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House of 20's
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Hey all!! Gosh, it's been too long. I have not regained back the time, patience, creativity and passion to write GD fics. I have read all your messages, comments and wall posts, and many of you are asking me to update and write again. The time shall come, but it is not now.  








However, there are plenty of other writers and stories here that can provide you the GD angst fix you want! You like GTAE? Maybe GD-trainee? Or GD-other-female-idol? Guess what, I have some recommendations for you! It's my first time doing such a thing. I felt like I needed to, since I know the feeling of having a withdrawal from these make-believe universes. I was never really gone from AFF. I've always been here lurking, on the lookout for my bad boy GD fixes care of the other authors. During my hiatus, I found TWO great stories that captured me, drawn me, and pulled me back to that portal where we fantasize about Kwon Jiyong and his romance with our ideal heroins. I present to you my first ever recommendations. 



You want the angst and fests you experienced in The Client and The Secret-Keeper? If you want the tortured-artists angle, juxtaposed with wild ual adventures, drug addiction, trainee life, behind-the-scenes of Kpop, and the realities of being in SM and YG... then this story is for you. My folks, I know you miss G-Tae, as I do too. SO ING MUCH. But hey... Baekhyun is still there. And after so much searching, I have finally found my other female fatale for G-Dragon. She is no less beautiful, no less badass, no less perfect than the girls I've shipped with GD before (Taeyeon, Jessica, Krystal, Yoona etc.) Who else but the one and only hot bae in Kpop. 


Irene of Red Velvet. 


I ING LOVE HER SO MUCH SHE IS SO BEAUTIFUL AND Y AND SHE'S A 91'ER AND SHE LOOKS LIKE TAEYEON AND SHE IS JUST EVERYTHING I HAVE EVER WANTED FOR GD AND MORE! In this story, Irene is the leader of RV, and GD is the leader of Big Bang. It is a behind-the-scene universe of Kpop. There's a lot of angst and , the perfect combination for G-dragon.



by Wolfkid



You might ask, why am I suddenly promoting a  G-dragon/Irene fic? Simple. It's because this is my new ship, next to my uber fantasy Gtae. I love Irene, and I might as well prepare you because I might suddenly surprise you with my own #jirene fic. 


But hey, you didn't think even for a sec that I can totally abandon GTae, did you? OF COURSE NOT! Folks, I will always have a weak spot for the crackship that is GD and Taeyeon. I won't ever forget them, what after The Real Beast, Just and Scandal. Like, HOW CAN I EVER? So there is one more fic I would like to recommend for the GTae lover in all of you. 



by leehoodies



You want arranged marriage? A cold and cunning G-dragon? A beautiful, independet and feisty Taeyeon? Then there's also the pregnancy, the love-hate relationship, the fightings, the , the romance, and the rich-boy-average-girl aspect we all go crazy about. In this story, it is not the Kpop reality you're all accustomed to in my fics, but leehodies' creation is a wonderful work of art, woth excellent writing and plotting. I adore the writing style there, so give it a try.


There you go folks. These TWO GD fics should give you your fix because I know we are all thirsty for that alternate universe, right? Hipe you give them a try, as these stories gave me all the feels and the motivation to start writing again. Let me know what you think! 




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Guys I accidentally delete chapter 5! Now I have to reformat it all. Please be patient. I can't do it today anymore so wait 12 hrs pls. Sorry! Come back again.

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Ah im still waiting for this. Its really goood...
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Chapter 11: i already read again your story . please update soon
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it had been already 2 years and i'm still waiting for an update i miss this story
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Chapter 11: Please update soon thanks
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Chapter 14: Plz ubdate
good job!!
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comeback to read gtae again :) miss them so much!!! hope you come back soon author :)
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