Blood was the first thing Jimin tasted as Yoongi's fist collided with his mouth. The impact made him slam into the wall behind him and he slowly sank to the floor his head spinning. Rough hands grabbed at his collar. "You ing . How many times do I have to tell you to kill yourself, before you get the ing message." Yoongi growled.

Jimin didn't say anything but he closed his eyes loving the feel of Yoongi's hands on his collar.  Yoongi felt Jimin go limp in his grasp and quickly let him go. Give him a good hard kick in the side before spitting on the ground and turning to leave.

By the time Jimin came back to the dorm it was way past midnight and he knew it was better for him since Yoongi would be asleep. He limped quietly into their room and the desk lamp next to his bed. The light cast a soft glow into the room and he turned to look at Yoongi's sleeping form.

His soft hair fell agaisnt his forehead casting small shadows on his face. His mouth was half open and Jimin could hear soft snores coming from him. Jimin smiled to himself. "Goodnight Hyung" he whispered before slipping into his bed and turning off the light.


The first thing Jimin felt in the morning was hard nudging. "You're gonna be late ." Yoongi practically yelled in his ear. Jimin got up slowly and was met with a punch to the face.  He grabbed his throbbing cheek and squinted at Yoongi. Yoongi said nothing but grabbed his stuff and slammed the door as he left.

To be honest Yoongi would always wait up until Jimin came into the dorm at night. He always wondered if Jimin would try to get back at him while he slept, but the only thing he would hear was "Good night Hyung"  every single night.  He shook his head and slipped his head phones on relaxing as he heard the familiar heavy rap.

"You look like hell." Taehyung whispered as Jimin sat next to him in class.

"I've been worse." Jimin whispered back.  Taehyung looked at Jimin a bit worried. There was a blossoming bruise on his cheek. He shook his head and turned back to focus on what was being taught.


Jimin was in the dorm room trying to change as fast as he could before Yoongi came in and beat the out of him. He hurriedly pulled his pants on. He was just about to reach for his shirt when the door opened and Yoongi walked in. He was focused on his phone so Jimin grabbed his shirt and pulled on as fast as he could. Yoongi looked up briefly from his phone sneering at Jimin before flopping onto his bed.

Jimin was so into his homework he didn't even see Yoongi get up from his bed and make his way towards him. He felt his hair being yanked and he let out a small shriek. "I didn't know faggots like you did homework." Yoongi whispered. His grip tightened and he dragged him out his chair. 

There was sharp pain where Yoongi had a hold on his hair. He felt  tears trickle out as he bit his lips as he tried to endure it silently and not make any noise as to not alert anyone. Yoongi yanked his head back in order to make eye contact with Jimin.  His other hand pulled back and punched Jimin. He let go of his hair and continued to beat him. Jimin struggled at first throwing a punch and hitting Yoongi straight in the face. Yoongi looked surprised for a second but he quickly returned to punching Jimin.

It took Jimin having a panic attack to make Yoongi realize what he was doing. The kid was wheezing when Yoongi left the room muttering angry curses under his breath.

Jimin lay for an hour on the floor tears slipping out his eyes and running into his hair. Before he tried to move. He winced as he got up and went to the bathroom to fix himself up. There were multiple cuts and bruises on his face. He grimaced as he spit blood into the sink gagging at the coppery taste. He stared at his reflection hating it so much. He slumped to the floor loud sobs coming from his mouth. It had never been this bad. He was used to some name calling and maybe a punch to the face but never this. He still remembered the day Yoongi found out and the disgusted look on his face.

He and Yoongi had just stepped in from drinking, and he was high off all the alcohol they had drunk in celebration of passing midterms. "Hyungggg~" Jimin said as he hugged Yoongi really hard.

Yoongi ruffled Jimin's hair before pushing him off. "That's kinda gay get off me." Yoongi said laughing.

Jimin pouted." But I am gay." That sentence was a slap to the face for Yoongi. He watched as Jimin made his way towards him again. He watched as he hugged him again burying his face into Yoongi's chest "Hyung I like you and only you" With that Yoongi snapped and pushed Jimin off as fast as he could. He felt like throwing up.

"Don't ever talk to me." He snarled before stalking off to the bathroom. Leaving Jimin feeling hurt and confused.

Yoongi walked back into the dorm just as Jimin tumbled out the bathroom. He gagged at the coppery smell in the dorm searching for the source when he saw red stained on Jimin's arms and shirt. In his other hand he carried a small razor.  

"What the ." Yoongi muttered half out loud half to himself. He quickly ran over yanking the razor carefully out of Jimin's hand.

"Is this what you wanted?"Jimin asked Yoongi quietly. "You wanted to drive me insane to the point where I didn't want to live anymore. Well guess what . I should be dying soon." Jimin whispered as he clutched at his stomach. He had emptied a half empty bottle of painkillers a minute before Yoongi had entered.

"No.." Yoongi muttered he hadn't wanted to take it this far. This wasn't what he had wanted at all.  He grabbed at his phone quickly calling an ambulance explaining hysterically what had happened. Jimin was turning pale and Yoongi was frantic not knowing what to do at all.

"Please keep your eyes open. Please, please." Yoongi kept on telling Jimin over and over again. He didn't want to lose his best friend like this at all.  At that moment he realized his anger was never directed at Jimin but at himself because he realized he was just what he hated.

"Jimin please, none of this is your fault. This is all my fault. I should've come to terms with myself first. I shouldn't have done any of this. I was angry at myself. I was angry because I was exactly what I hated. I never meant to take it out on you like this please." Yoongi was close to losing his mind now and he was whimpering and sobbing over the place holding Jimin's frail body.


Jimin felt the pain before he even opened his eyes. He kept his eyes shut breathing in slowly trying to adjust. The only thing he could remember was Yoongi's crying face. He heard the door open and shut, but he didn't bother opening his eyes. He could hear beeping from his left side and he felt a dull pain when trying to move his left hand.

The events of the other day came back slowly as he lay there his eyes closed. At some point he started crying and he felt warm hands wipe away the tears and brush his hair out of his face. He recognized the hands and cried even harder, sobs tearing at his throat.

Yoongi felt his heart ripping apart as Jimin lay on the hospital bed sobbing. He knew it would be a while before Jimin would trust him again and he was satisfied with being able to comfort him after all the pain he had caused.



"Hyung I'm cold." Jimin said climbing into Yoongi's bed. Yoongi hissed as Jimin's cold feet touched his calves. 

"Why do you always do this" Yoongi groaned but made no more complaints as Jimin snuggled deeper into his chest and Yoongi slowly smiled enjoying every bit of it.

He was about to fall back asleep when Jimin whispered. "Hyungg my lips are cold."

Yoongi smirked and captured Jimin's lips in a short kiss. "Better?" He whispered laughing at Jimin spluttered at loss for words.

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