Difficulty of Falling in Love with Bestfriend


"Kai! Where are you going?" I said and grabed his hand. Kai looked at me with hurtful expression and his luggage fall from his hand.

" I am going to America, Ayel. I can't live in here anymore. My heart hurts seeing her with another guy." Kai said, tear is falling from his eye. I frozed on that sport. I love Kai with my whole heart and now he gonna leave me without knowing my feeling. He may hurt but my heart hurt ] 100 times than his. I left behind and saw his figure slowly went away. My knees fell to the ground, tear is falling along my cheek. At least he should "good bye" to me but he didn't.  I hate to love you, Kai.



You : quiet, fall in love with your best friend and don't dare to confess him                                                           

Kai: your best friend, have girlfriend who betrayed him with another boy


Hello everyone!

This is my frist story and English is not my mother-tongue. So please bear patiently my grammar mistake.

Thank you :-)

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76 streak #1
Chapter 2: My god, why kai why!!!! Btw, nice story authornim!!y
76 streak #2
This is interesting!
gabriella_bella #3
Chapter 1: Ahh kai why you leave her if u love her? -_-
SoniaYunn #4
Congrats for yr first story Ayel^^ It's good & I like it