Her Strings of Disaster :: Gokusen 2 :: Yabuki Hayato


Following the event and scenes of Gokusen Season 2, Ryu finds himself looking out for his cousin as she studied with together with the Kurogin Class 3-D. What's more is that Yabuki Hayato find himself attractive at this young lady. So many interesting scenes and past coming from Ryu's cousin. Who was she really to be titled as the 'Queen' too?


Yabuki Hayato x Misaki Reiko (OC)


Disclaimer: I do not OWN GOKUSEN or it's character, I own the OC and some plots set-up :)

  • Kitagawa Keiko - Misaki Reiko
  • Akanishi Jin - Yabuki Hayato
  • Kamenashi Kazuya - Odagiri Ryu
  • Nakama Yukie - Yamaguchi 'Yankumi' Kumiko
  • Koike Teppei - Takeda Keita
  • Hayami Mokomichi - Tsuchiya Hikaru
  • Koide Keisuke - Hyuga Kosuke


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yuxuan #1
Chapter 2: update soon tho i know you had update a few chapter in wattpad haha
Patrycja444d #2
Chapter 2: I like it for now but I'm waiting for more. :)