Distant Memories(Made in the USA part 2)


 Separation can cause stress, heartache,

and it can end relationships.


“I don’t think we were meant to be. As friends, yes, but…the us now..I don’t know.”

It’s been a year since Mark and Saehee finally realized that they were in love with each other. It’s been a year since Lauren stormed into their lives and made them realize that they should be together. 

“Are you going to leave me?”


A lot has happened, but what if fate tries to play with them again?



This is a sequel to:  Made in the USA (Part 1)




Jung Saehee, a total career woman. Ever since she entered college she has been doing nothing but to train in how to run their company. She’s been helping her father in keeping the company in order. She was born at sunny LA and only moved to Korea six years ago to finish college. Now, after graduating, she’s running the company with her older cousin, Jung Yunho.


Mark Tuan isn’t your typical rich kid. He grew up with Saehee back at LA, he finished his studies as Seoul University, and right after graduation he proceeded to start his own company. He doesn’t talk a lot and has a tendency to be unfeeling. He doesn’t like going out and prefers to stay home and relax.



Sometimes, life isn’t just fair.

The two were always happy to be together, but sometimes change has to happen in order to bring out new things.

But, will it change their relationship?


Maybe they were only meant to be best friends, nothing more, nothing less.


Best friends can be lovers, right?

But if they break up, can they be best friends again?



Was the risk really worth it?




credits to Pinkjin for the poster


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Congrats on getting featured!
Chapter 1: New reader. It's hard to find a lot of fanfic with Mark in it and with a great story line, It's interesting, I'll read the rest of the chapter and see if I can read without put a skip on anything^^
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im here to visit and wishing u a very good luck!
Chapter 48: congrats for getting feature...I love your story so far
Congrats on getting featured! :)

I hope more GOT7 stories to be featured in the future! ^^
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