DAY 2: Strangers. Or not.

House of 20's
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While the male housemates and Soojoo were busy fooling around on the dining table, the four other female housemates were slouched on the sofa, getting to know each other. It was already eight in the morning, and most of them haven't slept since they entered the house last night. The twentysomethings were busily talking, hanging out, and introducing themselves with one another.

"Good morning housemates," Elder Yoo Jaesuk's voice commanded their attention, and the 72-inch flatscreen TV in the living room automatically , revealing the elderly.

"Omo! It's Jaesuk hyung," cried Park Taehwan from the dining hall.

"He's on the TV! Everyone, gather round!" shouted Suzy to the folks away from the living room. Soojoo and the boys ran towards the living room, and all ten watched their Elder from the TV.

"How was your first night together?"


"This house is awesome hyung."

"We didn't sleep!"

"Only the maknaes slept."

"The rest of us just talked."

MC Yoo Jaesuk replied, "We saw that. Everyone seemed to have a good time last night, laughing and talking, getting to know each other. It's good to see you all start forming a friendly relationship. I see that Soojoo cooked breakfast for everyone?"

"Yeah, Soojoo noona's great."

"Thanks noona!" 

"Her culinary skills are daebak."

"Wait until you taste her tofu soup," Jiyong told the rest of the housemates.

"Don't oversell me Jiyong," Soojoo humbly answered, patting the back of Jiyong. Kim Taeyeon was quick to observe the comfortable relationship between Jiyong and the elder model. 

When did they meet? Who introduced them? Did they date? She wasn't in his life before we... parted... ways. So when did she come? Aish Kim Taeyeon, who cares? Why do you care so much. Hmpf.

Jiyong's eyes met Taeyeon, and she immediately turned her view away. . I forgot. Tofu soup is also Taeyeon's specialty. I didn't offend her, did I?

"Here are the results of last night's tally of the most interesting housemate, as voted by all ten of you. The top two winners will receive a special gift tonight."


"Nice one!"

"What's the prize?"

"First place is Kim Yuna with 9 votes. Yuna-ssi, you are the only one who did not pick yourself."




"As expected!"

"I voted for you!

The humble athlete was clearly surprised, her jaw dropping and forming an O. She shook her head and said, "Me? I'm interesting? Anniyo! I'm boring. Please don't put this pressure on me."

Jiyong watched the cute 24-year old blush and humble herself. For the first time, he saw the talented figure skater in a different light. Strangely, Kim Yuna was... beautiful... in his eyes.

"But you're our national inspiration," Moon Geunyong said.

"We all just want to be your friend," actor Kim Soohyun declared, creating a lot of ooooooohs and aaaaaaaahs from the other housemate. "Yah, don't be malicious guys. I don't mean to flirt whatsoever."

"Whatever," Suzy muttered, chortling and rolling her eyes.

"It's okay Yuna-ssi, you are interesting in every citizen's eye, including mine," Kwon Jiyong also shared, putting as much grease in his words as possible. This greatly irritated Taeyeon.

What a playboy. Nappeun namja. If you don't have a death wish, don't dare toy with the heart of our nation's fairy.

"Kamsahamnida! I'll share the gift with everyone," Kim Yuna humbly said, standing up and bowing to everyone.

"Second place is G-dragon-ssi with 8 votes! Jiyong, you and one other female housemate are the only ones who don't want to be friends with you," Elder Yoo continued.




"Also expected."

"I voted for you too bro."

"Noona, you didn't vote for me, did you?" teased Jiyong upon realizing that there was one single female here who didn't find him interesting.

"Yah! I voted for you, rascal. I'm scared of these other rascals' female fans," defended Soojoo, again patting the back of his head.

I'm sure it's Taeyeon. It's gotta be Taeyeon. Jiyong was suspicious, and he just simply gazed at Taeyeon, who was blatantly avoiding his gaze.

Shoot. Was I the only one who didn't pick him? Did I single him out AGAIN? Gaaaaaaaahd Kim Taeyeon, what a way to be conspicuous! The editors would surely put malice to this in the episode narrative. Taeyeon was silently panicking now. She knew how variety shows in Korea worked. They would put it in slow motion, add love songs in the background, put misleading captions, and write overreaching and presumptuous narration.

"We also want to be your friend bro," declared swimmer Park Taehwan, putting out a hand to the idol.

"Thanks all, I also want to be friends with all of you," Jiyong said, bowing and addressing each housemate. "Like Yuna-ssi, I'll share the gift with everyone."

"I can see that you are all tired and sleepy. I won't take so much of your time anymore. So I now present to you, your daily task!"

"That's more like it!"

"Hell yeah!"

"Gosh, what is it?"

"Is it difficult?"

Yoo Jaesuk then explained to the housemates their first ever daily task:

"We will test your partnership with your roommate today. As we saw that none of you entered the rooms last night due to your bonding sessions, we messed them all up for you. You will be given four hours from noon to make the best out of your bedrooms. You need to fix anything that's broken, add designs or fixtures that will beautify and personalize your space, unpack your luggages and fill the cabinets, make the bed, clean the floor and bathroom, shop for toiletries or furniture and accessories needed, and what have you. Each room is granted 1000 points to shop personalization and design in the catalogues located in each room. Four hours is very limited, so plan well, budget well, execute well, and partner up well. No one is to make any plans verbally, or make changes to anything inside the bedroom, before noon. Tonight, the Council of the Elders and the PDs will evaluate each room and pick a daily winner. Good luck housemates and goodbye!"

BLEEP. With that, the elder was gone, and the television was automatically shut off.

Jiyong worried. In the last ten hours, he and Taeyeon successfully managed to avoid each other. He was already relaxed into thinking that they could keep avoiding one another until their two week's roommate relationship ended. . Now we have to work together. 

"Whoah. Four hours?" said Kim Woobin.

"Shoot! The rooms are all dirty and messy!" announced Soojoo, checking their room.

"Now I regret bringing three luggages," Suzy muttered.

"You have three? Jiyong has five," Soohyun teased, pointing to the Hermes and Louis Vuitton luggages that were still situated outside their room.



"We should have slept last night. Now we can't sleep, or we'll oversleep," the quiet maknae of the house, actor Yoo Seungho, smartly deduced.

When Jiyong realized this, he caught his head with both hands and panicked. "Aaaaah it's dangerous for me to oversleep. If I fall asleep, can someone wake me up?"

"How hard is it to wake up hyung?" wondered Woobin, surprised at Jiyong's seemingly shallow dillema.

This made Taeyeon smugly chuckle on her own. How hard is it to wake up for Kwon Jiyong? Very. It'd take a fiesta band to wake his up. Aigoooo. You better not sleep and make it difficult for me, PARTNER.



User: Yeah, GD is known to be a deep sleeper. Good luck to Taeyeon.

User: Is it just me or Taeng and G-Dragon haven't talked or acknowledged each other since last night?

User: OH YAH! Nice eye dude. It's like they're blatantly avoiding each other.

User: Hmmm, strange much? Why would they avoid one another?

User: Jiyong has now talked to each and every female housemate in the dining room, except Taeyeon, who by the way is obviously avoiding every space Jiyong occupies.

User: Look! Jiyong just went to the living room couch to sleep. Taeyeon has been sitting in that couch with Suzy since 6am, and conveniently, she got up and left for the dining room!

User: Do they hate each other or something?



After everyone has eaten the quick lunch that Park Soojoo prepared, the partners each entered their rooms to begin their participation in the task. Taeyeon, however, dreaded what was coming to greet hher. Her partner was absent from lunch. When she was left alone in the dining table, she decided to look for Kwon Jiyong. As expected...

Ugh, he really slept! This jerk. Is he trying to lure me in, making me wake him up?

She stood there, trying to think about what to do? Shout? Shake him? Leave him be? Taeyeon knew that doing the traditional acts of waking someone up wouldn't work on him. She also worried what this moment would look like for the PD and editors. Surely, they would put some malice on this awkward moment. 

I can't form a love line with Big Bang's leader. Why do we have to be roommates? God, this is such a dumb move. Why did SM agree to this? SM Entertainment was unaware of her previous connection with YG's king though. SM also would be in the blind about which housemates were invited. This was really fated, most likely.

"Hey unnie, the time starts now. You might want to wake your roommate up or you'll lose," Suzy advised from the entrance of their bedroom. Taeyeon just smiled and acknowledged the younger idol.

Oh no Kwon, you're making yourself look bad to the public. You might be disciplined for this. Remember? Lack of enthusiasm and participation is REQUIRED!

Make a decision now girl, wake him up in the manner you sure would work, or just leave him be. As she dreaded, one of the middle-aged male production staff entered the house and said, "Hey, you have to start making your room or your disqualified. And you might want to wake your partner up."

"Neh PD oppa."

Just freeze in your sleep and I will fix our room. Hmmmmmmpf. She finally decided, standing up and entering their room. It was a mess inside, like a storm or tornado just came. Can I really do this alone?

"Remember kids, all damages need to be fixed. All walls, tables and spaces must be furnished. Most importantly, your luggages and bags must be absolutely emptied! All things need to be transferred to the cabinets."

Does that mean I have to empty his luggages too?



User: This b*tch! She's not being a good partner. She didn't even want to wake up GD oppa! What the is her problem? 

User: Everyone and their mothers know that G-Dragon is a deep sleeper, so what is this doing ignoring him?

User: her, she knew Ji would be punished for not participating, and she still chose to leave him sleeping. She is a fake, plastic, mean, selfish .

User: This is a test of partnership. GD screwed up by sleeping, knowing that the task starts at noon. He knows more than anyone in the house that it would be problematic for him to sleep, so don't blame Taeyeon for that!

User: Sick and tired of VIPs blaming it all on Taeyeon. This is NOT her fault at all. Sones, where are you sisters and brothers?

User: Sone roaches are here. Prepare your bug sprays VIPs.



"One hour down, three to go. Don't forget to place your orders for the furnishing and toiletries," Elder Yoo Jaesuk announced over the microphone whose sound system could be heard around the house.

Taeyeon jumped at the announcement. The best she has done was pick up the trash, clean the floors, wipe the cabinets, and empty her own luggage. G-Dragon's five huge bags were still unattended, the room still completely unfurnished. She decided to pick up the catalogue and browse for the decors and toiletries. Hers was easy.

Okay, time to shop. Wait, ugh, I have to worry about his towels, sheets and pillowcases too? How about his toiletries? Shoot. Right, I can do this.

Shopping for her own stuff was easy. She wasn't picky at all. She opted for Dior's bath, skin and face collection, but she could use anything. Jiyong, however, was the pickiest man Taeyeon has ever met. I know he only uses Gucci's aftershave and perfumed soap, Dolce's shower gel and bath salt, Chanel's shampoo for men and face wash... what else? 

She remembered everything, his every choice, his every need, his every want. Suddenly, she hated herself for remembering. Worse, she hated herself for worrying and panicking after she found out that 1000 points for shopping couldn't even afford one luxury aftershave cream. Jiyong couldn't get his pick. What now? Why are you so worried? He's a big boy. He just has to deal with acnes and some rash. Uhm... okay, I'll worry about shopping layer. IF he wakes up. She decided to let the man pick the generic brands for his personal hygiene. 

Now that she has ordered her personal stuff, some basic sheets and towels for them, and the rest of their basic needs, nothing was left but to touch the two Louis Vuitton luggages, one Thom Browne duffle bag, one Hermes hand bag, and two Dolce & Gabbana baggages. She stood up, faced the camera that was situated on the corner roof, and bowed apologetically to the invisible public.

"I'm sorry Kwon Jiyong. I'm sorry VIPs and the public. I'm sorry to his friends ad families. I'm about to open G-Dragon-ssi's bags without his permission. Please know that I'm doing this only for the challenge, and for no other reason at all. I hope you can forgive me. Hwaiting!"

Taeyeon began by unloading the small black duffle bag. It was too heavy for its size. Inside were not just a couple of shirts and scarves, but also...

Whoah, picture frames? 

There were tens of wall and table photo frames in his bag, and they were shots of people and animals that once warmed Taeyeon's heart. She remembered the memories, the moments, even if they happened eons ago. It was as if the happiness was just reachable, tangible, even if they were buried deeply years ago, compartmentalized at the hidden facets of her mind.

Kwon umma and Kwon appa look so happy, and Dami unnie has gotten prettier.

The lunches out with Kwon Dami, the dinners in with the Kwon elders, they flourished in Taeyeon's happy place, and she found herself laughing so much. Dami's dirty jokes, Kwon appa's war stories, Kwon umma's gossips, they ruled her mind and heart, and she smiled so widely. Those were beautiful memories, ones that provided her so much joy.

Omo, Gaho and Jolie have grown so much!

The two little pets she groomed, walked, hugged, bathed, cuddled, sang to sleep, they were now even bigger than she was. I remember their smell, their feel, their barks, their eyes, their mouths and tongues, Taeyeon remembered everything so vividly. First, she only felt joy at the nostalgia, but now she also felt longing, intense pain, and suddenly, the happiness vanished. Her happy place now became a sad place, one that brought her unmatchable sorrow. 

His group of friends have grown even bigger... She viewed the photo of what seemed to be his last birthday party. Everyone was wearing 80's costume, Jiyong had a beard and a long hair. Some familiar friends were there, like Xin, Soonhoc, and Mina. But the rest... they were strangers. Not all of them though. She considered them strangers, though she met them shortly before she and Jiyong... became... estranged.

He looks so happy and healthy and accomplished. That's... really great.

Kwon Jiyong was still friends with the very people that threw Taeyeon away from his life. That made her sorrowful. That made her remember the deepest of pains. That made her resentful. He was happy and dandy with the people who hurt her. He chose them, and that's why they were avoiding each other now.

Wait, don't cry Taeyeon! You can't cry for no reason at all. Taeyeon got a grip of herself. The tears were quicker than her mind or hands, because they rushed out. Did the cameras capture what photos she was looking at? Would the PDs notice she cried? Stop the tears Kim Taeyeon. Stop it!

The production staff noticed, and behind the scenes, some of the females even shed some tears. Taeyeon's emotional state at the sight of the photos moved them to tears. The idol was clearly hurt, suffering at the memories the pictures brought out. Later, the editors just have to zoom in what those photos were. This would be a great episode narrative. Only it would raise eyebrows and cause confusion for not just the public, but also the PDs, SM, and YG. 

Why would the images of the Kwon family and Jiyong's sharpeis move Kim Taeyeon to tears?



Park Myungsoo: When hour one has passed, one housemate was still in a deep sleep. While the four other pairs were going crazy fixing their rooms, while Taeyeon was alone participating in the daily task, G-Dragon's mouths opened as he slept, and his snores filled the whole living room. Was it really that deep of a sleep for Kwon Jiyong? We asked his closest friends about his problematic sleeping habits. The Elders went to YG Entertainment to get the insight of his best friend and Big Bang bandmate, Taeyang!


PD: What's up with Jiyong's sleeping habit?

Taeyang: It is definitely PROBLEMATIC. Jiyong has a very unhealthy sleeping habit. Because of our job as entertainers, on top of that he is a producer and a CF prince of some sort, he maybe gets one hour of sleep daily. And then, he'll get that one free day when all he can do is sleep. He will sleep the full 24-hours, I'm telling you. He won't be able to wake up. No one can wake him up. Nothing can wake him up, until he wakes up on his own accord.


Taeyang: Before entering the house, Jiyong spent six sleepless nights in the studio working on Big Bang's album. Then I heard the housemate still didn't sleep on their first night. If he fell asleep the next day, it is a dangerous zone. He will never wake up for at least the next twelve hours. 

PD: What or who can wake him up?

Taeyang: Aside from himself? No one else. Well... there's someone we know who can, but it's impossible. Don't ask me who it is. Let's just say I don't think she would ever do it. It's a dangerous thing to do.


Taeyang: I'm serious. She's a part of his past, so let's not dig the past? I'm sorry I can't be helpful. Just let him wake up on his own. Or... maybe this woman would actually feel compelled to do that one magic move that can wake him up. Who knows. Good luck Elders and Housemates!

Park Myungsoo: Taeyang wouldn't budge and give us the secret tip. What is the magic move? Will Team GD&Tae be disqualified? Will Jiyong ever wake up? Can Taeyeon make it all on her own?



After emptying his luggages, now Taeyeon had to sort his stuff out and put them all in his closet. The bag was literally filled with a mountain of his clothes. 

Okay, I know he wants his shirt and pants hung, no exceptions. Let's do that. Then he wants his shoes and socks like this. It was crazy how Taeyeon remembered everything very well, as if she has done this all her life. The production staff were taking notes, and the episode narrative would even include her being such a wife material, acting out her wife duties very believably. The PD was liking how Taeyeon was behaving. She acted as if she knew G-Dragon's stuff well, and this would make for good reality TV. 

The director and PD demanded the writers and editors to emphasize the scene in the episode. How did Taeyeon feel comfortable handling G-Dragon's personal stuff? The buzz and aftermath of the narrative would be phenomenal. On episode 2, House of 20's would once again be the # 1 television show in South Korea.

And his boxers and briefs need to be folded like this...

The female production staff all laughed. The SNSD leader was being awfully comfortable in touching G-Dragon's underwear. Talk about a dutiful wife!

Taeyeon heard them laughing from behind the scenes, and she realized just why. She got so carried away that she zoned out and did not even realize she was holding and folding G-Dragon's Chanel briefs. She jumped and immediately threw it away, screaming, "Aaaaaaaaahhhhhh! I'm sorry. I'm sorry everyone, I didn't mean to touch his... uhm.... omo... aaaaaaahhhhh this is embarrassing--"

"Yah, are you holding Jiyong's boxers and briefs?" Park Soojoo wondered as she entered their room, catching Taeyeon in the act.

"UNNIEEEEEEE!" Taeyeon shouted, throwing some branded boxers at her, which Soojoo avoided. 

"Why did you throw it? You are one funny girl Miss Kim Taeyeon."

"Sorry. I'm sorry! Please keep this a secret between us," Taeyeon panicked, standing up and bowing at Soojoo. But she was still holding a brief, and she screamed while she threw it away again. The production staff behind were now hysterically laughing. Damn. How would the PDs edit this? I will be a trending topic worlwide. Save me SM. Please do some media play and dig this.

"Hahaha. I just dropped by to tell you to wake him up," Soojoo was still laughing, also hearing the production crew's mockery of Taeyeon's innocence and defensive actions. "I tried to wake him up. Actually, almost all of us tried, to no avail. We sang, we shouted, we danced, we played music. The PDs said he came from a six-day streak of one-hour naps, that's why he's tired like this.

What? Six days of sleepless nights? This new information permanently calmed Taeyeon down. It overpowered her embarrassment for getting caught on camera caring for Kwon Jiyong's briefs. That's bad, and that's why he'll never wake up. 

This only meant Taeyeon had to do the magic act, her magic act. The act that their common friends and the Kwon family believed to be the only effective act to wake him up from his deep sleep.

Ugh Kwon Jiyong. Why must you make it all difficult for me? 

"Try waking him up. I know there are no specific rules, but the Elders did say this is a test of partnership. Even if you fix this bedroom alone and make it the most beautiful one, you might not win it. Arasseo? There's two more hours left for the contest."



Jaesuk: Do you think you are helping him or yourself by doing all the work alone?

Taeyeon: No. I'm sorry Elder Yoo.

Jaesuk: Why are you not waking him up? You did not even hesitate to touch his private things. You opted to invade his privacy instead of waking him up.

Crap. Elder Yoo is right. How must I look like in the eye of the public? Taeyeon worried again how the PD and editors would twist this. Surely, the VIPs would misinterpret her actions and make her out to be flirting with and snatching Kwon Jiyong. Way to keep your reputation as a male idol terminator, girl.

Jaesuk: Your Soojoo unnie is correct. This daily task is a test of partnership. So far, you and Jiyong are miserably failing. Is this the kind of teamwork you want to teach to the youth who are looking up to you? The public is judging your character, and currently, what the two of you are displaying do not appeal to their empathy. 

Taeyeon: I'm sorry to everyone. I was just... I... I didn't know how to approach Jiyong-ssi. He looked so tired and beaten. I didn't want to bother him. I know that he's a very busy man. I'm sorry again.

Jaesuk: This is not how an Ultimate Icon should behave. The two of you can still salvage the situation.

Taeyeon: I understand Elder Yoo. Thank you.

Jaesuk:  There's still more than two hours left in the task. It's not too late to wake Jiyong up and let him do his part. 

Jaesuk: As a punishment for the two of you, both of you are only allowed to use one pillow for the next two weeks.



"Wake up."

Don't wake me up, I'm too tired. Jiyong angrily answered. Whoever was disturbing his sleep was dead.

"Hey. You've been sleeping for six hours. Wake up."

This is the most sleep I've had in months. Let me be. The person was even shaking his body. How dare she? She. She? Wait, who is this woman bothering me?

"We gotta win this."

Win what? I don't want to win. I just want to sleep. Go away woman.

Even though it hurts but a little, tears form
My heart screams out
If I pass in front of you, beside you
You were my whole world
I want only you
But I can't breathe when I'm in front of you.

That voice...

As if you weren't my destiny
As if this was just a fleeting moment
Next to you, who just let me go so easily
I go closer to you step by step
Although I cannot move at all


Is that...

You make me restless, you make me cry
Like a fool, like a child
I want to just laugh it off instead
The closer I get to you
Although I get more scared
I guess I cannot stop this love


Taeyeon. Why are you singing to me again? The last time you sung to me was four years ago...

"Wake up oppa. The world's watching."

Stop singing to me Taeyeon. Stop stroking my hair. Stop making me feel crap about myself. 

Why is it just my love that is late
Why is it just my love that is hard
Although I'm right in front of you, although I'm right beside you
You were my whole world
I see only you
But when when I'm in front of you, I always look away

But like always, it was that voice that brought him back to life. It always has. It always will. That much hasn't changed, even if four years have passed. Why else would he put her MR-removed vocals as his alarm clock whenever he badly needed to wake up for a schedule? His body immediately got up, his mind awakened, and his eyes opened up, to be welcomed by the brightly lit living room of the House of 20's.

"Holy crap!" Kwon Jiyong screamed, surprising Kim Taeyeon, who was kneeled before him on the floor. "How long have I been asleep? Did we lose? Where's everyone?"

"We still have about two hours left to the competition. We can still win this."

"I'm sorry! Crap. I'm really sorry Taeyeon. I haven't slept in--"

"Six days, I understand," Taeyeon kindly said, standing up from the floor to sit beside him. She was not meeting his eyes. She was still awkward. Clearly, she was still trying to avoid him as much as possible. There was so much space between them in the couch that it would look really weird for the viewers. "But the Elders didn't like what we were doing. They said it's not displaying a partnership, that it's not a good example to the youth."

Jiyong just processed what she said, and now he realized how much he messed it all up. Lack of enthusiasm and participation would result to disciplinary actions. 

"It's all my fault. Let's go," Jiyong owned up, standing up to head for their room. ""Let's fix the room and let's..." He noticed that his luggages were gone. He entered the room, and saw his empty bags on the floor. "You unpacked my luggages?"

"I'm sorry. I now realized that I invaded your personal space, your personal properties. I'm really very sorry," Taeyeon said, sorrowful and apologetic. She kept muttering her sorries and kept on bowing to him.

"Thank you," he firmly answered, stopping her shoulder so that she wouldn't bow down again. He looked around, checked the cabinets and drawers, and was wildly impressed that his clothes were organized to his liking. "You folded my underwear... hung my pants and shirts... made a place for my accessories... hung my belt. You remembered."

Wait, did I just say that out loud? Uh-oh. Hopefully the editors don't put this in broadcast. Oh the editors so would. 

"What's left for me to do then?" Jiyong wondered.

"We haven't shopped for the furnishings, or the decors," Taeyeon answered, handing Jiyong the catalogue and explaining to him that his choice of toiletries were not within budget. Jiyong felt so flattered to learn that Taeyeon remembered everything personal about him. Even after all these years...

"I'll do all the shopping, fixing and decorating left!" he screamed, forcing Taeyeon to sit down on the edge of the bed. Across her, he sat down on his own bed edge and browsed the cagtalog. The two were facing each other, yet Taeyeon was still avoiding any eye contact. "Just relax now, it's already my turn. Just sit there and watch me, okay?"

Taeyeon just nodded, and Jiyong got invested in browsing the catalogue. He got lost in his own little world of shopping, like he usually did. Unconsciously, unaware that they were being watched by 200 cameras and 100 production crew who would capture the moment for a broadcast to 50 million South Koreans and millions more global audience, Jiyong slipped...

"I know you want purple sheets with floral designs, and a life-size stuffed toy on your bed. Should I order Sponge Bob? Minions? Oh, and you still want fruity potpourri, right? You also need a night lamp when you sleep, an eye cover because you're weird like that." He looked up and asked, "Do you still use fragrance-free lotion and soap--"

But Taeyeon's wide eye, flushing face, just reminded Kwon Jiyong why he shouldn't talk like he knew Kim Taeyeon for many years already.

. 200 cameras Kwon Jiyong. 50 million viewers. Shut the up.

But it was already too late. Yes, the editors captured the odd moments. Yes, the viewers caught the abnormal interactions. Yes, the netizens wouldn't let it go. And yes, the global VIPs and Sones would have various forms of a mental breakdown.




1. You could tell they were avoiding being in one space all night long. It's like they were ex-lovers who had a bad breakup and are avoiding each other.
2. Taeyeon was the one who was making all possible effort to avoid GD. As if he's gonna fall in love with you, b*tch!


1. Suzy sang a song too. Yuna screamed. Geonyoung shook his body rather painfully. Woobin and Soohyun talked real loud. Taehwan and Soojoo turned up the music. All that, and G-Dragon stayed asleep. But why is Taeyeon's singing voice enough to wake him up? This is weird. Very suspicious. Is Taeyeon singing on his ears up close like that the magic act?
2. Tonight's episode was filled with GD and TY. If my nightly TV will be about them, I won't watch this! Show us more Yuna and Taehwan!



1. Taeyeon fixed GD's things to his liking, GD ordered stuff for Taeyeon to her liking. They don't just know each other, they DATED one another.
2. Heard YG and SM are now forcing MBC to pull out the two. They sent their troublemakers inside without knowing they had a "past."
3. Calm your Kim Taengkyungverymuch, you have a boyfriend you drove around and kissed in your Benz, remember?



1. I am hooked. Can't wait to see the development between ex-lovers GD and Tae.
2. Please stop assuming! No one said they dated. You are all just putting your own stories together. Stop saying they are ex-lovers when none of us know this for sure.
3. Singing on a man's ears... stroking his hair while he slept... crying at the sight of his personal photos... comfortably holding his briefs... you are delusional not to think they are dating or have dated. 



"The winner of the daily task is... Taehwan and Seungho!" Elder Jung Hyungdon announced, resulting to a ruckus of congratulatory cheers from the housemates. "The sports theme of the room was beautiful. Your prize for today's task is a 1-hour gaming spree for each of you. Jiyong and Yuna, your prize for being Mr. and Ms. Popularity is one extra soft pillow for your sleeping comfort!"

Good, that means he'll be extra comfortable. I know for sure he won't survive a night with just one pillow. Up to that point, Taeyeon still hasn't told Kwon Jiyong of their punishment. Even if they ordered four pillows each, two bolsters each, and lots of stuffed animals, they could only use one pillow when they sleep. For how long, Taeyeon didn't know yet. All she knew was that Jiyong would die without a bolster and an extra pillow.

"Good job in making up to your lack of partnership, Jiyong and Taeyeon. Though I must say, you made a lot of hearts jealous with what happened in the last seven hours," Jung Hyungdon joked, teasing and mocking them, rousing the curiosity of the other housemates.

That just confirmed to Jiyong and Taeyeon that this daily task would start their unexpected love line among the viewers and netizens outside. That could have been fine, except that it was public knowledge that Kim Taeyeon has a boyfriend.

"The first weekly task is to collect at least 1,330 hours of awake time. This means everyone must sacrifice some sleep to reach the goal by end of the week. Strategize, plan, execute. Good luck housemates!"

Then, Jung Hyungdon disappeared when the television shut off. The announcement of the weekly task didn't even affect the housemates, as they all spent the next hour teasing the music icons about what happened inside their bedroom. 

"Why did you make hearts jealous?"

"Did you kiss?"

"Do you like each other?"

"I heard Taeyeon was holding your briefs bro."

The hour passed on like that, and the teasing was summarized and emphasized very well by the PD and editors. Until Soojoo brought everyone back to their main goal -- to pass the weekly task. They were reminded of the announcement, and Jiyong and Taeyeon were glad that the attention of the housemates were now on the impending task.

The plan was going great, almost. Some people would skip one night's sleep, most housemate would only sleep for 5-6 hours. One key thing was being overlooked: Who's going to keep Kwon Jiyong up when his turn came? Worse, if he fell in a deep sleep after a day or two of sleeplessness, who's going to wake him up?

"How did Jiyong wake up? Taeyeon, what did you do?" Soojoo asked, leading the planning of the task. Park Soojoo was doing a good job being a mother, a noona, an unnie, and a leader. The production staff was quick to notice this, the episodes emphasized this, and the viewers and netizens also took interest in this.

"Eh? Me?" Taeyeon played innocent.

"He can't afford to sleep for more than five hours. He's currently assigned to skip sleeping for two consecutive days," Moon Geunyoung explained. 

Soojoo added, "That means on the third day, he's going to die in his sleep again and probably sleep for long hours. Someone has to wake him up! Yah Kwon Jiyong, why are you such a troublemaker?"

"I'm sorry housemates. I never realized my sleeping habit will cause such a problem. Aaaaaah, I feel bad," Jiyong muttered with so much guilt, covering himself with the couch pillow.

"Why are you like this oppa? How are you able to go to your schedules?" Suzy wondered.

"I don't know. I've always been a deep sleeper ever since. When I debuted, it just got worse. The people around me has always adjusted to my sleeping pattern and habit. Until now, I never had to change that habit."

It only became a problem in 2009, when my solo debut promotions were full-blown. Good thing someone was there to wake me up when needed... the same person who woke me up a while ago... Jiyong also didn't feel the need to mention that up to now, he used that person's vocals as his personal alarm clock. Only his manager, his mom, and Taeyang knew of this regiment.

"I'll do my best, I promise. I'll tell my mind and body to wake up."

The night passed by with the housemates still planning. Soojoo cooked, Taehwan and Seungho cleaned up, Jiyong was assigned to lose the sleep tonight. He decided to station himself outside, and he couldn't be gladder. He knew Taeyeon was itching to avoid him. He would just make it easier for her by being out of her view.

But Taeyeon went out to check on him, bringing him the pillow he won as a prize, a thick comforter, and a glass of iced coffee. She remembered she needed coffee as an energizer. Not just coffee, but iced coffee. Where did she get this? This wasn't in our fridge and pantry. Surely, she especially requested this...

"Just some must-have's for a sleepless night," Taeyeon said, sitting down on the veranda couch next to Jiyong. This time, there was no awkward space between them.

"I feel so embarrassed to be such a burden for the team. I'm sorry to you too. Thank you for picking up my slack."

"No problem."

Silence. The awkwardness came back, and literal sounds of real-life crickets ruled the night's silence.

"This is for you," Jiyong said, handing his prize back to her.

"Why? It's your prize."

"But you lost a chance to use more pillows because of me. I want to be a gentleman. I know you can't sleep without pillows, so it's yours. I'm sorry again Taeyeon."

. Stop using words like I KNOW or YOU REMEMBERED. That would trigger curiosity. 

"You can't sleep without an extra pillow too," Taeyeon answered back, smiling. "So the Elders already talked to you?"

. Two days and the two of us have slipped more than we need to.

Jiyong smiled and looked ahead so that the cameras wouldn't capture them being too close for comfort. He nodded and said, "Yeah. They lectured me, as I deserved. They made me realize how much I left you hanging. They told me what you did on your own. So I'm sorry. So take the pillow."

Again, an awkward silence. Hopefully, the PD and editors would capture the awkwardness, so that the viewers wouldn't think so much that they knew each other, or that they were flirting.

"I'll wake you up. I mean... obviously... I'm the only one who can do it."

"Yeah. Up to now, your voice is the only thing that can wake me up," Jiyong almost whispered, but didn't

"Let's not do that, Jiyong," Taeyeon casually answred, putting emphasis on her words.

How can we talk about the past without talking about the past? Don't address me informally. Don't allude to the past. This is a story we don't want the world to know. But how can we talk to each other to remind one another we shouldn't talk about the past, when our every move, every word, was captured for an episode narrative and a daily broadcast?

"-ssi. I mean, Jiyong-ssi. I hope the fans don't put so much malice to this. This is just teamwork and partnership, nothing more. I don't exactly have a clean image when it comes to my friendliness with male idols. I probably screwed myself just for sleeping in the same room as you and for touching your properties. I'm also probably screwing myself by talking to you right now, giving you these things."

You had a hard time, didn't you? Are you well? Are you okay? Jiyong suddenly worried, very much aware of the scandal Taeyeon had been through in the last couple of months. There was no one more undeserving to suffer the netizen wrath than warm and kind-hearted Kim Taeyeon.

Jiyong stood up, approached the camera nearby, and stood before it. He looked at the camera up close and said, "VIPs, don't hate on Taeyeon, arasseo? She sacrificed for me. I screwed up, and she saved me. Spare her the hatred, please?"

"Yah, what are you doing?!" Taeyeon wondered in shock, standing up to approach him.

"Asking the fans to understand," answered the smiling Jiyong. But when he looked back, Taeyeon was closer than she ever had been with him in nearly four years.


And as if the situation wasn't bad enough... Taeyeon's presence still took Jiyong's breath away... And Jiyong's smile still made Taeyeon's heart skip a beat. 

Even after all this time...

"Your family and dogs look well and happy. It warms my heart," Taeyeon gently muttered, forming in a helpless smile.

Just like that, the shipping of SNSD's Kim Taeyeon and Big Bang's G-Dragon began among domestic and international viewers and fans. But amidst the sea of supporters came the ocean of haters. That's just what happens when you pair up the leaders of Korea's biggest and most controversial groups.


Hello to the 1000 new viewers. I was glad that my bid won the advertisement. I hope you stay and read on. You don't have to ship G-Dragon and Taeng to like the story. Or maybe you do. I don't know. I never shipped them before too, until I read stories that inspired me. It's contagious guys. I'm sure many would agree with me. 

Happy reading.

Song: Can You Hear Me by Kim Taeyeon

English Translation: [email protected]/forums


"It seems many of you have forgotten the House of 20's Rule # 6: Always act with thought, respect, and sensitivity for the entities outside the house. At your age, we realize that many of you are susceptible to infatuation and attraction for your fellow housemates. However, you must all be reminded that there are a couple of housemates who revealed their romantic relationships to the public. As such, the viewers and netizens are watching you critically. Do not fuel their misjudgment of your character."

"Today's daily task is for each housemate to answer this question: Are you or are you not dating someone outside?"

"You may choose to answer truthfully, lie, deny, or make up a story. You may choose to decline to answer. It is ultimately your decision. But remember this, your victory as the Ultimate Icon is highly dependent on the public's empathy."

Of course, the public was most curious as to how Taeyeon would answer this question. Mostly, the netizens awaited Jiyong's confession of his long-term relationship with a Japanese supermodel.



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