A Woman's Point of View


In a world ruled by men, a woman steps forward.


"I could just live, you know? I could just let circumstances lead me wherever they want. However, I want to be the owner of my life. I could just step back and watch and pity the people who are struggling, praying for the better, but I chose to step forward and do something."

"In their eyes, you see desolation. They have been cheated for so long that they have no faith left. But, look at their faces. They need hope.

They need someone to lead them. Democracy gave to people the power to choose their leaders. To their chosen ones people gave the power to lead.

Be their light."

“You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it.”
Margaret Thatcher

Hello, again! This story is a big challenge for me and I doubt that it will have many fans, since it isn't focused on romance, but on the woman's role in society.

I'm writing this in order to clear my mind and send a message that needs to be sent.

Also, I will place the action in a fictive country.

By the way, even though Baekhyun isn't in the poster, he will be present in the story and will have an important role. :)

Thank you.


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clslover #1
Lovely !! <3
lunafxstar #2
Awesome story~