The only interest in Do Kyungsoo's boring life is talking to his boyfriend, Kai. The only thing is, he has no idea who Kai really is.

Online relationships are tough.


D.O. [dyodoleu]

 I want to meet you.

I want to know you, the real you.

And I want you to know me too.




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Portuguese (BR)




Ask for permission before translating.


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[real.] 0810 kaisoo isnt real this is just a fanfic ppl

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ChocoChen21 #1
Gonna read this for the nth time cos thats how much i love this fic <3
Chapter 16: this is my second time reading this fic <3 wahhh this is too cute, I really love the smileys used in the conversations!!!
SebootyIsLotto #3
Chapter 16: Omg yes this is so good
tgvsamaneh #4
Hi i just started reading your story .
This is so interesting.
Can i please translate it while im reading???!!
Please say yes ♥♡
Chapter 16: I really enjoyed this story ^^

Just a note, though; I think you put extra ten in wrong chronologically? In it, it says they have been dating for a year and a half and it mentions Kyungsoo's now faded red hair, which he didn't get until extra 4 which is after extra 10 in the timeline you made. Not that it matters for the understanding or enjoyment of the story, but I just thought I'd point it out ^^
subtitler #7
Chapter 4: The more i read the more am.liking it... am gonna check if you got more fics written after am done reading... thanks for sharing your work...
Every single time I read this I still love it
Omg this was so cute