Break The Ice


Hello everyone im starting my second fanfic!! and of course its going to be Minstal but its also a Taelli story. This story contains Hatred..Romance..and Drama but theirs some comedy involved too. I hope you will all enjoy this fic!!!


Main Characters and Supporting Roles:


Krystal Jung/Jung Soo-jung:



- Know as the Ice Princess, because of her expressionless face and icy glares. But deep inside loves to smile.

- Shes in her second school year at Incheon university.

- Went to Incheon University but is transfering.

- Is most popular girl in Incheon University but isnt rude or mean only to people who starts something with her.

- Was a figure skater but suddenly stop skating no one knows why she stop ice skating except for her parents.

- Shes really smart and competitive in everything she does. She also loves sport.

- Captain of Incheon University National gymnast team.

- Has a boyfriend name Kang Minhyuk she loves him more as a bestfriend but hopes to really love him.


Parents: Jung Elison and Jung So-ra:

tumblr_lhmjmbCDvR1qclg2po1_500.jpg                   Jeong-So-ra-3.jpg

- Jung Elison: Famous Market owner in South Korea especialy in Incheon and Seoul. Loves both of his daughters the same but losses one in a air plane crash about 5 years ago. Spoils Krystal alot more since shes the only daughter he has left and doesnt want to lose her.

- Jung So-ra: Shes a well know Olympic female gymnast but now owns gymnastic schools all over South Korea. Mother of Krystal and Jessica Jung taught both of them gymnastics since they were young. Cant belive her older daughter pass away still holds a big heart ache but tries to be strong for her husband and for her youngest daughter Krystal.


Jessica Jung/Jung Soo-yeon:

- Was known for Ice Queen, sica, and Ahjumma.

- Krystal older sister and bff she would of been 24 but died in a Airplane crash 5 years ago. When she was 19 on her way back to South Korea from a ice skating competition the flight she was in had a huge crash causing her to die.

- Was a well known in her school was the most talented figure skater taught Krystal how to figure skate and showed her the best moves.

- Beloved and miss by her whole family and friends.

Choi Sulli:


- Age: 18

- Know as smiley since shes always smiles.

- Goes to Seoul University.

- Is in her second year at Seoul University.

- Is a member of the Seoul University National Ice Skating Team since she is force by her school consulor to take a extracuriculum program.

- Twin sister of Minho.

- Dislikes her brothers ty girlfriend Yuri.

- She is kind of popular but doesnt act snobish.

- Shes intellegent and very calm and polite person.

- Has a crush on Taemin but he has a girlfriend.


Choi Minho:


- Age: 18

- Know as Flamming Charisma.

- Goes to Seoul University.

- Is in his second year at Seoul University.

- Most popular guy in Seoul University could be rude but he really isnt only.

- Captain of the Soccer, Basketball, and Football varsity team. He is also a big sport maniac.

- He is very competitive and is really smart.

- Has a girlfriend name Yuri doesnt love her just dates her, because every one says they look good together.


Sullis and Minho parents: Choi Lee-minho and Choi Min-Young


Choi Lee-minho: Most succesful lawyer father of Minho and Sulli. Born in Incheon but moved to Seoul to futher on his studies at Seoul University.

Choi Min-young: Designer for runways model clothing she is very popular in Seoul.




- Age: 18

- Know as the Sweetheart

- Krystals cousin who lives in Seoul.

- Goes to Seoul University.

- Is in his second year at Seoul University.

- Second most popular guy in Seoul University.

- Is a member of the basketball, soccer, and football team.

- Best friends with Minho.

- Has a secret crush on Sulli but is stuck dating one of Yuri's followers name So-hyun.


Parents: Jung-joongki and Jung Sunny


- Jung-joongki: Brother of Elison and Krystals uncle. He was a famous soccer player but now he is just a soccer coach in Seoul highschool.

- Jung Sunny: Was a well know model at her times now is just a actress.





- Age: 20

- Know as the .

- Goes to Seoul University.

- Is in her third year at Seoul University.

- Is a bubble head and failed one school year.

- Minhos girlfriend doesnt love him or anyone only loves herself.Thinks shes the most popular girl in school but most girls and most boys cant stand her and is known as the in the whole school.

- Captain of Seoul University National Gynast Team.

- Doesnt talk about her family.


Kang Minhyuk:


- Age: 19

 - Know as Mr.Handsome

- Goes to Incheon University.

- Is in his third year in Incheon University.

- Krystal boyfriend or xbf soon.

- Most popular guy in Incheon University captain of the soccer, basketball, and football varsity team.

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sone1259 #1
Waah seem interesting to start read it, I will soon. But the thing it how You decribe Yul unnie, I dont like it & why Sica must die =( Anyway will read it maybe have some KhunRi moment^^ I like MinStal too
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hi unnie new reader is here~~ hehe
minyuk, or xbf soon? kekekeke love it!! XD
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Omo! Hoooooow sweet! :DDDDD
it's end~ no wonder you update like crazy today~
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Minstal <3
love it
poor sulli~
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I just love Khun <33 hehehe
Anyway, good to see Minho and Taemin know about what happened to Sulli...
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Minstal pls
I hope nickhun goes with Yuri so she can stop being mean alreay. i wonder what chunji is going to do. and awwww its almost the end. :[
i love this chapter~