the love and patience.



i_am_kiko posted:
Everything was real for me too, baby boy.

baekhyunie_exo posted:



1. Amazing people, making a fool out of the fans. Obviously GD and Tae's goal inside the house is to come clean about their disgusting relationships. Then their equally disgusting lovers outside are using Instagram to indirectly respond to them.

2. Isn't it selfish of G-Dragon and Taeyeon to be shielded inside by the house, protected outside by their fans, while their BF/GF suffer the consequences?

3. Obviously Baek and Kiko like what's going on too, otherwise they wouldn't even indirectly reply in Instagram.

1. "MBC remains firm that we only air real events inside the house. However, nothing comes to air without the approval of YG and SM." So this is YG and SM's media play all along?
2. Heard differently. Insiders say YG and SM are waging a war with MBC since the network refuse to pull out GD and Taeyeon due to a signed contract.
3. Thank you for giving us the true colors of the idols we thought were great. MBC YOU ARE DAEBAK!



Park Myungsoo: After the campfire, Taeyeon chose to stay in the garden, looking far ahead. As expected, her roommate became curious with her absence from the room, even at two in the morning.

"You're worried about what the campfire's going to cause us, aren't you?" Jiyong's voice disturbed the eerie silence of the night. Jiyong sat beside her again, and now it was only the two of them staring at the bonfire. He continued, "Don't worry too much about what netizens think. You spoke highly of that person you love, and isn't he the one that matters the most?"

Taeyeon was always the pessimist of them both. She had so much worries, always overthought, always looked for the worse. It was one of the reason why they got estranged.

"I'm sorry about you and... that person," Taeyeon said, dismissing Jiyong's last comments.

"Yeah, I am too."

Then, she laughed to herself.

"What's funny?" asked Jiyong.

"We're the last people to talk to each other about our current relationships," was all Taeyeon said.

Then, they stared at each other for a long time, before they looked back at the fire to think deeply. They both laughed, and together, the laughters lingered. The PDs captured the moment, and the editors glorified and amplified the scenes, putting romantic music and captions on the final episode. 

Jung Hyungdon: Taeyeon and Jiyong laughed for a long time, making us curious about the meaning behind these laughters. Was there an inside joke that we're all in the dark on? Perhaps Heechul and Teddy were the wrong people to have asked about their past.

"What is it you're looking for, Taeyeon? Why is it still complicated?" Jiyong finally found the courage to ask. He watched the laughter fade off of her face.

"Someone set the bar so high, and it's been so hard ever since."

That confession unnerved Kwon Jiyong so much.


Park Myungsoo: Jiyong-ah, did you just call our Taeyeon by her pet name that only friends and fans use? Seriously, the Elders now feel like there is a past hidden behind these kids' slip-ups.



Why does it feel like Taeyeon's "someone" is actually GD oppa?

Did G-Dragon hurt Taeyeon before? These slip ups are getting more suspicious as the days pass by.

Oh my God. I am now fully convinced Taeyeon and G-Dragon had a past! This is getting juicier and juicier. 

I'm going menboong with confusion, but here's what I get from this: GD&Tae dated years back. GD&Tae fell in love with new people. GD&Tae signed up for House of 20's but didn't know they will meet inside. GD&Tae now menboong since the past and present are meeting. 



"That someone... you still think about him?"

Great. Now we found a way to talk about the past without incriminating each other. Jiyong was glad they had this moment. He had a lot of questions.

"All the time."

Don't do this Taeng. The past created such a storm in my life. I don't want to go back.

"Why? There is that person, right? You can't be thinking about that someone anymore."

"Don't get me wrong. The bar was for the amount of scars he left me, and nothing more. That someone hurt me so bad, and it's been awfully hard to gamble again. I think about him all the time, because I hated him so much."

So she hasn't gotten over what happened, even after four years has passed. Taeyeon-ah... you hurt me so bad too... and I hated you so much too...



Hello guys, sorry for taking so long. Busy with school stuff. Anyway, I'd like to hear back from you so please keep leaving feedback! Thanks for riding this difficult ship with me.


"The weekly task is to collect at least 10,000 noraebang points by Sunday."

As expected, the weight was put on idols Suzy, G-Dragon, and Taeyeon. But what if some of the songs were getting the best of Kim Taeyeon while she sung them?

I Have Nothing 
I Will Always Love You
Always be my Baby
Someone Like You 

And worse...


Because G-Dragon's party songs always managed to bring her to tears. 

"Taeyeon has a lot of scars. As a friend who watched her acquire these scars, bear them, heal them and wear them, I'd like to speak for her."

Stephanie Hwang bravely sent forth her request to the Council of the Elders, earning her the sympathy of the public as the nation's best friend.




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