The Do's and Don'ts of a Friendly Relationship [Hiatus]


Are you so close with a friend that sometimes people mistake you two a couple? Want to know what you can and can't do in public? Well, look no further! Welcome to your guide on what and what not to do in a friendly relationship with someone!

Join Alex and Jessica as they struggle through their messy college life while creating their own comprehensive list on The Do's and Don'ts of a Friendly Relationship!


Note: This story is on an indefinite hiatus; I really enjoy writing this story, but I wanted to focus on some of the other stories before potentially coming back to this one. Also, I don't really have like a plan so to speak for this story, as in I don't know when/where/how to end this story, so that also factors into my decision to focus on my other works for now. Sorry! ^-^"




Hello all! This story is loosely based on my other one shot, The If's and But's of a Relationship; the idea of the two main characters is there, but the setting and type of story is different.

And before you click "Next" to read the first chapter, already expecting a comedic story from the description, I apologize in advance; their background is quite tragic, but it explains how the two got into the scenario in the first place. Otherwise, it's quite happy-go-lucky :D

Anyway, I hope you enjoy!


EDIT: I changed the title of the story because "Healthy Relationship" was too vague; and since the chapters follow a guideline of what to do and not do in a friendly relationship, it made sense to change the title to "Friendly Relationship". To all those who saw "Friendly Relationship" first, don't worry about this :D


PS. If you have anything you've noticed some people do that you think only couples should do or you see a couple do something really sweet, be sure to tell me and I'll (probably) make the chapter and (definitely) give you credit! :D


DISCLAIMER: This story is purely a work of fiction. I do not claim ownership of any of the members of SNSD and Jessica Jung.

Sorry if you don't have a facebook :c I might get around to creating other social media platforms ... ? Honestly though, probably not.


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Chapter 10: This story is so cute. Please continue this Author nim
Chapter 10: This is so cute!!! ^^
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Chapter 5: Update soon pls!!!!
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