Established on July 4, 2014, Shortcake Productions (Shortcake Pro for short) is a gallery created to provide layouts for your stories here on AFF. More specifically, Shortcake Pro focuses on layouts for apply fics (read below for more information on that) but there will most likely be layouts for normal stories as well and possibly layouts for shops, roleplays, and profiles if the mood strikes. That being said, Shortcake Productions is a gallery and therefor, requests will not be taken regularly but they can happen occasionally. Instead, I will update whenever I make a new layout and anyone who wants to use it can as long as you follow the rules. I hope you like my layouts, and thank you if you use any! ♥
001 〉 Subscribing isn't required to use my layouts but if you like what you see and want notifications on whenever I update, then please feel free to do so! Upvotes are nice but not necessary.
002 〉 If you're going to use a layout, please comment below with the layout number and name of it! It's not that hard to say "using (layout 000, title here)" or something similar.
003 〉 You're allowed to make tweaks and edits to any of my layouts (ie. changing colours, images, etc) but do not use it as a base code and/or change it so much that it's no longer recognizable as mine.
004 〉 You may not under any circumstance claim any layout I make as your own nor can you redistribute it even if you did make edits.
In short, apply fics are basically fanfiction stories that you apply to be a part of. To do so, authors will ask you to fill out an application form with all the information they need about the character you create and then submit it to them, usually on a blog post. From there, they'll add your character/application to a chapter or page with the other applicants. Most authors will then review your application and tell you what they liked, didn't like, and things they want you to change or fix to improve your app so it has a better chance at being chosen in the end. Once your app is up to the author's standards and preferences, you'll likely be marked as 'accepted' so at that point, you just sit back and relax until the deadline for the story approaches to see who the author has chosen to be in the story!
Since I will be focusing on providing layouts for apply fics more than anything (after all, there are tons of threads for profiles, shops, etc. already), then you should know what each of my layouts will include. Every time I upload a new layout, it will have codes for:
the description/foreword to use on the front page of your story (about the fic, story info, rules, etc.)
the plotlines or character listing if the author chooses to have one
the cheat sheet with links for the application turn in post, the source code, and an example app
the received application listing where the author can keep track of current apps and write their reviews
the updates chapter where the author can post announcements without having to create a new chapter each time
the chapter layout where the author can use when actually writing their story
the application itself that authors can choose to use or not and make their own instead

Keep in mind that most of the time, the layout code I provide for the cheat sheet chapter can also be used for other chapters that you may want for your story (ie. extra info about the story/plot, a faq, etc). You can always tweak any of the codes to suit your needs, too!
⟨ ♡ // 09/25。⟩ please check the latest chapter for an update from me regarding activity + layout fixing!
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