Dream Boy


These are short stories of One Ok Rock! I found not many fics of them so I decided to write some, too! These are a bunch of short stories and I hope you enjoy! In the story you will almost always play as Miu/MiU. So just imagine that is your name XP


I figured. If you look up there where is says Asian Fanfics. It says "for fans of all things Asian" So Asian does not always mean Kpop. I have fallen deep in love for this rock band called One Okay Rock. Some of their music videos are:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tcBBNB5JTOQ (If you like a little heavier rock)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6YZlFdTIdzM (If you like softer rock) (has a really good message)




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Skyebloodhood #1
Chapter 5: I love them i saw they 05/06/2016 in belgium and got a picture with tomoya, they are just awesome !!!
Skyebloodhood #2
Chapter 2: I want tomoya please he is so Dreamy and funny and cute and hot...i just love him
YeeMon_loves_Taka #3
Chapter 1: U know what??? My heart beats fast as it was ME XD !! Such a good romantic writing!!!
Chapter 3: The blender. I knew it °^° It's always the blender °^°
I loved this chapter and also its writing style, thank you so much for writing these, it's kind of my "daily dose of One Ok Rock", thank you <3 I would leave the talking parts as they were, simply because it's less work (Wow, one button less...however xD)
Thanks again <3
WeirdMe0302 #5
Chapter 2: Im a big fan of them so Im fine with anything, since u did taka's so why not try the others? there isnt much fics of Toru,Ryota and Tomoya :))
Chapter 2: If you're already asking, I'd like to read another Taka-fic, because I like him so much °^°" But if you don't want another story with him, I'd also like Toru (Just to answer your question xD)
I wouldn't mind reading longer stories either - I try to write short myself and my story currently has 21 chapters xDD
I'm so happy you'll write more °^° Ganbare and Fighting :D
putrigiri91 #7
Chapter 1: Aaa.. pls write more... love it so much ♡♡♡ :)
Chapter 1: I just discovered this band today. I am stalking them for the next weeks now, I think.
Thank you SO much for writing about them! Please write more, I want to read it <3
Chapter 1: write more OOR! >_< kekeke it's cute
LuvDoc #10
Would you guys like me to write more OOR stories? Should I write another? Because lately thoughts have been kind of flowing! XD