Me? Bulletproof? Yes.

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Me? Bulletproof? Yes. 


[...] "Do you know what happens when the bad boy finds his good girl? " he asked amused, a devilish smirk plastered on his angelic face.

"No and I'm sure that I don't want to know. " I stood up and got closer to him. " Now it's my turn to ask a question, do you know what happens when the bad girl finally meets her bad boy?" I smirked. [...]


By hanbaekyeol 


I WILL EDIT EVERYTHING as soon as possible hehe Well... ANNYEONG AND WELCOME TO MY FIRST FANFICTION KKK hehe I hope that I can be good in writing even if my English is not that good haha ehmm yes please comment down how it is or if I could do something else lol I'm a newbie so please commen/vote/support me gamsahamnida❤️ *bows 90 degree* I also hope to meet new friends as well but now ENJOY MY STORY~~~

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