Mini Concert and Heartstrings Watching at the CN Blue Dorm

From Real to Reel Life?
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  • Shin Hye tweet about going for sports (baseball game)
  • Min Hyuk tweet a photo with his father while watching baseball
  • Shin Hye and Yong Hwa both have maltese dogs
  • CN Blue just got back from Japan


YH’s POV: Where is that thing? I remember its here.

Jong Hyun: What’s wrong? It’s now your turn to give Shin Hye’s gift.

Yong Hwa: Ne.

YH’s POV: I’ll just give that to her later.

Yong Hwa gets the guitar and starts to play his song for Shin Hye.

He sings “Lucky”, the song that Lee Shin sings during their MT in Heartstrings. While singing the song he keeps on looking at Shin Hye especially when he sings the part “Lucky I’m in love with my best friend”. Shin Hye on the other hand smiles and listen to him attentively.

YH’s POV: Shin Hye I hope you’ll also remember me as Lee Shin and not Shin Woo only.

SH’s POV: I miss my Lee Shin.

Yong Hwa sings the whole song, unlike in the drama where he only sings a few parts.

Min Hyuk: Hyung, whenever I hear this song I will always be reminded of Heartstrings.

Yong Hwa: Wae-yo?

Min Hyuk: Because this is Lee Shin’s secret confession to Kyu Won.

Jung Shin: Secret confession? How could that be? I watched the whole drama. And as far as I can remember, Lee Shin and Kyu Won are not best friends. So how can this song be related to them.

Min Hyuk: Oh yeah ah. (He then asks Yong Hwa) Hyung, why did you choose this song to sing during that scene? I remember the director said you sing a song that will relate to how you feel towards Kyu Won that time.

Yong Hwa: Ah… Because…

YH’s POV: Omo, what will I tell them? Actually I choose the song thinking of Shin Hye and not Kyu Won.

He looks at Shin Hye who looks eager to know the reason why.

SH’s POV: Yong, I’m also wondering why you choose this song. When we’re filming that scene I felt the song like how I will feel and not as Kyu Won.

Yong Hwa: Because… I like this song. You know that I like Jason Mraz.

Jong Hyun: I like Jason Mraz too.

Yong Hwa look at them and felt relieve that they believe in his explanation. But he noticed that Jung Shin is smiling mischievously.

JS’ POV: Favorite song? Hyung, I know that’s not the real reason and you can't hide it from me.

Yong Hwa knows that among his three fellow band mates it is Jung Shin who is very observant when it comes to something like this. He is about to get his gift for Shin Hye who’s been quiet when suddenly she said something.

Shin Hye: Yong, I really love that song. It reminds me of Lee Shin. But…

Yong Hwa: But what?

Shin Hye: I also miss Shin Woo Hyung. Can you also sing “Song for a Fool”?

Yong Hwa: Mwo?

Shin Hye: Please. 

YH’s POV: Yah, how can I say no when you look at me like that?

Min Hyuk: I agree with Shin Hye Eonni. It’s been a while since you last sing that song. And this song was really loved by a lot of people.

Yong Hwa: Araso.

Yong Hwa sings “Song for a Fool” as requested by Shin Hye. He doesn’t know why but when he sing this song today he feel different. The same feeling when he first sang this song for Shin Hye during Minami Shineyo days.

YH’s POV: Why do I always feel like this when singing this song in front of Shin Hye?

Shin Hye is so happy to hear this song again.

Shin Hye: Gomawo Yong. (She smiles at Yong Hwa)

Then Min Hyuk, asks something to Shin Hye.

Min Hyuk: Shin Hye Eonni, if I will ask you now. Who do you like most, Shin Woo or Lee Shin?

Shin Hye: Mwo, Lee Shin or Shin Woo?

Min Hyuk: Ne. As Shin Hye, not as Go Mi Nam or Lee Kyu Won.

Shin Hye: Hmmm…

Jung Shin felt that Shin Hye is uncomfortable to answer Min Hyuk’s question so he changed the topic.

Jung Shin: Yah, Min Hyuk! What’s with that question?

Jung Shin then looks at Yong Hwa who is also looking at Shin Hye who seems to be curious also on what will Shin Hye replies.

YH’s POV: Good question Min Hyuk. Shin Hye I also want to know who you prefer. If you answer Shin Woo, then I know you only see me as a brother. But if you say Lee Shin, at least I know I still have a chance.

Jung Shin: Hyung, its time for you to give your gift to Shin Hye Noona.

Yong Hwa: Mwo?

YH’s POV: Yah, Jung Shin why do you have to do that?

Jung Shin: I said its time for you to give Shin Hye Noona’s gift.

Jong Hyun: Ne. I’m excited to see what you bought for Shin Hye.

Shin Hye: Wae-yo? You mean you don’t know?

Jong Hyun: Ne.

Min Hyuk: Aissh, I should have look at it before giving it to Jung Shin. (He asks Jung Shin) Jung Shin-ah, have you seen what’s the gift?

Jung Shin: Aniyo. Let’s just see what he bought for Shin Hye Noona.

Yong Hwa gets the shopping bag and gives to Shin Hye his gift.

Yong Hwa: I know you really love your dogs, so I bought you this.

Shin Hye: Gomawo Yong. I can use this when I bring them out. Sometimes they are so naughty that they will just run around. The pink I’ll use with Nori and the yellow with Bongji.

Jung Shin: Now I remember. You bought those online when we were in Japan right?

Yong Hwa: Ne.

Jong Hyun: Ah, I remember too. The one you name under our manager. Then on that day they deliver them he gave it to me. But…

Min Hyuk: But?

Jong Hyun: I remember there were three pieces.

Yong Hwa: Ne. I bought three. The blue one I already sent to Busan so that my Umma can use it for Jjing.

Shin Hye smiles when she heard Yong Hwa mentioned the name of his dog.

Shin Hye: How is Jjing? (Then she looks at Yong Hwa)

Yong Hwa: My Umma said he is so playful and naughty. The last time when I went home, at first he doesn’t like me. My Umma said maybe because he hasn’t seen me that’s why he’s like that. But after a few minutes he doesn’t want to leave me anymore.

Shin Hye: He’s really like that.

Jung Shin: How did you know Shin Hye Noona? Have you seen his dog?

Yong Hwa and Shin Hye look at each other when Jung Shin asks her about that.

SH’s POV: Omo, why did I say that? They might know where Jjing came from.

Yong Hwa: Shin Hye have dogs too. So she knows how dogs feel.

Jung Shin: Oh I almost forgot that. You have maltese dog right? Hyung, your dog is a maltese dog too right?

Yong Hwa: Ne. Wae-yo?

Jung Shin: Aniyo. I’m just asking.

JS’ POV: Same breed of dogs. Yong Hwa Hyung really loves his dog. I wonder who gave that dog to him. (Then he looks at Shin Hye)

Min Hyuk: You know Eonni? (He looks at Shin Hye) Hyung really love his dog. I remember one time when we were asked who will we invite to our concert as a special guest. He said he want Jjing to come. They are expecting him to answer someone’s name but instead he said Jjing.

Yong Hwa: What’s wrong with that? I really miss Jjing that’s why I said his name. (He said then looks at Shin Hye)

Jong Hyun: There’s nothing wrong with that. But there’s something wrong right now.

They all look at Jong Hyun, wondering why he said that.

Jong Hyun: Have you forgotten we still have one more gift for Shin Hye.

Min Hyuk:  Our CN Blue gift.

Shin Hye: Mwo? But you already give me gifts.

Jong Hyun: That’s our gift individually. But as CN Blue we bought you this.

Shin Hye: Omo! This is L’Arc-en-ciel’s 20th anniversary albums right?

Yong Hwa: Ne. They asked me who’s Japanese singer, band or group you like.

Shin Hye is so happy so she hugs each of them and said thank you.

Shin Hye: You all make me happy today. I’m so overwhelmed. I don’t know what to do to show you all that I really appreciate this.

Min Hyuk: How about you sing for us Shin Hye Eonni.

Jong Hyun: Ne. I like it when you sing “I Will Forget You” in Heartstrings.

Jung Shin: That song is too sad. How about “Lovely Day”, your song in Minami Shineyo.

Shin Hye really feel shy when she sings. But because she wants them to be happy so she’ll do it.

Shin Hye: Yong, do you know the chords of “Lovely Day”?

Yong Hwa: Aniyo.

He actually knows it. It’s just that he don’t want Shin Hye to feel oblige because of the boys request.

Min Hyuk: How about “The Day We Fall In Love”? I’m sure Hyung you know the chords.

Jung Shin: Ne. I like that song too.

Shin Hye: That song?

Yong Hwa: Yah! You don’t have to force Shin Hye to sing. (He looks at Shin Hye) You don’t have to do this.

Shin Hye: Aniyo. (She smiles at Yong Hwa) I want to sing too.

Yong Hwa: Are you sure?

Shin Hye: Ne.

Yong Hwa plays the guitar and Shin Hye sings the song. The boys can help but giggle and smile when they see the two look at each other while singing the song.

Min Hyuk: Ah… Shin Hye Eonni, when will be the day that both of you fall in love?

Shin Hye/Yong Hwa: Mwo?

Jong Hyun: Just ignore him. I think he’s hungry already.

Min Hyuk: Aniyo. I’m serious. The two of you really look good together. Are you sure you’re just really friends?

Yong Hwa: Yah, Min Hyuk!

He gave a warning look to Min Hyuk while Shin Hye just keeps quiet.

Min Hyuk: Araso Hyung.

Suddenly the happy atmosphere becomes awkward. Jung Shin noticed this so he said.

Jung Shin: Yah, what’s with this sudden silence? How about we watch something?

Jong Hyun: But you said we already watch all the movies that we have.

Jung Shin took out the thumb drive from his pocket.

Jung Shin: This one we haven’t watched it.

Jong Hyun: What’s that?

Jung Shin: Just wait and see. (He looks at Min Hyuk) Min Hyuk ah, can you get the ice cream and chips that you and Shin Hye Noona bought.

Min Hyuk went to the kitchen to get the food. Shin Hye follows him.

Shin Hye: I’ll help you Min Hyuk.

Min Hyuk: Mianhe Eonni, if I ask you that.

Shin Hye: Aniyo. It’s ok.

She then pinched Min Hyuk cheek.

Shin Hye: You know you’re really cute when you’re like that.

Min Hyuk smiles when she said that.

Min Hyuk: Gomawo Eonni.

Yong Hwa follows them and saw what Shin Hye did to Min Hyuk.

Yong Hwa: And what are you two doing? (He sounds intrigue but smiling)

Min Hyuk: Nothing Hyung. Shin Hye Eonni just assures me that she’s not mad with what I’ve said. And I’m so happy about it.

Yong Hwa: How about me? You haven’t asks me if it’s ok for me.

Min Hyuk: Mwo?

Shin Hye: Yah, Yong. Will you stop teasing him?

Yong Hwa: Araso. It’s just fun teasing him.

The three laugh. Jung Shin and Jong Hyun noticed it.

Jong Hyun: What’s happening there? Is getting ice cream and chips that fun?

Yong Hwa: Aniyo. We’re just teasing Min Hyuk.

Then the three went to the living room with the food to watch the movie that Jung Shin is preparing.

Min Hyuk: So, what movie are we going to watch?

Jung Shin: We’ll watch this… (He press the remote control)

Min Hyuk: Heartstrings Episode 15?

Shin Hye/Yong Hwa: Mwo?!!

Jung Shin: Ne. I haven’t watched it. I hope its ok with you. (He smile mischievously)

Min Hyuk: I haven’t watched it too.

Jong Hyun: So am I.

Shin Hye and Yong Hwa just look at each other.

SH’s POV: Episode 15 shows the kiss part. I have seen this before but not with Yong Hwa.

YH’s POV: What will their reaction be when they see the kiss part? Will they notice it?

Jung Shin: Noona. Is it ok with you?

Shin Hye: Ne Jung Shin.

Jung Shin: How about you Hyung?

Yong Hwa: Ne. It’s ok.

They all start to watch Episode 15 of Heartstrings. Jong Hyun sits on the solo couch while the four all seat on the long sofa. Their seating position from the right side… Jung Shin, Yong Hwa, Shin Hye and Min Hyuk. They are eating ice cream and chips while watching it.

During the first part of the episode Jong Hyun commented.

Jong Hyun: Look at the way you look at Shin Hye.

Yong Hwa just smile.

When the scene at the coffee shop was shown Jung Shin said.

Jung Shin: I wonder how your fans will react if they see both of you together having coffee like that?

Shin Hye: I think I will be flooded with positive and negative mentions on twitter. You know how jealous some fans are.

Jung Shin: So it means it’s impossible to see you both in a café together?

Shin Hye: Ne.

Yong Hwa felt a bit sad because of Shin Hye’s comment. But like what Hong Ki told him, Shin Hye is doing this not only for them but also for their fans.

Min Hyuk: Omo, this is now the break up part.

Jung Shin: You two are so good. I feel like crying now.

Yong Hwa noticed that Jung Shin looks really affected with that scene.

Yong Hwa: Jung Shin is our acting really that convincing?

Jung Shin: Ne. You both are really daebak in this scene.

Shin Hye: Gomawo Jung Shin. (She then looks at Yong Hwa and smile)

YH’s POV: Do you know Shin Hye that I really feel sad when we’re filming that scene? It makes me sad thinking that our shoot will end soon and I won’t be able to see you everyday again.

When the part where Shin Hye is dancing satisfaction was shown, the boys can’t help but praise her.

Min Hyuk: Eonni, you really dance well.

Shin Hye: Really? Gomawo. (Feeling shy)

Min Hyuk: I should have followed Hyung so I saw you dance.

Jung Shin: Hyung, you mean you’re there when Shin Hye Noona is filming that dance part? But how come I didn’t see you in that scene?

Yong Hwa: The original script was supposed to be I’m watching Gyu Won secretly. But the director changed his mind and said they won’t include it. But it’s still ok, at least I saw Shin Hye dance.

He looks at Shin Hye, wink and smile.  Shin Hye smile back. She asks Yong Hwa to open his mouth.

Shin Hye: Say, ah…

Yong Hwa: Mwo?

Shin Hye: Open your mouth Yong.

Like a child he follows what Shin Hye asks him to do. Then Shin Hye gets a spoon of ice cream from his glass and put on Yong Hwa’s mouth. After eating the ice cream, he asks Shin Hye while smiling.

Yong Hwa: And what was that for? (Surprised to what Shin Hye did)

Shin Hye: Nothing. I just want to. (She smiles and then faces the TV again)

The three boys smiles mischievously and giggle while facing the monitor again to watch. They continue to watch and would react once in a while with every scene.

Jung Shin: Awww… so sad.

Shin Hye: Min Hyuk, what happen to your eyeglasses?

Jong Hyun: They’re playing Shin Hye’s version of “I Will Forget You”.

Min Hyuk: Shin Hye Eonni is so cute when she’s drunk.

Yong Hwa: And heavy too.

Shin Hye: Mwo?

Yong Hwa: Remember I need to carry you home because you were drunk.

Shin Hye: Araeyo. What I mean is… you said I’m heavy.

Yong Hwa: Ne. You are.

Shin Hye: Really? (She put her glass of ice cream down at the table and gave the chips to Min Hyuk)

Yong Hwa: Aniyo. I’m just teasing you. (He gets her ice cream from the table and like what Shin Hye did. He asks Shin Hye to open and put a spoon of ice cream in )

Shin Hye smiles and the three boys tease them.

Min Hyuk/Jong Hyun/Jung Shin: Awww… so sweet.

Min Hyuk: Awww… The first kiss that took us more than five takes.

Jong Hyun: Chongmallyo?

Min Hyuk: Ne, because the two of them keeps on laughing.

Jong Hyun: Wae-yo?

Yong Hwa didn’t answer he just look at Shin Hye and smile.

Jung Shin: Don’t ask them anymore. Let’s just continue watching.

JS’s POV: They keep on smiling because they are nervous. It’s their first kiss. They feel awkward because they say they are friends. But if they are really friends why feel awkward. Aissh… this two are really too obvious.

Jong Hyun: Gyu Won will now confront Lee Shin…

Min Hyuk: Lee Shin slave is Gyu Won and ask her to buy him coffee…

Jong Hyun: The instrument shop…

Min Hyuk: With that rain scene…

Jung Shin: After this it will be the kiss scene…

They all look at Yong Hwa and Shin Hye.

YH’s POV: Oh no, it’s the kiss scene…

SH’s POV: Otoke, the kiss scene…


What will Yong Hwa and Shin Hye feel when they see their kiss scene? And how will Jung Shin, Min Hyuk and Jong Hyun react?


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