Your Very First Love

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Kang Seulgi, a college freshman who's been single since birth, confesses to her crush, the popular Wendy Son. Seulgi finds herself rejected by Wendy only because of her lack of dating experience. Refusing to give up, Seulgi seeks the campus' infamous serial dater, Irene Bae, to gain enough experience so that she may eventually date Wendy. Irene is bored with her usual routine, so she agrees to help the younger girl. 

Of course, as these types of arrangements usually go, things don't turn out like they quite expect.




Credits and thanks to flavahz of the FLAVAHZ ▬ graphic shop for the poster and background!


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yerisistible #1
Chapter 3: wait inthe last chapter i thought Irene liked pasta but she didn't order any?
195 streak 1 points #2
Chapter 10: Damn that fking long name hot sauce hahaha it makes my day
Chapter 10: Hat a great endkmg im craving for more ??
Chapter 9: Pure fluff is love <3 ??
Chapter 1: Xbsjcjsjcbnae oh my god this is so cute
16 streak 1 points #6
Damn. Isabella is nasty. This is hilarious and heart fluttering at the same time
LupiNseT #7
Oh.....l love it..
Samayra #8
Chapter 10: The story was amazing and super hilarious . And that Isabella hot sauce lol .loved it
cutey111 73 streak #9
Chapter 10: God bless you isabella!
alyciaheart 29 streak #10
Chapter 5: lol this is funny