Bleeding Sunlight....


this is a minho and taemin fanfic, but of course it will have the rest of the SHINee members in it. Taemin is the angel everyone would want and when SHINee is looking for members, he is what they get, or should I say what Minho gets....well im not too good at summaries.


When SM Entertainment want to make a group called, SHINee, they get all the right people. So far, they only have four members, and to be honest, finding the fifth is pretty tough. Until minho stumbles onto a boy with brown-reddish hair, looks and is as bright as an angel. "I've been watching you for a long time." The boy smiles....What could go wrong when an angel lands in your lap?

(sorry not very good at summaries or anything, but hope you like the story.)

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Such a wonderful ending to a lovely story.
I love this story, it's so beautiful ^v^
Naisama3 #3
OMO that was sooo good! i was really confuzed for a bit there, but it all came together in the end =)
kpopgeek #4
LOl thanks guys
Omo, I'm so overwhelmed by everything here! Hahahahha.<br />
So, Key was the one who gave Taemin the bracelet? It's a little confusing.. but still nice!<br />
Fighting! ^^
i loved it read the hole thing gad work in a misteres way <br />
ah i feel bad for minho no such thing as love that harch
kpopgeek #8
taemin is cana weird ha hhh
it like city of angles