The Blood Brother Code

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"No, seriously, though, what high school student who's just about to graduate films some blatantly dangerous guys beating somebody to death in a dark alleyway?"

"Oh Semi, apparently."


Semi's graduation present was a death threat from the country's biggest mafia boss and a hasty eviction to the United States.  Nine months later, she's in hospital making a near miraculous recovery from an assassination attempt from said boss, known merely as Luhan, who has been persistent enough to track her all the way across the world -- to prevent her from using the evidence she has on her phone, from when she filmed a murder he personally carried out, to get him locked away for good.

Moving cities hasn't worked.  Moving countries hasn't worked.  Nor has changing identities, undergoing plastic surgery, or getting a small cohort of FBI bodyguards.  There's only one possibility left, and even then, Yixing had suggested it as a joke.

"So, Chen, you know that Blood Brother Code thing these mafia people have going?"

"Yes, they do genuinely drink a cup of each other's blood.  I know, it's gross."

"I was thinking, what if we marry Oh Semi off to Luhan's blood brother, Xiumin or Minseok or whatever?"

"What, the gangster we locked up two years ago?  Are you joking?"

"Of course."


"But you know, Jongdae--"

"It's Chen in the workplace!"

"Apparently family are off-limits in the Blood Brother Code.  It would mean Luhan can't kill her."


Because there are far too few fics with Xiumin as the romantic lead and obviously I can't resist gangs, mafia and evil Luhan.  It was inevitable.  Enjoy.


(Click here for the sequel, Blood Sister)

Blood Sister Blood Bound

(Click here for the spinoff, Blood Bound)

While Blood Sister is probably best read with some understanding of TBBC, Blood Bound is a standalone in its own right and can be read without the rest of the series.

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TBBC was rated M for a while due to no reason (literally – I'm not joking about this).  I just want to take the opportunity to say that, while one or two heavy themes are touched on lightly, there is nothing in here that would exceed a PG-15 rating and almost all of it would actually be PG-13.  You will find more violence, more ual content, and more, well, everything, in books, films and TV shows approved for viewing for under 18s and under 15s (and in PG-13 films and in teen literature) in abundance across the world than you will do in here, and a lot of it more graphic, too.  I have deliberately made sure that this isn't graphic.  Despite this, if you still think that a chapter needs rating, please let me know.  The entire fic doesn't.

There are some scenes of (not graphic) violence (and there are some themes of a sensitive nature, though I try not to be explicit with those) and minor (non-graphic) character death.  Four chapters are rated as precautions, though they don't actually need the ratings.

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I know a lot of people don't really go in for Xiumin fics, which I think is a total shame, but even if you're one of them, I do urge you to give this story a try. There are so many people who've told me that they wouldn't normally read a Xiumin fic but are hooked to this, and I think the number of subscribers and the speed with which it got featured despite being a Xiumin fic is kind of a testament to the fact that the plot and characterisation is at least halfway decent.  Besides, you might well find yourself liking some of the other important characters, like Lay, who feature prominently.

The whole of EXO will feature in one way or another, but some characters have more important roles than others.  Some of them don't show up until much later on, so if your bias isn't there, please just be patient.

The plot is entirely my own (as is Oh Semi).  Please do NOT plagiarise it.  Like everybody else on this site, I don't own EXO, their image, anything branded to SM, or the same for any of the other celebrities mentioned.  Can't have everything in life.

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I've been looking through, and out of the 4600+ fanfics tagged under Xiumin, this is only the fourth on the site to be featured.  As in, under 1% of fanfics starring Xiumin get featured.  Compared to the rest of EXO when it comes to getting featured, that's saying something.  It's also the first one starring Xiumin as the lead role with an OC.  Two of the others are and the other featured one has him as a supporting character.


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