Second Chance


I was bored and really want to go to the beach with my friends 


It was late evening, when Yuri decided to go for a drive to the beach to watch peacefull sea and sink in her thoughts alone. she went to her usual spot, a nice and quiet parking lot by the shore. there were very little people that actually went to that place. Luckally for Yuri, there was only one car, besides hers at the lot. she saw no-one around. took her blanket and went closer to the water  where she sat down, hugged her knees and enjoyed her moment. silance, just the salty wind and the sound of water coming and going. Very little clouds covered the evening sky and the red moon colored them crimson red. The moons reflection reached straight up the water to Yuri. As if aiming for her. Calling her in. She knew she can't swim but she's weak,depressed and already deep in her thoughts. she slowly stands up and walks in the water. she didn't even take off her clothes. The water is up to her waist. wanting to die she puts a fist to her chest,as if holding on to the pain, looks down closing her eyes and a small, gentle tear drop falls from her cheek in the sea. as she was about to take a few steps forward she hears a voice. Calling out to someone. Realizing she's not alone, takes a quick deep breath , un noticably wipes off her tear she turns around to see a tall man, standing by the shore with his feet in water up to knees.

" You are going to catch a cold just standing there. " he said.
She snifs and replys " I think i already have. "
" You should come out then. i have hot tea that i wouldn't mind sharing " points to Yuris' blanket where she sees a small basket.
"I have an extra blanket for you to get warmer if you like."

She looks at him for a while and starts walking out and as she's about few feet away from the man, the cloud moves out of the moons way and brightens up the persons face. Her pain in the chest got stronger and her eyes teared up as she knew this could not be true. She froze. simply stood there, looking at the man she used to hold close. The very same man, that she had spent years with. the man, that died 3 months ago when he was cought by a stray bullet that was shot at a bank robbery. 

"SeHun." silently she whispers.

"It's been a while, Yuri." still looking at her, he reaches out to her with one hand. "Shall we?"

Yuri slowly reaches out and as their hands touch she quickly pulls it back a bit as if hit by electricity and places her hand in his. 

"It feels the same." she says silently. "But how?" confused, Yuri stares at SeHuns hand and then looks up to him.

Sehun, looking at Yuri, slowly pulls her out on the shore and walks to the blanket. they sit down and all the time staring at each other. SeHuns' never changing eyes and that sweet gentle smile. Yuris' joy and tear full eyes.

"Every one deserves a second chance no matter what has happened." 
SeHun says while covering Yuri with blanket. 

"How come you're out here?" he then asks.
bursting in tears, Yuri falls in Sehuns chest. "I can't live without you. I don't know what to do. I just want to be with you again. I'm not strong enough to carry on alone!"

"But you're not alone. i'm always here, by your side and here." he puts his hand against Yuris' chest.

after a while Yuri has calmed down. Still hugging Sehun she asks. 
"Will i ever see you again?"

"No. Not for a long time. I came to see you tonight for two reasons. To stop you from getting a cold by standing in the sea." He says smiling and tickles her ribs. 
She giggles from the tickling and jumps aside. "Stop tickling you fool!" She smiles and looks at him.

"Damn~!" he looks at Yuris' smile and says "I missed that smile!"
"You're mean oppa~" Yuri pouts.
"And what is the second reason you came here?" she asks.

SeHun leans close to Yuri and whispers. "I came here to say good bye." putting a hand on Yuri's cheek he kisses Yuri for a while and pushes her down on the blanket.

Unable to say anything she kisses him back while her tears run down her cheeks.

The next morning Yuri's awaken by a dog sniffing her ear and her cheek. She jumps up quickly and looks around to find a cute little dog that leaps in her lap wiggling it's tail. 
"I'll call you Hani. you're mine now." she giggles.
"I hope SeHun oppa brought you here." smiling at Hani she packs the blankets and leaves the beach with Hani.
as she leaves the beach she hears a faint, SeHuns' voice, singing in the wind.
"You're my beautiful black pearl"
Yuri looks back at the beach, smiles and says. "Good bye SeHun"



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