Winning The Ice Prince's Heart

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When Jessica Jung turns into a man. 

-written by a very problematic wanna-be author


yes. if you have decided to read the story, fore warning that this author is problematic as fock. thnx /lotsalove.

"Relationships aren't all fluff all the time, but it also doesn't have to be overly complicated for it to be "genuine".. Love isn't about who worked hard more, who got hurt more. It's a choice. And Love is love, and it is what it is." :)

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parkjiseulGG #1
Chapter 35: It’s quite understandable for you to not update frequently because this fanfiction is not your life. You have a real life outside there away from all these. Forget about what those people think because you are the one in power here, you can make your own decision
iyaahsone_xx #2
Chapter 35: cant believe i would still fancy your works when its 3 yrs already- man, you're so literate. i want your literate side, pls gimme some. i like every lines you give to the characters. man, im learning a lot from you that i often use it in roleplaying hahahahahaha.
yuutoo 11 streak #3
Chapter 35: Too bad that some of us are soo imature and think that writing the story is easy like you can write anything you want and made some good story they didn't think that making a story is hard and need so much inspiration and mood. They can ignore it it if theh didn't like to vote or anything. And i'm my self never read the pol but just ignore it if you didn't want to vote why we have to be pissed of. And all of us have to wait MORE LONGER to see an update! Thank you for who ever you are that protesting to the author, i've been waiting for this story for so long and you just ruined it thanks to who ever you are
Chapter 35: (Correction)
* we are born to be real, not to be perfect
1 points #5
Chapter 35: Yep. I understand how annoying it is to get comments about making faster updates. Instead of getting motivated, you'll feel discouraged. It just doesn't feel right if you force an update out of your mind and then you'll grow to hate the story because it makes you feel pressured .\ /.

But well... As Jessica said, “we are not born to be real, not to be perfect.” so, I wish you the best ^^
Chapter 35: :(
so sad to read this news.. well, we can't please everyone in life, and most of them are the insensitive ones.. so, please don't mind the negative and offensive comments that much..
hope you are okay and keep writing, please! the best of luck!
will patiently wait for your next update.. :)
94 streak #7
Chapter 35: I don't mindthe slow updates tbh. Hehe

On another note, i hope you write a saida fic as well soon :3
norevS #8
Chapter 35: im so thankful that you still continue to write. you even share to us the things that happened in your life. its been a rollercoaster ride for you. so take your time author-nim. take care, fighting!
mzlyod 22 streak #9
Chapter 35: Well.. u did it again..
U dont have to explain..
no author being paid writing in aff..
We all know that. No need to state the obvious.
If u want to update, u update, if we want to comment, then we will..
why the hard felling?
Sorry if my previous comment hurt ur feeling, i didnt mock u or anything i put it “fake update” everyone in aff use it sometimes and i put “” this THIS..
Please dont use my comment for u to take hiatus or not update or disappear..dont make me ur reason coz we both know how long this fanfic didnt ended... it go for so long..
i love this fanfic because there r tae n sica as the character..
not because of u personally. Dont be so emotional..
Chapter 35: Sigh, why are people not understanding these days? Honestly, do whatever you want! You have a life to live and at the end of the day, this is YOUR creative piece. No one else's. So you can do anything you feel like. :D
You've done an incredible job with this fic. I've commented in the past to let you know how amazing I think your piece is.
And as you mentioned, a lot happened during the years you've been writing this. You were always thoughtful enough to update your readers with what's going on, why you haven't updated or updates such as poll voting etc. Personally, I don't mind you not uploading an actual chapter, I love how you interact with your readers through these little updates. :)
Ignore the demanding people and do whatever you want to do :) I'll support you 100% all the way. But hang in there. Hwaiting! :D and please do take care of yourself. Life makes us so busy that these days it's hard to find time for oneself.