under rated
under rated
contest by: asdfghjm15; huskylover; xx_kiss
judges: asdfghjm15; huskylover; xx_kiss
Hello and welcome to Under Rated Graphic Contest (URGC)! Why Under Rated? No, it doesn’t mean it’s for ‘underrated’ bands. We just find the name interesting so we used it. If you read the rules, especially number 7, we don’t allow the ‘kings’ and ‘queens’ of K-Pop as characters in this Graphic Contest. Well, as you can see, we don’t want to be a mainstream graphic contest. And we don’t want you all to use the kings and queens since the renders would be easy to find. So we’re actually challenging you guys ^^  
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1. Subscribe is a must. Upvote is optional but it can add the prize
2. No bashing. Respect each other
3. Old artworks are not allowed
4. Collaborations are restricted
5. Put ‘Under Rated Graphic Contest’ or ‘URGC’ somewhere in your poster, and it must be visible.
6. 1 entry per prompt. You can submit as many prompt as you want.
7. You cannot use these following idols (the Kings and Queens): 2NE1, SNSD (Girl’s Generation), Big Bang, Super Junior, TVXQ, JYJ, SISTAR, Epik High, Wonder Girls, IU, Lee Min Ho, Kim Soo Hyun, and Park Shin Hye (you can read the reason at the description)
8. Comment after submission
9. Animation are allowed
10. Password: [answer this question] Who are the king and queen of kpop in your opinion?
11. [NEW RULE]: Please submit using other sites besides IMGUR because in our country, we can't open imgur. If possible, submit with photobucket or something available for Asianfanfics. 

1. 650 Karma points
2. 450 Karma points
3. 300 Karma points

-the prizes might be added!
4. Most Creative (2 graphic): 15 karma points
5. Judge's Personal Favorite (3 judges, each 1 grahic): 15 karma points
6. Best Title (for the titles that you make yourself): 15 karma points 
Deadline: 4th December 2014 (may be updated later)
Q: How many rounds will there be?
A: 3 rounds 
Q: Why is [name of band] not included in the ‘kings’/’queens’?
A: We have our own reasons. It might because of their lack of experience, or something else. (you should be thankful that we didn't make them as the 'kings' or 'queens'. Because then you can use their render/picture -xx_Kiss)
Q: Are Japanese version or Japanese songs allowed?
A: Yes, as long as the singer is someone from kpop

If there’s any questions (that are not in the FAQ above), please contact/PM us at underratedGC


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Chapter 16: I just logged in and omg! thanks guys!! Other entries were gorgeous as well! All of you are awesome <3
Thank you :D
miche_stephyIzq #2
Chapter 16: The one's with the girls are awesome and the winner is so impressive. The Anaconda one made me laugh so much. xD Congrats to all!
Chapter 16: congrats to the winners! :D
[deactivated] #4
Chapter 16: Congrats to all the fantastic graphic designers!!
Go Jess!!! :DD
SedBau #5
Can you cancel my last submission, I accidentally wrote 'be' instead of 'go' >.<
SedBau #6
I submitted again ^^
Chapter 14: sorry, I'll try to submit by sunday! I have 926482 things to do and manage right now ><
timeformiracles #8
Chapter 1: submitted :)
dragonmafia #9
Chapter 1: submitted!
/brb praying bcs tomorrow uas/
Chapter 1: submittedd :)