Made to Love You


In his 3oth years of life, he is a successfull man. Well-known artist, listed as no 4 the most handsome asian man.

But, what life means without; to love, to care, be loved and be cared.

In his mid 30-s, he need a woman, a woman to live with him. Stay by him through up and down, give him with dozen of babies. Love him as he is, ignoring about his wealth, his popularity nor his face. 

What happens when he registered to a 'Matchmaker Agent' and he trapped in the 'tricky contract' by the agent. Will they will keep their contract, or are they actually were fated to be together?



Kwon JiYong;
30 Years old, a Korean famous celebrity

Lee Chaerin;
28 Years old, a successful woman who in need for a marriage



Before you start, let me warn you, this is completely a SKYDRAGON fics. You may catch some Daragon moment in this fic but, oh well, I'm a SKYDRAGON shipper, so don't get your hopes high for Daragon couple


Hello everyone!

I'm so in love with C-POP now.

I'm so crazy in love with SIGMA, Wang LeeHom, Fahrenheit, MAGIC POWER, Willber Pan, Vanness Wu and more!

And yeah, I just looooooove Taiwan Drama. Have you watch 'Fated To Love You'? If you haven't you MUST WATCH IT!
There is a spin-off sequel named "(Crazed to) Love You". Which, I'm on my way to finish it on ViKi. Hehe.

And, there is a rumour that the producer will make the third spin-off.
So hell yeah, inspired by that, I made my own spin-off sequel of 'em~

And well yeah, I read that Jerry Yan really wants to settle down and get baby. He even did sign up for a matchmaking. But oh well, it's a rumors and I didn't know whether it's true or not. But well, that inspired me too.

I start this in my idea that it gonna be 'R' story. But, after a deep think, I think I'll off the rated instead.
But oh well, if I did write any RATED scene, If you are underage, please quickly hit the 'NEXT>>', okay? HAHA


I'm sorry but my addiction to the SKYDRAGON is overflowing causing me to change the real character I choose before!

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Chapter 13: Wait can someone explain what's going on? Chapter 11 and 12 are like 2 different things what's going on?
skylilly #2
Chapter 46: Where did you get the B¡+€h said what gif?
Pheana #3
I love u authornim xD
Chapter 43: A WHAAATTTT??? didn't expect that to happen .__.
HighInSkyChan #5
Chapter 13: ahhhhhhhhh! You have Ukiss members!! *proud Kissme* LOL! XD
HighInSkyChan #6
Chapter 12: OMONA! Jaeseop!
Chapter 1: I've re-read this story about 3 times and still loves it aaa :D my skydragon feels
nienie11289 #8
Chapter 46: I'm glad that both worked out in the end! =D
elianayi #9
Chapter 17: Boys call older girls noona
girls call older girls unnie
boys call older boys hyung
girls call older boys oppa
you messed up the noona and unnie part
1234567891 #10
OMG you wrote a sequel? THANK YOU ^^ i really love this fic