My Angel

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Yifan stared at Yixing who was sitting on the floor, playing his new guitar happily. Yifan would have been happy also only if that shorter Chinese played it for him which of course wasn't happening at the moment. Yixing was happily playing his guitar with Chanyeol who was also sitting on the floor across him.  They weren't playing a particular song. They were composing their own tune.


Yifan was feeling jealous. Though he and Yixing aren't in a relationship but that guitar came from him. He bought it for the boy yesterday so Yixing should at least play it for him. Well, actually, Yixing has no idea who gave it to him so Yifan couldn't really blame him. It was his own fault, after all. He didn't want Yixing to know because he knows that Yixing will refuse to take it if he finds out that the guitar came from him. So he came to school earlier than usual just to put the guitar on Yixing's desk with a note, saying "Yixing, take care of this".


Yixing smiled, flashing his dimple, as he looked at Chanyeol and Chanyeol smiled back at him. He smiled because his plucking and Chanyeol’s strumming were perfectly in tune. There weren't any words but they were perfectly creating a beautiful melody together.


Yifan growled in his mind. Aren't those two too sweet? "Tch," he looked away. He wanted to regret introducing Chanyeol to the shorter Chinese. He wanted to but he couldn't, because he knows that Chanyeol emits a very cheerful atmosphere which Yixing needed the most.


Yifan became friends with Yixing after that guitar incident. When he came to the dance club room to watch Jongin (he kept on insisting that even though his eyes were fixed on Yixing), Jongin forced him to dance. It became hard to refuse when Yixing joined Jongin (Jongin forced Yixing, of course) in asking him to dance. Yifan wasn't that bad at dancing and with the amount of confidence he had, he started to dance... too bad his moves were off the beat. He saw Yixing's reflection in the mirror who let out a silent "pfft". Yifan was slightly offended and he grabbed Yixing by the neck and pulled him closer. "What are you laughing at, you brat?" he asked and though he was frowning, his lips were smiling so he really didn't look that scary. Yixing only let out his laugh accompanied by his continuous "I'm sorry's".


Yifan couldn't help but smile every time he remembers that day. If not with Jongin, Yixing would be beside him. But now, the younger Chinese wasn't so Yifan was feeling a little jealous but he kept quiet. If Yixing was happy, he should be happy too. And of course, because he knows that Chanyeol and Baekhyun are madly in love with each other.




"Waaah!" Yixing flinched when someone blew on his neck. His hand touched that sensitive part while his other hand held the guitar securely. "Lu-ge!" he pouted when he saw who the culprit is.


Luhan sat beside Yixing as he smiled. "I brought you snacks," he told the boy, showing him the plastic bag full of snacks.


Yixing's pout quickly turned into a big smile, his shy dimple appearing again as he hugged Luhan tightly. "Thank you, ge!"


Yifan bit his lower lip at the sight. Not only did Luhan get to blow on Yixing's sensitive neck, he was also able to get a hug from his little angel. Luhan became really close to Yixing (closer than him) when he introduced the kid to Luhan. He didn't know how or why but their different personalities must have been perfect for each other. It didn't even take them 10 minutes before they started exchanging loud laughter. Luhan also started spoiling the angel. He would always buy Yixing snacks because Yixing likes snacks, of course. Yifan once wondered why Luhan was so generous to Yixing and Luhan quickly answered him with a "because I like spoiling that cute, little dongsaeng. Can't you see that little dimple? I can't get enough of it" and Yifan could only nod in agreement. Yixing is too cute for his own sake; his eyes, his slightly curly hair, his lips and that deep dimple; not to mention his height (XD). That was also the reason he bought the guitar. Yixing's eyes looked so sad whenever he borrows Chanyeol's guitar.


Even though Yifan was jealous of Luhan for being so close to Yixing, he wouldn't punch the man. Well, because he knows that Luhan is a e who is madly in love with Sehun, a first year student, Jongin's classmate. (He and Luhan are graduating students so he kept on insisting that Luhan is a e who was in love with a freshman, four years younger than them. He reasoned out "when we start working, that kid would just be entering college and by the time he graduates, you're already an old man who is stressed because of the tough work).


"Yixing-hyung, sorry I'm late!"


Jongin barged in. Btw, they were in the dance club room (no club activities so they get to do whatever they want). Jongin quickly changed to his dancing attire and started to stretch.


Yixing stood up and carefully placed his new guitar in a corner. He, then, walked and stood beside Jongin and started stretching also. "I knew you would be late, Jongin-ah, so I haven't started stretching yet," he spoke.


Yifan watched as the two help each other stretch their bodies. He didn't want to be jealous because he knows that Yixing- for Jongin- will forever be his favorite hyung.


"Care to talk about the love of your life, Jongin-ah?" Yixing asked his dongsaeng with a smile.


"Kyungsoo-hyung is still ignoring me but I know, I'll be able to make him fall for me sooner."


That's right. Jongin is courting Kyungsoo; another reason for Yifan to not be jealous.


It didn't take long before Luhan joined the two dancers. Their hips swayed here and there and Chanyeol could only pout, muttering something about how mean Yixing is for leaving him alone while they should be playing the guitar.


"Chanyeol-ah, you should just dance with us," Yixing spoke as he stopped dancing. He stood in front of Chanyeol and reached out his hand, smiling as he did so.


"You know, I'm not good at dancing," Chanyeol whined though he took Yixing's hand and stood up.


"It's a good exercise so it doesn't matter," Yixing stated before his eyes moved to Yifan.


Yifan didn't like that look because he knows that that little Chinese will tell him to dance so he quickly looked away.




Yifan wasn't wrong. Yixing was reaching out both hands to him. He didn't even wait for Yifan to hold out his hand.


Yifan was surprised when his hands were pulled up by Yixing's.


"Uhmmp!" Yixing tried hard to pull Yifan up.


Of course, Yifan was heavy. Yixing wouldn’t be able to do it with just his strength alone. “You, little idiot,” Yifan gave in. Yixing just looked so cute doing that.


They started dancing with the music and they were already in the middle of producing too much sweat when Baekhyun came and joined them. Dancing to five songs without resting wasn’t really that easy and it was definitely tiring and Yifan was ready to give up. But when the 6th song played, the melody wasn’t the powerful one. It was too slow, definitely a love song.


“Baekhyun!” Chanyeol quickly pulled Baekhyun closer to him. They stood face to face, Chanyeol’s hands rested on Baekhyun’s hips while Baekhyun rested his hands on the taller shoulders.


“You cheesy little brat,” Baekhyun mumbled with a smile.


“We’re the perfect-couple pair!” Chanyeol exclaimed, ignoring Baekhyun’s comment.


Yixing stared at Jongin so they could form the dancing pair but then, the kid was suddenly pulled by Luhan and they started dancing.


“We’re the will-not-be-alone-sooner pair,” Luhan shouted the not-so-long name he just made up.


Yixing, then, turned to the last person available.  He walked towards the taller man who was scratching the back of his neck. “Yifan-ge,” he smiled at his hyung, showing his cutest dimple.


“Tch,” Yifan tried to sound disappointed though he quickly pulled Yixing by the waist, earning a surprised gasp from the cute boy. His body shivered lightly when Yixing placed his hands on his shoulders. “What should we call ourselves?” he asked, gripping Yixing’s hips a little tighter.


Yixing only shrugged his shoulders.


 “Couple-to-be pair!” Baekhyun shouted.


“Eehh?” Yixing was surprised at those words and he suddenly blushed. He looked up to stare at Yifan but when their eyes met, he quickly looked away, his blush getting shades darker.



Few months later


“Xingxing, you like Yifan, don’t you?”


Yixing choked on the bubble tea he was drinking at the sudden question. They were talking about how Sehun likes drinking this bubble tea (and that is how they ended up drinking this, too) when Luhan asked the question out of the blue. “W-What are you saying, Lu-ge?” he managed to reply after having a hard time clearing his throat.


Luhan took a sip first from his bubble tea before he looked again at the younger Chinese. “Oh, come on! I can tell just by looking at you. It shows in your eyes whenever he’s near you. Even your smile gets too shy when he talks to you, not to mention the blood that rushes up to your cheeks even with his lightest touch,” he spoke the truth.


“I—” Yixing tried to think of words to excuse himself as to why he acted like that but failed, of course. He bit his fingers as he s

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